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Full Version: Yahoo! Japan Auctions Topic
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O.o $5000 for a shiny piece of plastic and metal, damn.
Holy carp.

You've got to be kidding me.
i'm gonna die laughing if someone buys it
A fool and his money are easily parted.
It's currently at 999,999 Yen Speechless
(Mar. 29, 2010  4:13 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]It's currently at 999,999 Yen Speechless

This is insane!!! I'm really curious to see what this will end at.
people are willing to spend this much on a toy O_O you could aford a 1/12 gundam for the price!who ever wins this is gonna be disapointed when they end up relasing it through a game or something xD
This doesn't make sense.....WHY?!
I love how the guy is still charging for shipping.
...why 1,000,000 yen right now, did the bidder win a Japanese game show or something?
Wow $10,000. Who,why?!
sorry, but does that say the bid hasn't even reached the reserve price yet ?

Quote:※「Present value」は最低落札価格に達していません。
Quote:“Present value” has not reached to lowest successful bid price. / ※ "Present value" is not reaching the minimum bid."

Oh this just keeps getting better.
Not quite as spectacular, but very good lot for collectors going at the moment with little time left.
That's a nice set. I'd buy it if I could.
Sweet lot of plastics. Probably every rare you could want e.g. most of dark series, spike lizard, gaia dragoon recolour, uriel 2, gabriel, guardian driger and loads of other stuff like recolours. It's quite expensive though: 20000 yen but when you think about all the rares I think it' worth it. Here's the link:

All the grip accesories in one lot. Can someone who has an account buy it for me and i'll give you some additional money for it. Won't be able to pay till May though. PM if you want to do it.
Guess the previous one which ended at 3 million Yen must not have gone through.
Well that isn't hard to believe, 3 million yen. Then again the seller may I have gotten more than one but most likely it is it didn't go through. btw this is the new galaxy pegasis wbba right?
No that's a link to anubis.
Hey about YJA,
as some members know i am unable to buy from YJA even using MOJ,
and if someone in the UK/USA/Canada can buy some items off YJA every now and then that i chose and sell them too me, i can pay in USD or GBP and will pay a bit extra for the trouble, but some orders will be quite expensive.
i know its complicating and nobody probably will but i really need some items off the YJA
I have like 2 questions about YJA. what does it mean when it says 1 tender. and how long does it usueally take to get to you