Your top 5 favourite WBO tournaments you've attended

Hello everyone, and welcome.

Reading this thread, one would be able to read about anybody's top five favourite tournaments they've attended, depending on whether readers post or not. If you do plan on posting, I'd ask for you to elaborate on your top five, even if it's the slightest bit of elaboration. It would be much appreciated if you were to do so. Smile

I guess I'll start to get the ball rolling, hah:

As I said earlier on in this post, please make sure to elaborate on the posts you're making. A post with no elaboration and no explanations on why this was one of your favourite events whatsoever is most certainly not needed.

Anyways, here are examples you should and shouldn't make, if you do plan on posting:

Good Posts:

Quote:Attending DIR EN BEY was my fourth favourite event that I have attended being active for a little over a year now. This tournament was quite enjoyable for many reasons. One was because throughout this event, I got the opportunity to meet both Kai-V, as well as The Boss. Aside from that, I was one win away from placing third, and also put into a tie with both Kei and JesseObre. Luckily, I was able to get a position of fourth, though.

Bad Posts:

Quote:DIR EN BEY was a cool tournament. I did well, so that's why I'm happy. My friends are now jealous of me, heheh.
You didn't have GBT2 in there at all? I would expect it to be no. 1! Anyways I'll make mine once I go to my fifth tournament in two weeks.
5- Valley of the Beys- This was by far one of my favorite events. It was CT's first-ever WBO tournament. It was the first time I've ever used a BB-10, too. Not only did I begin my career as a competitive Beyblader, but I was able to meet a bunch of awesome local players for the first time.
4- Zero-G Gorge- This was the first CT Zero-G tournament. Unlike Valley, I was able to prepare, since I ordered a Zero-G Stadium for myself the previous month. It was the first time I was able to put combinations I've personally tested and worked with into play, which must have worked, since I placed second.
3- Beys of Our Lives- This was the first tournament I (and The Supreme One) hosted. Though it seemed tough at times and we made a slight error in recording the data, it worked out nicely. It sparked us to host a lot more in Berlin, where we have 2 more events taking place this month.
2- GBT2: CT Qualifier/Valley of the Beys II- I think we all know the reason for this. Tongue_out
1- GBT2: North American Championships- This was hands-down my favorite tournament experience. Ever. I was finally able to meet LMAO, Kai-V, Kei, Dark, Geester, Midnight, Sniper, Yuko, and the list goes on (you know who you are). It was not only great putting faces to those names, but being able to play and battle with them. It was honestly an honor to be able to play Kei, haha. It was really a cool and nice experience for me- just a kid who started Beyblading for the WBO a little over a year earlier.
Didn't try something close to this about two-years ago?

If not, is it okay to post if I haven't been to five?
Woah didn't see this thread but yeah here are my top 5:

Number 5: JesseObre's Birthday Bash, because it was my first time placing in a Zero-G tournament and I was 1st! I loved how there were so many snacks and so many bladers! It was a really fun event, and going to the mall afterwards with a few fellow bladers. Also, this tournament basically showed the power of F230 in a single tournament haha.

Number 4: Reignite your Spirit, this was my first tournament ever and I was dead last, and I remember that I was going to support my brother to be a better blader than I or any other Toronto blader was. It was also really fun because it's when I first met the Toronto gang/squad.

Number 3: Dir en Bey, I was 1st in that tournament haha, but the highlight of it was meeting The Boss (Kai-U), and I got to see Kai-V again! I remember specifically facing Kai-V and then he beat me 3-2 haha. Also, Kai-U did this crazy/amazing kick thingy and it was just so cool aha.

Number 2: High Park Throwdown 5, this was the first time I was ever first place! It was one of the best feeling ever! My brother placed 3rd in it as well, and we were both so eladed afterwards! I remember that I went like 6-1 that tournament so I was almost perfect haha.

Number 1: Grand Battle Tournament 2: This was definitely my favourite tournament! I got to see one of my closest friends on the WBO, Leone19! It was only a dream a few months before! We always said we would meet each other one day and so it was great seeing him. Also, it was nice to see everyone else from all the other states! Next, I got to see YukoRay and his brother again which was fantastic! The day didn't end there, after the tournament, Kei, Yuko Ray, Fang Wolf, JesseObre, Pockyx3, The Sponge, Arupaeo and I went to Boston Pizza and it was really fun!
Seeing as I've only been to 6 tournaments, I'm just going to post my top 3 lol

3. Before the Big Bang
I liked this one because it was the first tournament I cohosted without messing up haha
That aside, it was really fun using old parts before Limited was created & I was able to bring two of my younger cousins along, both girls, who really enjoyed the event.

Connecticon Clave
The fact that this was at Connecticon & took place during HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day was awesome. Got to meet Nohzone (now a tournament regular) for the first time, & met & talked to BubloZX for a while after the event. Overall, it was just a great experience meeting new people during one of the most fun weekends of my life (no exaggeration)

Valley of the Beys
CT's first tournament! I'll admit, it was a little unnerving at first, being the oldest non-parent there by a few years (I still am), but once we got closer to the finals, I started really enjoying myself. Met Leone19 & Naijalak for the first time, both of whom I'm still very in touch with today.
I have only been to 5 so I'm just putting them in order from Best to Worst lol.