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Which lot?! The one I posted?
Yap, and that's what alcross mentioned.

For now, alcross wants the Dragoon MS lime with the RF tip.
Chocked That Dragoon MS is the normal white colour. T_T

And do you mean the MSUV tip ?
RF is in MFB, haha.
I already contacted rider proxy to win that lot.
It s so sad to see all of this competition
I've reserved the dragoon msuv and the grip flat core,because i've find this auction and i've only ask to someone to help me to buy it.XD
So the following is reserved:
-dragoon msuv wite with yellow and black stickers;
-grip flat core
This is an interesting face.Can't recall seeing it.
Just to tell you, that is a Dragoon MS with yellow and black stickers.
Chimera or Gil?
blah you've reasonUnhappy
But It's beautiful anyway
Yes, as I thought. It's the dragoon MS.

If you don't want the dragoon MS and the flat core. Could you please let alcross have it?
I won't like to join the competition to benefit none but the seller.

As you can see, megablader want the blue attack ring and alcross is willing to have the Dragoon MS w/red core. And for me, I would like to have the Dranzer MF and the Jiraya. Maybe I drop off for this bid so we can win the bid?
I will offer 100 USD for the Dragoon MS..
(Dec. 01, 2010  9:59 PM)dracielviper Wrote: [ -> ]This is an interesting face.Can't recall seeing it.
I posted about that in the Beyblade Random Thoughts topic ...

Wraith, that is just a special version of the L Drago Face, designed by Adachi Takafumi.
I was planing to buy that hms lot for my self.
I would need all of those beys..
Ok gianmarco,read also the pmWink
no dragoon ms for me oh well
also I am a collector of dragoon but if you want the ms you may talk with gianmarco,in particurally I want the grip flat core of msuv
Men , maybe I was not clear.
I m not planing to sell them . I want them for collection.

Some time ago I bought an hms lot from a very well trusted member but I didn t take the tracking number.I m not 100% sure but I think the pack got lost.
140$ are gone probably.

Wwq: if you are really let me win(Alcross told me you are not gonna bid anymore) this lot I ll take a note and I ll remember in the future.Just ask me for anything and I will let you win next amazing lot for sure

Yes, I will drop back for sure, cause I hate to compete with WBO members and I know we both lose if we offer a very high price.

What I need is the Dragoon MF and Dranzer MF which I promise someone to get them in NIB. So if anyone could offer me the NIB dragoon MF and dranzer MF i will be very appreciated.

ps, I know what you feel cause I lose around $250 in YJA cause the seller cheat! What a shame for a beyer to cheat someone who love bey as well?
That s not my case the seller is a very well trusted member,if the pack got lost it s because I didn t pay for traking and this is an horrible period for the shipping(you know chrismast)
If I got the pack from this WBO member I ll give you a Dragoon MF(cause if I get it and if I win this auction I will have 2x dragoon mf)
Okay Gianmarco.93 thank you very much.

ps: That's why I ALWAYS sent package w/tracking Smile
how disappointing... i wish i could buy a NIB dragoon ms..
Hi takaoshop,
The ms in this lot is NOT NIB. so you don't need disappointing XD
it's in very good condition though, lmao.
i got outbid like 029402394 times already XDD
I'm really glad I won the lot before this with all this stuff plus a NIP Dranzer MF and MSUV RC. <33333
No need to worry for me, haha. ^^