Strange Dreams you've had

I had this really weird dream that me and my dad were fighting Sasuke (from Naruto) and Azula (from ATLA). So, we were on this really small, high up, cliff. Me and my dad kept falling off, so we had to climb back up. Now for the weird part. I climbed up the mountain for like, the seventh time. I'm like, "OW MY ARMS HURT SO MUCH", and my dad's like, "It doesn't hurt that much", even though he had two casts on his arms. The last part I remember is Ralph (from Simpsons) came up in a flying race car and picked us up.

Weird right.
So I woke up at the bottom of a canyon, and a strange voice told me to climb the canyon walls to find a beyblade store. When I got to the cave, no body was there so I took every beyblade I could find.Then I started ripping beyblades at the canyon walls.And then a wild dog jumped out at me and challenged me to a beyblade battle so I pulled out a variares DGrin and the dog pulled out phantom orion BGrin.He beat me and then he started mauling me,the end.
B-daman related dream if thats allowed.

if you have seen the new series than you know they fight in underground rooms, so I woke up inside one of them and everything was blurry, so I look to the side and see a unicorn B-daman (i'm a boy) So I look to my other side and see Kakeru looking at me, he has accle dracyan who asks if I was here to battle. I say maybe and Kakeru helps me up. I pick up The unicorn B-daman that I know is called Straight-Shot Unitri for some reason. anyway I put him on the stadium next to him and we have to shoot through a hole that gets smaller and smaller. Kakeru goes first and gets throug 3 out of 5 holes, smashing the the 3rd one and cracking it. I aim using the unicorns horn and I see a way of getting it through all 5. I launch and a unicorn wearing armour engulfs the B-daball, and it leaps through the hole becoming the B-daball again, each wall it passes shatters from the wind currents, shards flying through the air. Then it says I win and everything goes fuzzy, I drop to my knees and wake up in my bed holding my B-daman Force Dragren. Weird.
My dreams are strange because sometimes they make me feel like a drama.
I can hardly remember the story,
but when I come to the dreams,
I know myself clearly: Oh, the last time is ****, so this time may it be ****
Oh, Men! I don't know why I can't recall the contents of the dream,
but I will so clear about it while I am dreaming.

R4R4 3DS
My dreams ae really crazy a fragment of one of my dreams where i was flying near a table then well I had a nightmare but it's to bloody to tell but in the end i was staring my T.V stand and this guy handed me cheese puffs and then we went in to the living room and when I looked out on the backyard window it looked like my house was on one of those street allys and I said"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" then the guy said "you'll see soon"
These dreams happened some time ago i can only remember bits of em. Ok so the first one was i was watchin the telly then i just walked out into the garage and grabed a buzzsaw and just sliced my toungue off. The second draem was i was at the beach and all of a sudden a giant wave came and i was right on top of it(about 50 metres high) i road the wave all the way to the shore which took forever and just as i was qbout to fall off the wave i woke up
I remember when I was about 5-6, I went into an old, fancy library where I saw my cat with a monocle who spoke English and was much smarter than me. Then a train started chasing me and I woke up yelling for my dad.

This is no lie.
Hundreds of asteroids coming towards Earth and destroying Earth and me launching a blade and detroying some of them with my blade the Dark Destroyer and being given the national award for saving Earth.
This is not a LIE!!!!
lol sometimes when I get mad at my friends if I have any dreams involving them I just yell and scream at them and beat 'em up because I know its just a dream and it won't actually drive away the few friends i have on this earth... fun way to burn off excess anger.
My weird dream was I was eating a plastic beyblade It looked like a cross of Dranzer and Dragoon then I became a beyblade and went to the pride lands with Simba. I then was transported into Kingdom Hearts BBS as Ventus. BTW I played BBS and watched Lion King before I went to bed.
I was a friends sleepover in one of my dreams and this weird demon dude started killing all my friends. And the weird thing is the next day my friend had a sleepover wher all the friends that were killed in the dream were at the sleepover.
my weirdest dream is me getting drowned in the river thames by aslan ( the lion in narnia for those who dont know)
Have any of you ever had a dream where you suddenly woke up laughing so hard tears were streaming down your cheeks, only to realize five minutes later you don't remember what the hell it was?

I had one of those a few years back, right around when plastics were still hot. It must have been BeyBlade related because I remember seeing Kai in my dream, and maybe one or two of the other anime characters, but other than waking up laughing like I'd just heard the funniest joke in my entire life, that's about all I can remember. Even after all these years, I'm still trying to figure out what it was...
(Jan. 29, 2012  10:34 PM)DarkNebula Wrote: my weirdest dream is me getting drowned in the river thames by aslan ( the lion in narnia for those who dont know)

You must really like the movies. XD

My weirdest dream was me hanging out with a bunch of girls. I have to say I don't know why it was that in particular.
My wierdest dream is me being chased by a guy with a gun, but i fell into a bin full of beyblades, the guy found me, and challenged me to a bey battle, I accepted and whipped out a basalt horogium from the bin and powned him, then I ran to catch a ship to america, but on the way i got hit on the head by a beyblade and I fell into the sea and drowned, then I turned into a super saiyan and started battling Omega Shenron
When I was 5 years old I had a dream that I was kidnapped by a pirate with a wooden leg. He gave a chocolate cookie and 10 dollars then he burned the whole city for wiping his tracks Gasp
Now this was when I was very young like around 6 years old, but I had a dream where me and my parents were running in the parking lot at the apartment complex I lived at and there was a garbage truck just taking out the trash like it always does. But here is the weird part, back then I thought I was being chased by the garbage truck. It took me a while to think about that and sort of replay it in my head and finally I found out that the dream me was just running way for no reason. It was so weird, I swear.
I had a dream where I was climing a ladder, when I got to the top I saw a guy dressed in a Halo costume t-bagging a dead player! XDXDXDXDXDXDXD
I think my subconscious has been rewriting my home town through dreams.

I entered this (supposedly) albatross-shaped pool. Afterwards the building of my former High School changed into this creepy ill-proportioned mess where hallways have these steep dips wherever intersects. Also, there was an abused-family shelter I had run through like a covert SWAT agent. Wat.
I had a ridiculously funny dream last week.

It started with me dropping a cell phone that I don't have down an outhouse, then changed to me purposely dropping the phone down there with the volume on full and calling it when the next person went in.

I have had A LOT of weird dreams. Here are a few weirder examples:

I had a dream where me and loads of people I know were in a Wild Western town with a hill above it that trains ran on. I was the typical stranger in town kind of guy who always enters the bar slowly. For some reason someone was playing a piano and eating wotsits when I entered, then when I went to the bar the barman punched me in the face. Suddenly, everyone in the bar entered a massive bar brawl. Then a train fell off the hill above the town and smashed through the bar, killing everyone but me and the pianist. The dream ended with me and him emerging from the debris and then me shooting him.

In another dream I had, there was a dragon in my bathroom with its tail sticking out the door, and I was sitting in front of the door reading a book. Eventually I grew bored of the book and unlocked the door, letting the dragon out. Somehow it got out of the house without making a hole in it or anything, but I was sent flying through a wall into my bedroom. Suddenly everyone was running through the streets screaming. I jumped out of the window, landed perfectly and hid behind a bin under a small archway. Someone else then gave me away by running through in plain sight of the dragon. I escaped and jumped into a gap between a fence and a brick wall. Meanwhile, the dragon was breathing fire on a house a couple of doors down from mine. Suddenly, I grabbed a gold sword from somewhere (I have no idea where) and jumped over the fence. Then I charged at the dragon shouting with my sword held high. Unfortunately, I woke up before the battle finished.

Another dream I had when I was younger (when I was scared of sharks because I was scared they'd eat me) was that this robot shark came out of the sea onto land, walked through some coastal town and ate people as it went along. Then it saw me. I tried to run, but it was too fast. I ended up seeing the inside of its mouth, then waking up screaming like hell (I was 6 at the time, that's why).

Yeah... I have really random dreams.
7 years ago I had a dream where there was a blue,green,and orange tornado that was on top of my house,and I was looking out of my window when I turned around it was Kyoya!he spinned Leon at me and flew out of the window and blew up the tornado....then I woke up and looked out the window,THERE WAS A ACTUAL FUNNLE CLOUD A MILE FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once, I dreamt that I was on a bus, heading home from school. There was only one problem, this bus was nowhere near my house. We'd reached the last stop, and I was forced off. As I looked around in hopes of finding something to get a clear view of where I was, I decided to try to remember all that had happened that day. Upon doing that, I realized I was dreaming but that's when it got really strange. I turned around, saying to myself that I'm dreaming and that I should be able to wake myself up. But then a voice told me I couldn't do that, not til I made it home. I demanded to wake up, but he still refused my will somehow. Seeing I was getting nowhere, I decided to try and control my dream, which I had done before when I'd figured out I was dreaming. However, I couldn't do a darn thing and the voice laughed at my, saying something I couldn't understand but I somehow knew he was belittling me. Frustrated, a walked over to the nearest car door and opened it, and then I woke up. I, too this day, have not had a dream as strange as this one.
Once I dreamt that i was sleeping and then suddenly all the people of wbo came to my house and said me that i must be careful because there are zombies every where(i know there is no relation between wbo and zombies Tongue_out). But i didnt believe them and went out to see whats happening and what they all said is real! There were zombies everywhere oh no!then a large ugly zombie came to attack me then Relic threw his blitz unicorno and saved me so i took my twisted tempo in my pocket and helped him that time all the wbo people are also battling with zombies with their beys. suddenly i climbed a tree and trying to hit a zombie with my bey then suddenly Blood rised up and said "hey are u still dreaming go wake up and do ur entry for the battle "and punched me then the dream came to end lol its really a funny dream and weird too ! I really laughed like a mad guy for a long time. This dream came on today morning Tongue_out
Focus wait, WHAT?! the hell did I get in there?! (hmm, it seems "impossible", cause the brain only projects people in your memory, particular the physical appearance... then again...)

Ok, I also started dreaming in the morning:
I was answered by my crush (which HOPEFULLY will happen) then suddenly I was at Pasig River, and my "Crush" asked me to ride the swan boat (which there really isn't a swan boat ride, plus its so clean Smile). the all of a sudden my crush was in a high tower and I was about to save her when I woke up...

I wish the first part of the dream will be true XD