Zero G DEVELOPMENTAL Top Tier Outline (updated 6-11!)

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Why are they top tier than if all they can beat is a spin stealer?
Why is defense top tier if all it can beat is attack?
They can beat stuff other than spin steal though. The F230 CF ones sway same spin, and Duo BGrin can OS stuff.
(Jun. 11, 2013  11:53 PM)diblee123 Wrote: Why are they top tier than if all they can beat is a spin stealer?

Thats not true, So you're telling me all Duo Cancer SA165BWD can only beat Reviser Dragooon BGrin, That all Duo Cancer BGrin can beat is Reviser Dragooon SA165EWD, so in that case am I only limited to using Spin Stealers, Sway attack, and Balance combos VS a Reviser Killerken E230TB? Were is the Stamina aspect of the game? This is why there can be no section for anti spinsteal.

By the way Yuko Ray 14, do you disagree with anything on the list?
I do not disagree with anything, I agree 110%. In Fact it looks better than I anticipated! lol
Genbull Genbull SR200TB/CS is undoubtedly top tier for stamina. Other that it looks fine.
That is fine with, an I will edit the OP now.
*Ginga*, you have "MSF Girago/Wyvang Dragooon F230CF/GCF" in Zero G Attack AND Balance, I think you should erase it from Zero G Attack, because it seems to be more of a Zero G Attack / Spin Stealer Hybrid
I am incredibly opposed to removing EWD for spin-steal. If you actually try it out, in an LAD match-up
EWD will win over BWD every time. I REALLY think that should be put back on. It's not overrated. It's just that much better.

I also think Balro Balro should be added in the smash-attack section. Just my opinion. Smile
Yes, but EWD can be swayed very easily, in fact I have heard that if you bank it goes crazy.

Does Balro Balro have enough smash to hit the bey into the exits? It may seem like a silly question, but it can be hard to do.
To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if a strong wind at a tournament made EWD sway, and I'm not kidding.

Balro Balro- eh. Wyvang Wyvang is good cause of the ridiculous power, and Bahamdia has a wide attack range, which probably helps in such a big dish, but Balro Balro... can't see any advantage over either of those, except maybe lower recoil.
I'll post a thread in the Advanced Forum to get some final opinions from Veterans. Thank you everyone for putting this together!
Thanks so much.
Yes! Thank you Kei!
BWD isn't exactly the hardest thing to sway in the world... And most (if not all) of the current sway-attackers used in today's metagame are right-spin, and EWD is, like pretty much every other tip, almost impossible to sway out against opposite-spin, so I really don't know why you're looking for sway defense on a left-spin combo. And even if EWD is swayed out easier, so what? It has noticably better LAD than BWD, IMO, so if you want higher LAD, then just use EWD, and if you think your opponent is going to use a left-spin attakcer, then go ahead with BWD. Smile This is just my opinion, though.

Thanks Kei! Smile
Kei asked me to post these tests somewhere, and I decided this would be the best place. Smile

Killerken Genbull SA165W2D results:

Comparison testing:
Hey, could you try TB against Revizer Dragooon BD?
(Jun. 20, 2013  9:22 PM)DrPepsidew Wrote: Hey, could you try TB against Revizer Dragooon BD?
From tournament experience and testing TB does bad against Dragooon BD. It can't do what W2D and EWD do by having rotations in the end.
Gotcha, thanks man.
Very interesting theblackdragon. However, a few things I will say

This thread differs of BWD vs Dragooon BGrin

This thread differs, less slightly though, on BWD against

However, I think, from your tests, W2D probably is top tier. Still disagree with adding EWD and removing BWD, though.

By the way- why Killerken Genbull?
'Cause Kei asked for the tests and said I should post them. Smile

I am really surprised at the results for BWD too! I mean, I don't know what happened against GF, but it just got trampled! Unhappy I reproduced the test several time, and BWD never got a higher win rate. It was really weird... It usually hits 60-70% against sway attack. I think there must be something about the combo that's hindering it, or else it was a fluke that lasted for about 40 rounds.

If you think W2D is good, then why souldn't we add EWD back on? it got the same win rates against sway attack. I really don't see what the problem is, since it would only matter against a sway-attacker anyway. Oh, and no, it wouldn't get swayed by other stuff. I've seen it in tourneys before. Just my opinion.

But yes, form these results I think Genbull/Killerken/Reviser Genbull SA165W2D should be added for stamina. Smile

The wins where BWD beat B : D are completely accurate. Duo was using BWD in those tests.

Duo has MUCH higher LAD than synchrome combinations. I used Duo on B : D and Dragooon on SA165BWD, so Duo's unbelievable LAD pushed BWD just enough to OS B : D. Smile

So when you put BWD on duo, it can OS Dragooon on BGrin, but if you give Duo B : D and Dragooon BWD, then Dragooon can't OS.
i got some Duo W145BWD against Dragooon BGrin tests!

I was in a hurry but I did 10 atleast
Duo Cancer W145BWD vs Gargole Dragooon BGrin
Duo Cancers wins: 10 All os
Gargole Dragoon wins: 0

Cancer Win percentage: 100%
For those of you who have success with W2D, can you post a picture showing how much it is worn? I'm curious.
Could somebody test MF-H/MF VariAries SR200/E230/SP230CF/GCF?