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Strange Dreams you've had
Post: #721
(This post was last modified: Mar 19 2012 11:10 PM by Metal Cerberus.)
I have had A LOT of weird dreams. Here are a few weirder examples:

I had a dream where me and loads of people I know were in a Wild Western town with a hill above it that trains ran on. I was the typical stranger in town kind of guy who always enters the bar slowly. For some reason someone was playing a piano and eating wotsits when I entered, then when I went to the bar the barman punched me in the face. Suddenly, everyone in the bar entered a massive bar brawl. Then a train fell off the hill above the town and smashed through the bar, killing everyone but me and the pianist. The dream ended with me and him emerging from the debris and then me shooting him.

In another dream I had, there was a dragon in my bathroom with its tail sticking out the door, and I was sitting in front of the door reading a book. Eventually I grew bored of the book and unlocked the door, letting the dragon out. Somehow it got out of the house without making a hole in it or anything, but I was sent flying through a wall into my bedroom. Suddenly everyone was running through the streets screaming. I jumped out of the window, landed perfectly and hid behind a bin under a small archway. Someone else then gave me away by running through in plain sight of the dragon. I escaped and jumped into a gap between a fence and a brick wall. Meanwhile, the dragon was breathing fire on a house a couple of doors down from mine. Suddenly, I grabbed a gold sword from somewhere (I have no idea where) and jumped over the fence. Then I charged at the dragon shouting with my sword held high. Unfortunately, I woke up before the battle finished.

Another dream I had when I was younger (when I was scared of sharks because I was scared they'd eat me) was that this robot shark came out of the sea onto land, walked through some coastal town and ate people as it went along. Then it saw me. I tried to run, but it was too fast. I ended up seeing the inside of its mouth, then waking up screaming like hell (I was 6 at the time, that's why).

Yeah... I have really random dreams.
Mar 19 2012 11:09 PM
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Brittany Mason

For the Team!
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Post: #722
(This post was last modified: Mar 20 2012 12:06 AM by Brittany Mason.)
7 years ago I had a dream where there was a blue,green,and orange tornado that was on top of my house,and I was looking out of my window when I turned around it was Kyoya!he spinned Leon at me and flew out of the window and blew up the tornado....then I woke up and looked out the window,THERE WAS A ACTUAL FUNNLE CLOUD A MILE FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Mar 20 2012 12:04 AM
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Post: #723

Once, I dreamt that I was on a bus, heading home from school. There was only one problem, this bus was nowhere near my house. We'd reached the last stop, and I was forced off. As I looked around in hopes of finding something to get a clear view of where I was, I decided to try to remember all that had happened that day. Upon doing that, I realized I was dreaming but that's when it got really strange. I turned around, saying to myself that I'm dreaming and that I should be able to wake myself up. But then a voice told me I couldn't do that, not til I made it home. I demanded to wake up, but he still refused my will somehow. Seeing I was getting nowhere, I decided to try and control my dream, which I had done before when I'd figured out I was dreaming. However, I couldn't do a darn thing and the voice laughed at my, saying something I couldn't understand but I somehow knew he was belittling me. Frustrated, a walked over to the nearest car door and opened it, and then I woke up. I, too this day, have not had a dream as strange as this one.

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Mar 22 2012 02:13 PM
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The Focal Point!
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Post: #724

Once I dreamt that i was sleeping and then suddenly all the people of wbo came to my house and said me that i must be careful because there are zombies every where(i know there is no relation between wbo and zombies Tongue_out). But i didnt believe them and went out to see whats happening and what they all said is real! There were zombies everywhere oh no!then a large ugly zombie came to attack me then Relic threw his blitz unicorno and saved me so i took my twisted tempo in my pocket and helped him that time all the wbo people are also battling with zombies with their beys. suddenly i climbed a tree and trying to hit a zombie with my bey then suddenly Blood rised up and said "hey are u still dreaming go wake up and do ur entry for the battle "and punched me then the dream came to end lol its really a funny dream and weird too ! I really laughed like a mad guy for a long time. This dream came on today morning Tongue_out

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Mar 22 2012 05:31 PM
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Kyūkyoku no gādian

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Post: #725

@focus wait, WHAT?! the hell did I get in there?! (hmm, it seems "impossible", cause the brain only projects people in your memory, particular the physical appearance... then again...)

Ok, I also started dreaming in the morning:
I was answered by my crush (which HOPEFULLY will happen) then suddenly I was at Pasig River, and my "Crush" asked me to ride the swan boat (which there really isn't a swan boat ride, plus its so clean Smile). the all of a sudden my crush was in a high tower and I was about to save her when I woke up...

I wish the first part of the dream will be true Pinching_grin

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Mar 23 2012 02:52 AM
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The supreme

Post: #726

I had a dream that bey brad was asking me questions and hitting me with a stick and if i didn't answer them in 5 seconds he would call the wbo committee and they would all falcon punch me ( even though he does not work for the wbo anymore) I woke up and I was glad it was over

Mar 23 2012 06:30 AM
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Pouting Machine
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Post: #727

once i had a dream where i went to sleep and in that dream i fell asleep


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Mar 26 2012 12:18 AM
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im stuck in space
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Post: #728

Once, I had a dream were people were shooting me again and again. They were my friends. I tried to get away, but a little girl with a gun caught me and shot me in the head. Then I woke up.

Another weird dream I had was when I was walking through a train station with a girl I didn't know and all of a sudden, I was at a bar with weird zombies with my dad. Then, I ran out the door, which led to stairs. I fell through an apartment door, when belonged to basketball players. I then ran all the way down the stairs, but the basketball players caught me and punched me in the face.

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Mar 26 2012 10:42 PM
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Maybe I'll Say Maybe

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Post: #729

So I had a nightmare the other day.

I was walking in this kind of icy cave, through a maze. Some teenager ran past me with his hood up, crying, so I tried calling him back to walk with me but he disappeared. I then entered a massive room that was ruined and had a dusty chandelier hanging at the top. So I blink and the scene changes, the room's all vibrant and colourful now, red carpet, chandelier's sparkling and my 'family' (family in the dream, not real.. I was part of a white family!) is watching TV.

My little brother says 'Is Janice coming?' and I reply 'Who's Janice?' to which they turn around and look at me sternly, telling me I better be joking. Eventually the doorbell rings so I go to answer it and in comes Janice who I assumed is my older sister. She looked like the crazy caretaker in the Omen remake, except with white wispy hair and horrible, jagged scars on her cheeks and these awful, bulging eyes.

She asks me why I greeted her like a stranger and reveals she's my wife. I'm super confused now so I'm like 'what?'. Then she grabs my hands and starts singing and dancing, freaking me out even more. She puts my hands on her face and I try to move them away but she's locked them on, I could seriously feel how rough and sharp the scars on her face were.

She looks down at the floor for a while, sort of timidly cos she could tell she was freaking me out. Then she snaps her head back, her pupils roll up and her mouth is a gaping wide hole now AND SHE STARTS GODDAMN EATING MY HANDS AND I'M SCREAMING AS I FEEL MY BONES BEING CRUNCHED AND MY HANDS ARE SPURTING OUT BLOOD and then I woke up and never slept again.

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Mar 26 2012 10:57 PM
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Post: #730

Okay, so I had a dream I was outside of campus and my friend was on their phone and a scream emitted from it and his head jerked back.

I went up to ask him why, and he says he was scaring himself on purpose with screamer videos and for me to watch.

I accept for some reason, and look at the screen, and there are two ducks in a pond. Seconds later, a small scream and a base ball appears on the screen, then I wake up very confused.

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Mar 26 2012 11:03 PM
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Post: #731

The actions we do daily certainly have a role to play in what we dream.

For example, my dream a few days back when I had only three things in mind, Exams, Beyblades, Janstarblast's school....
And so, I had a strange dream.
It went like this.. I was writing my computer paper for boards, on one of the threads in WBO(no idea why.. But I was actually typing out the answers on some thread here). After completing half the paper, I was stuck on some question.
Suddenly, Janstarblast appeared there and said that he needs my help(I saw him and not his avatar Tongue_out). I was confused how he ended up in the exam hall in the first place but I followed him. He took me to some creek where he showed me a huge shelled creature trapped in the rocks(whatever it was, it seemed a lot like a cross between draciel, blastoise and spark dragoon). Then I dont know why, he set the creature free by destroying the rocks with his Dragoon V2. That creature started destroying things everywhere. I rushed to the airport only to find that creature and Janstarblast there.(Weirdly, all the people at airport had logged in to WBO.) Then Janstarblast lost control of the creature and that creature ran straight towards me and him. We both leaped to save ourselves.
Then suddenly in my dream itself I realized that it was a dream and that I could control what happens around me. It was as if some voice had told me that I was dreaming. Then, I summoned Driger(again I was confused why I summonec Driger out of all the other things I could have done) and used the Gatling Claw or something like that. The creature and Driger fought and the creature was pushed back into the water. Driger vanished as well and everything became blur before I finally opened my eyes.
Mar 27 2012 07:53 PM
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Sassy Boo
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Post: #732

I had a horrible dream yesterday where me, and several of the kids at my school were in a SAW movie. It worked EXACTLY like all of the previous SAW movies and had all of the traps from SAW's 1-7. It eventually went on, showing every crazy and brutal trap. Eventually, we, er, at this point I, got through all of the traps. Billy (that puppet guy?) announced that I was the winner of his game, then he said my game was over, and he attacked me, then I woke up.

I might have several more related to it since I have been seeing all of the SAW fatalities... Speechless

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Mar 28 2012 01:27 PM
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The Assassin

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Post: #733

My dreams are random.

When i go to sleep, it is like i have my own world. Everytime I sleep, I return to that world. My world looks similar to this one but more wierd and cooler looking. I am the king and i can change stuff in my dream just by looking at it or thinking of it. PM me if you have your own world in your dreams.

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Mar 28 2012 09:38 PM
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Post: #734

Well, I once had a dream about me being in the bottom of a sea.
I looked arond, and there were all sorts of blurry, watery shapes around me. One started to advance upon me, and I finally put on my goggles... and automatically woke up. The outline looked extremely similar to a Lego set released in 07... and this dream was in 03...
And right after that dream, I had an extremely short one, where these wierd people (They looked like the people in the Life game... the ones you put in the cars) were on a raft. They were approaching a dark cave with a sheer dropoff... and once again, I woke up.
Anyways, most of my 'strange dreams' I have I forget about in the morning.

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Mar 28 2012 09:50 PM
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Fire is the future.
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Post: #735
(This post was last modified: Mar 28 2012 10:13 PM by famemonster8.)
I have had really strange dreams before. Some REALLY crazy ones were these going from 1. least crazy up to 5.
1. I had a dream where i was in the "I Am The Walrus" music video by the Beatles. Koo-Koo kchoo!
2. I was a cucumber superhero named Larry Boy who i loved when i was young. I got beat up by ninjas. I think i cursed once or something.
3. I was a giant Shoop Da Whoop (aka imma firin mah lazor) and i was giant. There was a perfectly good city in front of me, so what was the logical thing to do? RAMPAGE! i never wanted to wake up.
4. I was in a video game. I died.
5. I had a saga of dreams (ever have one?) where a weird guy who looked like the dr. in Back To The Future came out of a defect electronic device. He always screamed NOOOO and then i would be...tasered. At least thats what it felt like.

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Mar 28 2012 10:13 PM
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Antique Face
Post: #736

My subconscious tried to re-write the Parks Mall at Arlington again. This time, another wing of partly nameless stores were chained together and the marble walkways were excessively wide. I swear to god a flea market and terminal (like, train station except in this case Airline + Train) that was ridiculously clean. I was rummaging through huge cardboard containers looking for classic games. Chocked_2
Mar 29 2012 03:01 AM
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Post: #737

@N0body- Haha, that was some dream! Have you been watching Bakuten Shoot Beyblade recently?! That sounded so similar to the dreams I had back in the days of Bakuten Shoot. But in those, there was a seemingly heroic ending. Pinching_grin
No wonder our schools give us nightmares, haha!

My recent dreams have been a bit realistic, where I finally see myself ending the deal with Zain, and both of us post pics of the beys we traded! Also, I dream about suddenly going up some staircase and turning some knob; judy to see the whole world spin around me. I realize that I am inside Basalt.,Tired
Then my friends appear, and we all fall deep down, only to find ourselves engulfed in a fiery place- Hell. Then I go and fight an old man who uses Hell Kerbecs, and I defeat him with Nemesis... Weird things these, but probably off topic.

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Mar 29 2012 06:50 PM
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Post: #738

Once I had a dream that I was chasing after my best friend and this random lady stopped me and asked me if I liked taco's. Then she pulled out a taco stand from her pocket and offered me one. I told her that she was in my way and so she moved. Then she said that she hopes I catch up with my girlfriend and then I had to explain to her that she's just my friend and other things. She then got out of my way and I started running again. Didn't know where I was going and then I found a random kid wearing a sombrero and a paper mastaushe. He asked me to take his picture next to his girlfriend which apparently was a bus stop. I did. Then avatar aang came out of no where and mad fun of how slow I was running and then I woke up... That made no sense
Mar 30 2012 02:18 AM
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Post: #739

i had a dream i was with the runawayguys (Protonjohn, NCS and chuggaconroy) and playing games with them then they took me home and it was fun...

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Mar 30 2012 02:39 AM
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noodle enthusiast
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Post: #740
(This post was last modified: Feb 15 2013 02:35 AM by sarabscientist.)

Apr 01 2012 05:25 PM
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