Country: Registration Date: Dec. 15, 2011 Birthday: Feb. 20, 1998 (26 years old)

I enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga; so much so, I have started my own Anime Club in school. I visit Anime conventions whenever possible. I also play on the Xbox and PS3 and find them both equally entertaining. Online I play the MMORPG “Cosmic Break” where I am known as “Kaiden” and “SD Gundam Capsule fighters” where I am known as “AnimeOtakuKing”. I am a keen Gunpla builder. I also enjoy the card games “Magic: The Gathering”, “Cardfight Vanguard” and “Yu-gi-oh!”. Oh, and as if it wasn’t obvious enough: "I AM OTAKU!!"

Tournament History

DARK RAINBOW hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.