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And now abc*** has joined the party!

My god, a never ending auction. That auto-extension is real scummy.
Are there any plastic gen grips that are either red or black?? been finding those for a long long time Unhappy
You should ask questions like that in Plastics Q&A, but there are customize grips in both those colors, the black wasn't hard to find in sonokong sets last I checked, though that was a while ago. A red one was released by hasbro, IDK if Takara released it or not.

(Mar. 16, 2013  2:21 PM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]And now abc*** has joined the party!

My god, a never ending auction. That auto-extension is real scummy.

UFD's make Y!JA people go crazy anyway, there was never any hope for this auction lol.
Some rare plastics :

Oki's bidding on it.
I can't believe there is a dark blue Blizzard Orthros in there!
LOL It's gonna be won for like 25, 000 yen and then the Blizzard Orthros will be put on sale for 30, 000
i find this auction to be that dragoon gt special sticker?the black customized ez grip looks too nice with the metal trigger + spring (loader??)
beware of the fake DGV2..hahah

and this despite after the fees etc etc..idk how much its gonna be..
Wow, the second lot is a wonderful package! Zeus, Dragoon GT, two Griffolyons(?),Burning Kerberous, Dragoon V2, and Driger V2, Black Dranzer Driger G....
That is kinda the most desirable set for anyone trying to start a Plastic collection!

The first lot is also quite good!
One of the rarest things ever has appeared:

This is the original version of the bey tournament dome. The yellow and black one is the toys r us exclusive ver (god knows why it's easier to find but oh well) Haven't seen one before. Didn't even know it came with beyblades. Unfortunately the Death Driger has no bit chip.
Y!JA sellers have such a hilarious mentality. This guy couldn't sell his auction for like 2 years so what did he do?

Raised it by 100k. LOL
Can't believe no one noticed this:

Not even Oki. I didn't bother since I thought it would go to like 10,000 with all the rare stuff in there.
What's in it? I can only see one blurry picture on my iPhone, for some reason ..

[Image: usiazarasi-img600x450-1364836529gdmv8i58...&sr.dw=296]

Is that a Poseidon AR though ?
Yes it is. The blue prize colour. Only the AR there but still worth a bit.
Y!JA prices are getting better!

That's a decent price, is that a crystal UFD? How rare is that?
IIRC, it is super rare..might be the rarest among the very old school...
What? No way! I was about to bid on it but decided not to in the last minute! ARGH
It's from a set which included a stadium and metallic blue grip attacker and a grey bearing stinger essentially making it the best set ever.
Haha that's an awesome lot, and the price too !

Wonder what happened to Oki. Whatever it is, it's probably the best time to bid on stuff, lol.
He's currently bidding on three or four very nice plastic lots so that might be why. And like everyone he probably made the assumption that they'd both go high or there wasn't enough decent beys.
Can you imagine how much it'd suck to win 3-4 lots for the purpose of selling? The beyblade market is so slow. I'd suggest to any resellers to keep their buying to a minimum. Good thing is, I really do think Y!JA prices are starting to fall and will continue to do so.
NIB Plastics :

The second ones price is pretty high for an auction with 4 days left ..
The first one is at a brilliant price (for now) and it also has a NIB Driger S! It is quite a good lot, IMO.

The second one has NIB Dragoon V2... I think that is probably why the price has skyrocketed already...
Actually I think it's cause it started at 10,000 yen.
Whoa are those Bearing Gyros beys in the first lot? I have only seen the AR from that series before, but it sure looks like it could be...
Yes that's what they are. That's the only really interesting thing in that lot which is why it's so low. The second lot has some pretty rare and useful stuff in it which is why it's so much.