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Full Version: Yahoo! Japan Auctions Topic
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Ah I remember during summer with 4000 Y I could win lots with like 80 plastics, 2-3 stadiums TONS of launchers ripcords, grips and all. I miss these lots...
But yeah theyre starting to get cheap again xD
*must control myself.
Even the best lots with the best and rare blades can still be cheap haha.
Nothing too great the past few weeks, though.
Really nice WBBA prize set:
RF, and matching blue track (not sure what the track size is, it doesn't specify) and clear wheel.
Just a note that the Black & Gold Lightning L Drago has already started being sent. It is a CoroCoro limited Beyblade.
How do you get it?
You might have had to fill out this form to ask to get one, I do not know ...
I can't see this one getting snapped up any time soon
Someone just bought like 6-7 NIP HMS Customize grips Unhappy (was bidding on 2). Sad now Crying
I really want to try out YJA but I dont have a Paypal account ):
anyone who can tell me how to use yahoo japan auctions? i found several auctions id like to get but never have used it before. i hope im in the right section for this.
Lucky for you AnnieDuck has set up a step by step tutorial. Smile
thanx! i found the ma-18 ape in with another auction hope it works

seems loads of people want a pisces

(well done on your lot Karlxps)
is there a way to look for what i want?
Of course you can view what you are looking at to see if you really want to bid on it.
(Nov. 07, 2009  5:39 PM)DranzerMS Wrote: [ -> ]I really want to try out YJA but I dont have a Paypal account ):

well if your buying anything online its best to have paypal, its worth it to make one
Is this a scam?

It looks too good to be true
Its a real auction, just seems like its cheap because it has just been posted
(Nov. 20, 2009  7:03 AM)XenosCore Wrote: [ -> ]Is this a scam?

It looks too good to be true

It has 6 days left to go...
can anyone help me with the mailorderjapan? i dont know if i have done something wrong, i have found what i need and have sent my deposit. i did the bidding process but no bids have been placed on the item its been a week. do i place the bid or do they do it? im not totally sure how it works, i have read the entire forum on this several times.
bid item --> click agree --> put in name for item (mainly for memory purposes) --> put link to item in URL place --> max bid price --> submit

After you've submitted and you get a note that your bid has been placed, if you are the high bidder, you will see azuma's name as high bidder after you click the link to your item.
i have done all that but nothing has come up on the bids. here is the link to what i want
what do u guys think worth it or not...
The same thing happens to me, you need to email Azuma (use either the Contact us link at the bottom of the page or the Manual Bid form) and tell him that you made a deposit but your balance is not updated, or you can use the manual bid form to tell him that its not letting you bid and you can ask him to bid for you. It will take a wile for him to get back to you though.

BTW, I hope you know all the fees associated with bidding with MOJ.