beyblasters (now global)

Hello me and Giri are starting a team in North-West England and already have 3 other bladers on the team, we are welcome to challenges from other teams, we don't yet have a team name and we are not really recruiting bladers but if you are really interested then pm me stating what blades you have, what city or town you live in, your age and why you want to be on our team.
Team list:
1. apple1075 capt.
2. Funny Bunny (previously Gizmo98) vicecapt.
3. Nandster
4.5p1r1t Dude (shared account)
5. 5p1r1t Dude (shared account)
6.5p1r1t Hayate (not same as 5p1r1t)
[Image: Sayiancario.png]
Our team mascot, super saiyan Lucario, it's over 9000!!!!
Mascot by Ultor Sapphire, he is one awesome guy

We are allianced with team Mega Bladers
Hey guys! here are a few team names:
Risk factor
Drop dead...
Anything else you can think of Rohit???
beyblasters sounds good but ask nanda and ho
The team is based in Bolton
Do not double-post.
So the team list so far is:

Capt. Apple1075
Vice Capt. Gizmo98
1. 5p1r1t (shared account)
2. 5p1r1t (shared account)
3. nandster
4. 5p1r1t Hayate.

Subs. Pear1075(apples lil sister) / nandster's little sister

PS Ho Yin's account is shared with his nephew and his username is 5p1r1t
Is Nandsters sister any good?
Nandster's sister.... Well if you give her a bey she can put a ripcord in a launcher and launch it, same as your sister really, so a worthy sub... I think! not really any difference between her and your sister.
we should keep a look out for tournaments to enter
Hey guys! If you can, try and get some blades for Christmas! I for one am certainly going to squeeze every last festive drop of money from my parents...!
hey i live in manchester and i got leon and galaxy pegasus and poison serpent and flame libra.
Okay, how old are you and would you be able to travel to Bolton occasionally.
Which leone do you have, are they takara or hasbro
i have a beyblade team but 2 of the members left it is just me and shineydude now
if you had two members would we be able to join
okay but do you live anywhere near bolton and how old are you[/align]
one day my team will vs yours though so you better watch out lol
Wait... Kman123... your going to travel to the North-West of England to have a battle with another team when there is enough teams in London to battle.
Lol, your team! Beat ours! It's on mate! But if you live in London, how do you plan on getting here?? I just got a bunch of mint blades, and I gotta tell ya... I AM AMAZING! Not that I'm bragging or anything....
Seriously though, if your team are planning on coming to the North-West we could battle, but as Giri says, our team is amazing so we would probably beat you
i am saying if i am in north west i will battle you but i wouldnt travel from london there
Guys I was thinking, if somebody held a tournament in say Birmingham (slap bang in the middle of the country) then a lot of people from the north could play many more competitive tourneys, it would be a nice change from all the tourneys being in london, that way our team could battle other teams like K man 123's, speaking of that are there actually any teams in the north west for us to battle, please tell me if there are???????
Hi,I'm on the team!
There is a beyblade national tour event at the trafford centre, at least one or two of our team members will be going, if any other teams are attending the event we will battle them, if your team is please pm me and we can sort out a time
what do you ean as a national tournament because if it is a tournament were lots of peaple are going to be there im there
Kman, if you have any questions about the national beyblade TOUR then please pm me I don't want our team thread to get spammed