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It's a special version of a bey called Sparkling Attacker.
I mean I didnt saw this version ^^
2 Magical Apes, NIB for 4500 yen BUYOUT.
I don't know if thats a good deal or not but i don't see these too often.
Yeah it's an alright deal since they're very hard to find even used these days.
Anyone else find the link in the OP asks you to download something? Here it is with theb Rinkya taken away:

Gasp The Red Diablo Nemesis! Or whatever it's called .. That's really pricey.

$623 AUD!
I don't even think it looks that great. X:D in grey doesn't look great.
$780 AUD, what!?

Grey doesn't suit it...
Yeah. I clear Red X:D would look amazing so i'm not sure why they didn't do it like that although I think that special edition is supposed to be the counterpart of the grey B-Daman so that's probably why.
Call to all real collectors, you're probably never gonna see this again. This is my first time seeing this:
The sexyness level is off the charts.
If only I could actually drop that many bones down on something,
Saw the auction a few day's ago .... It is my first time seeing it as well, I wish I could buy it, But sadly I have spent A LOT on beyblade's recently. So I cannot buy it, Sadly ...

That blade is limited to only 400, And apperantly that is number 240 of the 400.
(Jul. 17, 2012  6:07 AM)Zain Wrote: [ -> ]Call to all real collectors, you're probably never gonna see this again. This is my first time seeing this:

Holy mother of god! Does anyone else know what that is? It's a bey that was given only to the staff of the series. I've never seen one either. Tbh though even if it is probably the rarest old series bey it looks quite ugly in that gold colour.
Is that just a Gold DJ Wyvern or something.. (I forgot the name .. )

This ..
Yes but it was a limited release. Bey Brad once called it the rarest bey so i'd be slightly more impressed if I were you.
Ohh. 20000 yen man it expensive...
(Jul. 17, 2012  9:59 AM)BattleLion Wrote: [ -> ]Ohh. 20000 yen man it expensive...

We're talking about a collectors item here Gasp
Someone just won a Takara Zeus for 3500 Yen. Gasp
Yeah I saw that too 3 days ago. Would've bought it, but didn't had the money...
On the whole, Y!JA has become ridiculously expensive. The cost of the auction is almost doubled when you factor in all the fees involved in getting what you won to your house.
Take MOJ for example on that Zeus. 3500 yen won bid price. 1000 yen fee price. 300 yen bank fee price. And 1500 yen EMS shipping cost to the US from Japan. 3500 yen auction or prompt payment turns into 6300 yen final price to ones door.
Going after something on YJA is not something I take up lightly and without over £50 in my bank. Also buying a single NIB has always been expensive. It's only properly worth it when you find good lots with useful things/rare like Burning Kerberous, Dragoon V2 or Wide Survivor. Also the lots on YJA are much better than the lots on ebay.
That's true, but those lots are becoming increasingly rarer so there's a lot of competition on them. Here's one I saw a couple weeks ago:

30, 000 for that is insane when you consider that a bigger lot than that including two Dragoon GT's and two Dranzer GT's (all NIB) went for around the same price just a few months ago