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One day aboy was watching TV.
TV: Get ready for the biggest tournament ever. Grab your bey and be in the here tomorrow morning cause this will be an exciting battle. People from around the world are coming. The winner will get an awsome prize: THE SWORD OF LIFE. So come!!!!!!!.
Bryan: Hmmm....That looks interesting.
Bryan's Mom: What are you doing?-She said as she stand by the door.
Bryan: Watching TV.
Bryan's Mom: You have been in the TV all day. Go and play outside!!-She turned off the TV.
Bryan: OK-He walked outside of the house and started walking by the street.
Bryan: What is that?
Josh: Hi.
Bryan: Hi.
Josh: What are you doing?
Bryan: I jus saw something there.
Josh: What?
Bryan: I dont know.
They walked to see what is it.
Josh: Wow, is a rock!
Bryan: Is a yellow rock.
Josh: A yellow rock?
Bryan: Maybe is gold.
Josh: If it was gold it will be golden but that is yellow.

Im taking character request.
good suspense
Chapter Two: The Golden Rock

Bryan: I got an idea. You have golden spray paint. Right?
Josh: Yes.
Bryan: We can paint the rock golden and go to the town an sell it like gold. Then, we use the money and buy some beys to go to the tournament.
Josh: COOL. lets do it.
Josh went to his house and grab the golden spray paint. The guys paint the rock as faster as they can. Then, they run to the town.
Bryan: Hey guy come here!- He yelled to some random guy.
Guy: What you want?
Josh: Do you want to buy some gold?
Guy: Is it real gold?
Bryan: Yes. Very real.
Guy: I'll give you five bucks
Josh: Can you give us more than that?
Guy: $20?
Bryan: OK.
Bryan gave the rock to the guy. The guy pay him. The guys run to the nearest Wal-Mart and search for beyblades.
Josh: Wow. The are so many beys here.
Bryan: Just grab one.
They grab some beys and went to home. Bryan bought a Marshmallow King Y150 (yummy 150) CS (chocolate sharp) and Josh bought a Difficult Math -1 +F (+Flat). And also bought some skittles.


Bryan Description:
He uses brown cargo pants, blue T-shirt. He has brown hair and he is a little fat.

Marshmallow King Description:
The bey is white. Marshmallow is shaped like mini marshmalows. The clear wheel is white and has three crwons around it. The facebolt is white and has a marshmallow with a crown. Y150 is white, shaped like a marshmallow and made of soft rubber. Chocolate sharp is.....mmmm.....well chocolate sharp.

Josh Description:
Blue cargo pants, brown T-shirt. Black hair.

Difficult Math Description:

Difficult is like storm but thiner and is purple. Math is purple and is shape like numbers. The facebolt is purple and has 2⅞ⁿ in it. -1 is -1. + F is flat but shaped ike +.
haha and you put m150 instead of y150
Thanks. I fixed it.

The next day the guys woke up early and started train for the tournament.
Bryan: Beyblades are awsome.
Josh: That is true.
Bryan: Lets go or we will be late for the tournament.
The guys run to the tournament. They were the first to register. After that, people started arriving. In an hour the tournament started.
Josh: YES!! The tournament started.
Bryan: I have to go to the bathtroom.
Josh: Well....GO. Before is your turn in the tournament.
Bryan: OK-he said as he was running.
After Bryan maked his stuff on the bathroom he noticed something. There was no toilet paper.


Will Bryan make it to the tournament... Wait for part 2 to know.
wow this is like a real life story with real life problames i chuckled a little when i read this.
(Jan. 26, 2011  3:31 AM)bladerxack8522 Wrote: wow this is like a real life story with real life problames i chuckled a little when i read this.

The story is not about real life. You will see...
I need some characters for the tournament. The characters dont have to be serious. Just funny. Also, the first character i recieve will be a main character.
I will write next chapter tomorrow but plz I need some character for the tournament. At least 1 to continue.
Mike Ikura
Storm Sagittario ED145RF

Mike: Mike has yellow pants, Yellow shirt with Sagittario mark on and brown hair
Storm Sagittario: Eternal Defense 145 Rubber Flat
He is an awesome blader, but is pretty clumsy.
Special move: Flame Arrow Storm: ED145 burns and move like arrows and then shoot out on the enemy.
Thanks for the character but canyou be more descriptive with the special move. And he is a good guy or a bad guy. Next chapter later.
Name: Bob the builder
Bey: an old wooden one that you need to spin with your hands
Special move: None cuz it's just a normal top
Description: Bob the builder
(Jan. 28, 2011  1:50 AM)Off Topic King Wrote: Name: Bob the builder
Bey: an old wooden one that you need to spin with your hands
Special move: None cuz it's just a normal top
Description: Bob the builder

Is this serious? Is really bob the builder?
Because I might use him.
i got a request

bey:cookie monster chc85mc
cookie description a huge cookie.chc85 is chocate chips85 an 85 with choclate chips coming out like spikes
mc(milk cup) is a really small cup of milk.speical move cookie frenzy shots huge cookies at the oppent then creates a tidal wave of milk.its special move can also be used to make a tasty snack
Bob the builder and Elmo are accepted and they are bad guys.
oh no i want him to be good
Ok. He will be a good guy.
This entire thread makes me sick to my stomach.