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I wonder if Brad would like another shot at a golden L Drago
I bet he would be tempted
^^this. He would most definitely be tempted. Hell even I am tempted, but alas there is another golden bey which has captured my fancy (Quetz)
It'll go way too high ...
Good find with the RBVL2 shame it doesn't have RF in it Crying
(May. 22, 2009  10:05 AM)Blitz Wrote: [ -> ]Good find with the RBVL2 shame it doesn't have RF in it Crying
Thanks I know its a shame Crying
i found this libra wheel it looks different
Good finds Raykon!
(May. 22, 2009  10:08 AM)metal fight Wrote: [ -> ]/[/url]

That's from RBV 2.

And it appears I wasn't mad, the RBV 2 one's do weigh upwards of a gram more. It's the third pic.
If you have a rinkya account, can you buy without using moj?
Um ... No I don't think so
That Jiraiya is a bit expensive, but if you have the pocket for it, go for it.
Ill try! at the moment I have more urgent spending priorities so Ill likely undibs on the Jiraiya Tongue_out

That AKMS though is going down >O
Yeah, the AKMS is very reasonable, and it's a really rare blade with the coolest launcher.

Good choice letting the Jiraiya go, cause $30 for one bey isn't that great of an investment.
Those look awful; the paint makes them look like cheap dollar store toys
Khel is right. But whoever painted them is really good at painting. It looks like a professional finish. Red Dragoon MS, Jiraiya MS, Samurai Changer MS, Bloody Devil MS Shining God MS, Dragoon MS UV, Round Shell MS, Blue Wybern DJ whoaaa
Those are some of the best lots I've seen.
Whats with the silver Quetz?
Those lots are godly.