What's your favourite/least favourite beyblade parts?

(Mar. 05, 2011  8:27 AM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: I kinda hate Screw now so do I hate Virgo(4 layer).

Yes But Not As Much As I Mentioned Above.
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MFB Favourites:
Face-Metal Face(Gold-LDD), L Drago II, Metal Face (Clear, Custom)
Clear Wheel- L Drago II (Diamond Dust), L Drago II (Absorb, Reshuffle Set), L Drago II (Rush), Aquario, Bull, Cancer, L Drago, Perseus
Metal Frame- Destroy, Vari Ares
Metal Wheel- Meteo, Earth (Mold 2), Basalt, Hell, Burn (Mold 2), Lightning, Vulcan, Gravity
PC Frame- L Drago III, Vari Ares, Kronos
Track- 85, 90, 230, AD145, GB145, CH120
Bottom- LRF, R²F, WB, RS, CS, PD, WD, RF, SF, LF
4D Bottom- FGrin, FConfused, DGrin
Least Favourites:
Face- Wolf
Clear Wheel- Gemios
Metal Wheel- Dark,
Track- 145
Bottom- FS
Plastic: Tie between Wing Cross (new mold Bistool) AR and Tiger Defenser AR, since I mainly relied on balance types and zombies.

HMS: Metal Change RC. It's just a joy to use.

Metal Fight: N/A (don't have any at the moment)
Seeing as this thread could be used for some discussion....I'ma necro it...
CW=Rex=Rough, but awesome design.
MW=Cyber=Really Tall-looking when spinning.
Track=TH170=Triple Heights.....Awesum <3
Bottom=CS=Is Attack, Defense and Stamina....Smile
Ldrago Destroy Golden-armored is just awsome,
It rocks my carp.
Hmm, for MF, favorites are:

Face: Libra, NuGemios(The face Gemios has in 2-Pack "Rock Zurafa vs Torch Gemios")
CW: Horogium/Tempo, NuFireblaze(The one in the 2-Pack "Burn Fireblaze vs Poision Scorpio"), NuWolf( 2-Pack "Dark Wolf vs Ray Serpent")
MW: Basalt/Twisted, Earth, Libra/Thunder
Track: 230
Tip: WD, WB, RF, RS, Final Drive, Delta Drive,

Least favorites:
Face: Escolpio/Scorpio
CW: Gemios, Cyber Pegasus
MW: Rock, Dark
Track: WA130
Tip: R²F, Final Survive(AKA Final Suicide)
Metal Wheels: Earth(Mold 2), Blitz(Assault), Fang, and VariAres
Clear Wheels: Lacerta(Orange), Unicorno, Capricorne(Blue), Ketos(Blue)
Track: CH120 and GB145, though mostly GB145
Tip: Semi-Aggro CS(for fun), R2F, WD, RS

Least Favorite:
Metal Wheel: Dark, Killer
Clear Wheel: Bull, Wolf
Track: ED145
Tip: Full-Aggro CS, BS, HF
I love these: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?u...&x=20&y=18
I hate-
Wind and shoot launcher. I won it in a contest and damn it sucks.
Poison wheel. Should have just called it fail wheel.
Tracks with useless gimmicks that just scrape the floor.

I like-
Metal faces
Launcher grips
Earth, Basalt, and Thermal
HF, RF, WD, D and WB
My favourite parts is:
Face bolt: Striker
Energy ring: pegasus
Metal wheel:Ray
Spin track:T125
Tip:WD or F
FB: Lacerta ( from solid iron showdown )
CW: Pisces
MW: Screw
Track: CH120
Tip: MF
Least Favorite
FB: Chimera
CW: Rex
MW: Galaxy
Track: 125
Tip: FS
Face Bolt: MF-2
Clear wheel: Belzeebub
Metal Wheel: Phantom
Track: TH170
Tip: CS and WD
favourite beyblade part ever created for me is grip flat core uv, shame they didnt incorparate this into mfb.
Couldn't R2F be consider the Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) of MFB? Seeing as it's a faster version of RF... and LRF could count, too, I guess.
AR - Triple Tiger, Upper Claw (with it's SP only), Tiger Defenser and Sonic Tiger; I like the aesthetics of most of the main Driger series ARs
WD - Heavy and/or Balance
BB - SG Metal Change and Customize Change Base; I have this thing for the BB of Driger S and V2 because they look pretty similar

AR - Metal Upper, Circle Upper and Slash Upper; again for the aesthetics XD
BB - Metal Change Core and Bearing Core

CW - Kerbecs and Lynx
MW - Beat, Duo, Phantom, Scythe and Hell
Track - TH170 and BD145
Bottom - CS, WD, SD and D XD

Least Favorites
AR - Cross Fang (Driger F) - Probably the only AR of the main Driger series I didn't like. Also all of the main Draciel series ARs; Ironically they look aesthetically pleasing but they are pretty useless in battle XD
WD - Wide; because they are very vulnerable to breakage
BB - Full Auto Clutch Base; ironically I still like Driger F but it is my least Favorite of the main Driger Series XD

I'm pretty neutral to all of the HWS Beyblades so I don't have a least favorite Pinching_eyes_2

I only knwo MFB Unhappy


Face Bolt: Uranus (Sticker version) - Looks epic
Clear Wheel - Aquario - Smooth, round and heavy. Perfect for defence.
Metal Wheel: Wing, Duo, Scythe - All competitive and awesome
Track: S130 and TH170 - Al versatile heights, I like customisability.
Tip: CS, HF/S and MB - All have multiple uses and functions, what more do you want?

Yes, I do pay attention to detail.
FB: Uranus and Phantom Variares looks cool
CW: Orion Uranus nah ithink its cool
MW:Duo Phantom Basalt and Variares smashy and round
tracks :230 TH170
Tip:B:D WD DS EDS X:D SWD any stamina tips except S series
(Jan. 14, 2012  4:43 AM)CRUelty Wrote: Couldn't R2F be consider the Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) of MFB? Seeing as it's a faster version of RF... and LRF could count, too, I guess.
no grp flat core um is made of softer rubber. faster than r2f.

(Jan. 14, 2012  5:23 PM)dragoonevo Wrote:
(Jan. 14, 2012  4:43 AM)CRUelty Wrote: Couldn't R2F be consider the Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) of MFB? Seeing as it's a faster version of RF... and LRF could count, too, I guess.
no grp flat core um is made of softer rubber. faster than r2f.
I never really said it was the exact same....

I'm saying RF could be considered GFC, and since R2F is faster than RF, it could be considered the GFC (UM) of MFB... also, they're good enough as is.

Softer rubber with larger rotations per minute (I believe MFB has the largest RPM) would probably lead to wear a lot faster.

But I do see where you're coming from Smile

i hat kerbecs track cause its so hrd to bet
i likw the lightnig fuson whel cause it relly good
I would have made it extremely clear by now that I simply love DS. Tongue_out
My love for it might be sidetracked, should I stumble upon RDF though... But yeah, from the parts I own, its my favorite.
Talking of the least favorite part, its Fusion.
OK, I do not own it, but it looks so.......meh. Its one part I won't be happy to own. Then again, its always good to have a new addition to your collection, no matter which bey it is...
my favorites are
Face Bolts: MF 2, Wolf, Rex, Tempo, Kronos, Anubis, Kerbecs

Energy Ring, Tempo, Rex, Aquario, Kerbecs, Susanow

Fusion Wheels, Death, Blitz, Burn, Flame, Fang, Bakushin,

Spin Tracks: CH120, DF145, GB145, 100, T125

Performance Tips: R2F, RDF, CS, SF
well, this is my favorite combo but this is only with beys i had/got: Twisted/earth leone GB145WD with a metal face.
My favorite part is the F tip!!!!without it, We would never have attack types(unless we did the BBG mod to D wich we all knowe is illegal) and without attack types, i wouldnt be blading!!!
Oh....my least favorite part.......s.Its not to goodTongue_out