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Isn't this extremly rare?Comes in a extremly rare plastic-HMS set.
It's a duotron launcher that launches a HMS and plastic Bey at once.
It sucks, and no one really wants it.
Would I be able to buy a couple Onigiri and one Yakitori with this one?
Azuma i send you a PM!
Hi everyone,
I just discussed this with my office. The office opinion here is that we should let the bidding go. This way, there will be alot less confusions for us to handle the shipments etc. So, please let the bidding go. I know we will be losing $$$ at the end of the day for the non wanted stock but at least we will learn something about handling auctions.
So all of kohaku71 auction is gone? or Buy it Now?
(Dec. 07, 2010  6:05 AM)beyblademon Wrote: [ -> ]So all of kohaku71 auction is gone? or Buy it Now?
Everything is up for bidding. If there is no Buy It now option with an item, then its open only for bidding. We have many more items that will show up here on YJ as well. We could have put them up on ebay or the forum but that was going to make our life more complicated, so we decided to put everything on YJ and let the market decide for all the items.
Like I said before, we are not in this to make $$. We just need to sell out the items that have been left behind.
what r u all going to bid?
i hope to get the wybern DJ though lol

Just to increase knowledge,is this the Saint Shield series?
How do you buy from this site???
Please be joking.
(Dec. 08, 2010  1:31 AM)dracielviper Wrote: [ -> ]

Just to increase knowledge,is this the Saint Shield series?
yea thats the booster
The Random Booster; to clarify :V
i juz hope to fulfill my hms collection by have a mybern DJ haha
also with the striker and round shell for my friend
Is somone bidding on the hms randoom bosters?
5 saint and lucky box
me Smile
Will let you win.
I will try my best (I only interest these two items)
I think I ll buy the lucky box from you PM me if you win
Haha, okay, let us see who is lucky to win this Smile
(Dec. 08, 2010  6:10 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]

Soooo pretty.
No kidding. It looks as if it would shatter if you dropped it or did not even place it gently upon a surface.
is anyone bid on the dragoon ms and msuv from kohaku71?
i told riderproxy to win those 2 beys no matter what
so anyone else bidding, please no bid more, i dont think it helps either of us by raising the price.
and i would not like to compete with you all!
There's a person going after each of them. Look back a page or so to see who.