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(Apr. 16, 2009  1:26 PM)xOverCasted Wrote: [ -> ]Brad. hope that helps Grin
Thanks and uhh...U mistook me for Brad Pinching_eyes_2
(Apr. 16, 2009  1:28 PM)HaganeGinga Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks and uhh...U mistook me for Brad Pinching_eyes_2

Lol oops..It was the avatar pic Pinching_eyes_2. and Glad I could help
(Apr. 16, 2009  1:30 PM)xOverCasted Wrote: [ -> ]Lol oops..It was the avatar pic Pinching_eyes_2. and Glad I could help
Lol and btw how do I buy from there XD
this should help

edit: beaten to the punch Smile
(Apr. 16, 2009  1:32 PM)xOverCasted Wrote: [ -> ]
Oh! thanks again dude! Grin
you have made my day Cute
mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....anyone find a DRANZER MF tell me,or if anyone is willing to sell one i wauld buy it for $75 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need one.Pinching_eyes
The only way to get a Dranzer MF is to be lucky and find it in a Random Booster :\
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.well hopefully someone reads this and sells me one.even just the attack ring wauld do for now.
well wauld you know anyone who has a dranzer MF or even a dranzer MF attack ring?
I imagine that a number of the older collectors will have one or two. Wait a few hours, you may get your chance. Smile
rocky,i think i love u...........just kidding,lololololololol

hopefully someone has one.and i got a driger MS today.just wondering what do u guys think of the blade?
I think its a epic blade and with skills it can own all blades Joyful_2
Driger MS is a nice beyblade but all of it's parts are outclassed by something-or-other.
Also, you should have made a new thread for the Dranzer MF question or asked in the 'Purchase Consultation' thread and asked this one in the 'Ask a question' thread. Smile
lol......yeah its good.the reason why i think its good,is because most people like attack,i like speed/endurance and thats why i like it.i timed it today....launched it on my flat wooden floor and i went for 2mins and 30 secs not that bad.but for speed...number one beyblade is wolborg MS
1 do yeah make a thread on this site,lolololololololololololo,sorry im new.
What? How is Wolborg MS speedy?
lol.well whats faster DRIGER MS or WolBORG MS?
Driger. Make a new topic.
cauld u tell me how to make a new topic...please in new.and if DRIGER'S faster whats all the fuss with wolborg being the greatest.phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pathetic,lolololol
Wolborg is not the greatest now because of Libra but it was because of its awesome Endurance. Rock Leone x3 (1,200 yen - Buy it Now) => Good deal! Samurai Changer (Red), Dragoon MS, DEMS x2, WBMS, Zeus, etc Draciel MBD x2, Uriel x2, Grip Attacker, Dragoon V2, etc. Venus (I think Raykon was looking for this), Customize Grip (w/ Rubber Grips, Winder Grip, Sniper Scope), Uriel, Draciel S, etc.
I so want that grip.
Im drooling over those rock leones P:
Hey was wondering if MOJ's shipping is free. if not hw much is it?
...theres another board for that question.....or if you have time you could go to the website.....
(Apr. 18, 2009  11:17 AM)HaganeGinga Wrote: [ -> ]Hey was wondering if MOJ's shipping is free. if not hw much is it?

its definantly not free. But i think it varies. It depends on what your getting the larger and heaier the thing your getting is the more you pay.