[Vancouver, Canada] General Gathering!

(Apr. 17, 2018  10:08 AM)OldSchool™ Wrote: I'd be happy to fly from Toronto and host if someone payed the $400 airfare ^_^
Seriously though, I'm surprised Vancouver does not have a regular hosting of tournaments.

Quite a shame really, but, I've taken the organizer test and I just hope that I'm accepted as an organizer so Vancouver can have a number of beyblade tournaments.

Well, I plan on having about 18-32 people at the tournament since I will be inviting around 16 people there and other participants will invite their friends as well. I would start off with a team format, just so everyone can have more time playing and then go to swiss, just like what happened in the anime.
As a general reminder to everyone, necroposting for Regional Threads within Beyblade Communities subforums is Mostly Okay if it's the major active thread for a region, even if it's been dead for 2 years. So, any Vancouver Beyblade discussion? Should go in this thread. So, for example, if anyone runs a local Beyblade meetup, like say, dasneakypancake, then while they aren't necessarily permitted to advertise their non-WBO casual event, you can always PM them directly for details and enjoy the decently active beyblading scene in Vancouver.