What's your favourite/least favourite beyblade parts?

Hasbro CS isn't uncontrollable, I got a Defensive Hasbro CS and it didn't need any wearing down.
I have a controllable Hasbro CS as well. My brother's CS... Not so much.
A controllable Hasbro CS is probably pretty rare from people saying a Hasbro CS is uncontrollable.
I hope no one minds if I revive this topic; it's still somewhat relevant today.

I would have to say my most and least favorite are clear parts in the plastic Era.

Why did I even battle with them?

Why did I battle Megaro Arm, that thing looked so cash.

EDIT: The only parts that I don't really like are the snot green Aquario and Hyperblade snot green Variares.
Face - Any Aqua/Blue faces, Kerbecs, Nemesis, Sagittario II, Horogium, Uranus etc
Stone Faces - Revizer, Begirados, Genbull, Goreim, Dragooon, Ifraid, Pegasis
Clear Wheels - Unicorno I/II, Cygnus, Nemesis, Herculeo, Gemios (Orange), Orion, L'Drago, Kronos
Chrome Wheels (I know they're metal but live with it) - Ifraid, Revizer, Gryph, Begirados, Dragooon, Genbull, Pegasis, Bahamdia
Metal Wheels - Libra, Screw, Tornado, Killer, All 4D Wheels (Accept for Fang, Jade, Destroy, Fusion), Basalt
Crystal Wheels - Gaurdian, Samurai, Bandid (Green Only), Archer (Purple Only)
Track - W145, 230, BGrin, FGrin, FConfused (Don't expect me to only like Good Parts), SR200, F230, SP230, D125, ED145
Bottoms - Both CF Variants, JB, WD, BWD, RF, R2F, RSF, CS, MF, MB, Q, SF, FB, TB
My particular favourites are...
Metal Sharp for its high solo spin times.
Quake for the jumping gimmick.
Rubber Sharp for its use in general.

There's not really parts I actually dislike, but I don't like yellow parts...
Least favorite parts: 1. M145 for its horribles bad stamina and jumping 2. Quake need I say more 3. Rf/r2f for their bad stamina 4. Torch it's to light and have to much recoil for any good use that's all I can think of right now. My favorite parts: 1. Dragooon, phantom, twisted, reviser, gb145, 230, t125, b : d, bd145, f : s, MF, wf, Es,
My favorite beyblade part of all time in MFB, even out of metal wheels, clear wheels, bottoms, etc. is SA165. It has use in all aspects it seems. I've even found use in defense! It's just so amazing plus its pretty awesome looking.

My least favorite part is ... well first let me say when I say least favorite part, I'm referring to between the parts I use, not like everything I have. Anyways, my least favorite part is RSF. I have like one combination where I use it in most of time. I usually refrain from it as I like most of the other rubber bottoms much better.
Probably GF because sway attack, EDS when it gets worn down(need I explain more?), & BWD because it's my favorite tip for stamina.
My favourite part is Duo, my most unfavourite part is Goreim.
my most not favourite (I'm 100% percent sure un-favourite isn't a word XD) is defenintly W2D it wears faster then R2F and Blitz combined has worse balance then BWD and less defence then B: D.... my most favorite part would have to be Basalt/Flash Basalt is awesome I love the sound it makes when it collides with the opposing bey (kind of like clanking silverware) the spiral staircase of death makes it so unbalanced that it has the ability to KO a Takara Phantom on CS (look at round 2 of my 2nd custom beyblade tournament) and is perfectly circular on the oustside when worn (like mine) and Flash it's the best attack wheel I have still top tier it's really big looks like a sledge hammer in attack mode and it can send Killerken Reviser BD145CS/RDF accross the room XD
Well the parts i mostly dislike are RUBBER TIPS. The most impractical and annoying thing ever invented in beyblade. I mostly dislike the attack tips made of rubber due to them running out of stamina WAY too fast and the fact that you have to buy spares if you are going to use them often.
The part I like the most is the Pegasis Chrome Wheel and the part I like the least is the Quake tip.
Well I like, Rubber tips. True they run out of Stamina, but one blow can mess a Beyblade up and, Big KO's
I don't really have a favorite part... but I can tell you my least favorite.

DUO! Angry I hate, hate, HATE IT!

I always lose to it in tournaments... ALWAYS. I have never been in a Zero-G tournament where I didn't lose to Duo. The only tournament I ever went through without losing to a Duo custom was Gladiator's Onslaught in Rolesville, which was BB-10 format.

The thing always pops up when I least expect it, and it always turns out to be the perfect counter to exactly what I'm using. Unhappy It's so frustrating... but I'm ready for it this weekend! I will absolutely not lose to one Duo combo during the whole event. NEVER.
My favourite part is l-drago(all clear wheels) and my least favourite part is ........ Quake I hate that part it loses like every time it's rubbish aaaahhhh need I say more?
Now, I don't want to uhh be warned for "reviving" this thread too, but now that we have a lot of parts for Burst, it's safe to say we have quite a few "bad" parts. Let me tell you about my least favorites in descending order. So in the "Meh" parts, we have Edge. Yep, that's it. Now in the "Bad" parts, I hate these. We have Blow, Blow' and Sword. Now Sword is my favorite out of the "bad" parts, but it's still bad. NOW WE HAVE THE WORST PART EVER. I HATE THIS WITH A BURNING PASSION. Impact. It's bad, end of story. Don't @ me you know I'm right
Since someones "revived "the burst, I will jump in and tell you my least favourite burst parts and favourite. My least favourite is Iron. I hate it so badly. Every time I battle it against any of my friends byes, I lose with a burst. it is TRASH. ( this is my opinion, so don't @ me )

(Jun. 11, 2019  9:43 PM)bekfastblader Wrote: Since someones "revived "the burst, I will jump in and tell you my least favourite burst parts and favourite. My least favourite is Iron. I hate it so badly. Every time I battle it against any of my friends byes, I lose with a burst. it is TRASH. ( this is my opinion, so don't @ me )

Sorry forgot to tell you my favs. So it is........ Cho-Z Achilles and Judgement Joker!
In general I really don't like Evil-Eye or its successor Exceed Evil-Eye, Vice Leopard, Oval, 12, 11, Edge, Merge, Operate, Quest, Sword, Volcanic and Volcanic'. From Hasbro's line specifically I really hate Needle-S because of how completely dysfunctional it is.

Most anything else I have some redeeming factor for, whether it simply be a really sweet design or actually not being as crud as people think it is.
Hey, hey guys. Wanna hear a joke?

TuRbO bEyS
Burst favorite parts:

Drivers: Br, Xt+, Ds (and Dash variant), Qc', Z (and Dash variant), Hn (and Dash Variant), Xt (and Dash variant), Ev, V, Ul, Et, At, R, O, Pw, Ch

Disks: Hr, St Bl, Rt, Z, 00, 10, 7, 8', 5, 4, 3, 0, 13, 12, 11, 8, P, J, H, Outer

Frames: H, W, B, C, G, D, P, T, L

Layers: all GT Base+Chip except Bushin Ashura, all GT Weights, everything in Chouzetsu except vL and bX, everything in God except sT and bJ, everything in Dual and Single Layers except all iterations of Dragoon and Dranzer, Wolborg.

Burst least favorite parts : aside from the exceptions above for the most favorite parts, everything else is trash for me.
before chozetsu was released, the most hated but overused beyblade part (or should i say combo) in Singapore had to be Spriggan Requiem 0 Bump Bearing. super overused and super o.p. people weren't good enough to use attack types to knock Sr out of the stadium or did not want to risk losing G4 using attack types as only one combo could be used throughout the entire G4 tournament.
Honestly favorite is rock dragon and least favorite is bloody longinus for many reasons...