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$3000! You really must like clothes!
I think it's just that he likes expensive clothes. I really do like a lot of them though, i can see why he buys them.
I need a better job...
well aside from food it's what i spend my money on really. don't buy bey anymore so i can devote all my hobby funds to it haha
aries sold for 51000 Speechless
(Apr. 11, 2010  2:14 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]aries sold for 51000 Speechless

Wow Gasp Congrats, dude! And it looks like your other auctions are doing/ did well too.
yeah, though pisces was lower than my expectation, aries made up for it LOL

i have another aries and pisces too B)
Woah that's awesome. And you've spares too! Wow you're lucky.
Are you serious! That set is amazing! It's got decent blades, limited edition stickers on the faces and a black Lightning L dragon and stardust pegasus and it's quite cheap too.
Hybrid Wheel Sets and a MFB handkerchief (which I think is pretty spiffy).
Sorry if it's been posted already.
(Apr. 07, 2010  2:09 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]

Even though this is Aries and it shouldn't shock me; WOW.
(Apr. 08, 2010  3:06 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]There's still a lot of time left. My predictions:

Aries: 30000 yen
Pisces: 20000 yen
Black Libra: 15000 yen

Most of your lots sold better than you expected then, aside from the Pisces.
Yeah, was surprised by the Pisces.
(Apr. 19, 2010  9:43 PM)dracielviper Wrote: [ -> ]

Thermal Lacerta, I think?

Yeah. It's a pre-order though.
What does "Worldwide delivery Do not correspond" mean?
International Shipping is not available.
Why is it that so many yahoo jp sellers not ship worldwide it just gets me crazy when I want to order a new bey that just came out?!
Cause it's like the japanese ebay but most of them don't speak english. If you want to buy off YJA you'll have to use MOJ. It's expensive but that's the way it is.
(May. 02, 2010  12:03 AM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]

Kinda cool.

Whoooa, nice. It's too bad they chose to use WD145 and B.

Anyone want to get me a present?

(May. 11, 2010  9:08 PM)Corey Wrote: [ -> ]

Anyone want to get me a present?


Hasbro needs to release this.

But hopefully not with some ugly recolour. They should just stick to Takara's bronze, silver, or gold verisons of Anubis.
is that anubis
(May. 11, 2010  9:08 PM)Corey Wrote: [ -> ]

Anyone want to get me a present?


Oh good lord

Cmon sono kong don't fail me now!