Strange Dreams you've had

I had a dream that it was Halloween night, and Edward Scissorhands was real. He had a crush on me (poor me) and was following me around. Two girls that were dressed as punk clowns came along and started bullying me. Edward Scissorhands patted my head, trying to comfort me, but ended up cutting open my scalp and skull. The girls freaked out and ran away. Thankfully, he didn't cut my brain open. I told Edward Scissorhands to bug off, and he did. Then my best friend Marissa came along and started massaging my brain. It actually felt good, but it was kinda gross, too.

I had another dream that it was Halloween, and my dad had bought a lawn decoration that was a 20ft tall ceramic tree with evil eyes and a black gaping mouth. At its base sat Elmo. Anyway, the tree came to life and picked my Dad and me up with its branches and ate us. Then Elmo started singing "Two gone, and more will go. Two are dead and more will die. More will die! More will die! More and more will die!"
The other day, apparently, I traveled to some remote secret base in an African region on foot and back... In my sleep...

Heck are these dreams trying to tell me?


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OK this one involves the Doctor (Doctor who) and he was like pulling a decade (not all the way but in one aspect let me get to that) now it is the current doctor and he henshins looking like Den-O but his helmet has two question marks on each side the right one flipped over.

his belt was similar to that of a watch and he pressed a button (he was fighting a huge alien creature) Soon All the other previous doctors appear and jump up forming circles with their faces on them sorta like Decades card finisher.

The doctor LEAPS up doing a rider kick passing through each circle and with it a previous doctor joins the kick, when he finnally passes through the last circle the alien dude gets destroyed instantly....then i woke up...
Last night I had a dream about, from what I remember, a time travel theroy and something about a horizon. I still remember the diagram I saw in the dream, though...
I dreamed that my family got eaten by vampires, except for my mother and me. We were running down an alley to escape from the vampires and suddenly my mother disappeared. Then I woke up.

Well, at least I think it was vampires.
I had a dream where I was being chased by werewolves. Then I turned around and they were gone. Then I saw Two-Face (from batman) push me into a giant hole. I fell for like 10 minutes...
Now it gets weird. I saw a man with candy and lolipops cutting open people`s head`s. Then some voice shouted "Control your dream" So i made the man turn into a piece of vanilla cake and the weirdest part of my dream is the werewolves which were chasing me started eating the cake. Then a scary ghost appeared in front of me and I woke up.
Random right?
I dreamed that Itsuki Koizumi (From The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) opened up a portal and brought me to the world of TMoHS
I woke up and was like "Damn, it was just a dream"
I love analyzing dreams. When you do, you'll be surprised to find that a lot of what you dreamed actually has pertinence to any events or activities that occurred recently.

Keeping that in mind, last night I dreamed that Eminem sent me an email asking to invite me to a beyblade match. I accepted but for some reason I ended up going to dinner with my girlfriend?

Analyzed: First, Eminem sent me an email because yesterday I debated changing my Eminem Avatar. I changed it into a beyblade, and yesterday I had an email conversation with my friend who lives in Kansas. Then, I was talking to my girlfriend about meeting her parents, but I had to go dinner and stopped responding. So actually, all of that pertains to what happened in the dream. Pretty cool, right?
I had a dream a while back when i wwnt to Big time rush's restarant and then after that we went to thier concert at fair and we left and kept coming back. Another one, i went to a one d concrrt and i got to meet them and they gave my sister something, i forgot what it was.
This is going to disturb some of you, I'm not joking this really panned out in a dream;

I might need therapy.
I dreamt of Minecraft (or something of the sort) last night.

Anyways, I was in my house, and I opened up my pantry, to reveal a brightly shining portal. I stepped in and was transported right back where I was, but with a Stone Pickaxe in my hand. I was then attacked by some non-MC animal that tried to stuff it down my throat. It soon disappeared, and I was safe. There seemed to be someone else in my house, sitting on my couch and eating red soup. I woke up abruptly, sweating and panting. "(Tech)!" My mother called. "YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!" I shouted. "Do you know what time it is?" I looked at the clock. 4:03pm.

i had a dream were i was riding on a giant toad or frog and i rouming are some city and i got into a fight a giant monster i belive i won and everything had a negative sceme to it like when you put a camera on the negative setting
I had this dream that everyone on the WBO entered a SSBB tournament, and I went and everyone was playing Bakugan. Weird.

I had another one where there was a zoomed scene of my life, but when I got to the part where I fell asleep that day, it kept going. I saw myself get older, and older, and older, until finally I died. I'll put how I died in the spoiler...
Then I woke up.
One dream I had was that I was bruised and bloody, running like all hell had broke loose. I was running though a village on a steep mountain, being chased by a wolf or similar. As I was running, I saw 2 monster trucks about to crash and block my path away from the creature, so I ran as fast as I could and barely got past the trucks. I stopped soon after at a lake. Suddenly, there was a violent earthquake and after the earthquake was over, a two-headed sea monster rose from the lake. I woke up then and there and was sweating bullets.
i had a dream our pugs gracey and owen had kids and some AKC guy said they weren't pugs

and somehow i woke up in the dream as an old man...sorry just a bit blurry on the details its been a while
First , When we watch movie and we fastly and go sleep . We have dream.
Secondly, We should tell our dreams to others.. just your mum
I had a dream i was eating Frosted Shreddies!!

Now how cool was that? Joyful_2
One of my most random dreams
I was on this frozen place
there was a mumma panda on the same iceburg i was on. She had a new baby and called it chubaka
then the mum panda was frozen and I kept falling into the water and freezing then i kept getting out
Evaluation: Panda probably since I saw kung fu panda 2 recently and chubaka since i kept thinking of star wars before i went to bed
I had this dream a few weeks ago when some guy made a bet with me that I couldn't dip my hand into a fast food grease frier.

I had a dream where this girl (kayla) i sorta liked was in a realistic pokemon world.
So i awoke in a hospital bed next to her(seperate beds same room) and i said: Where am I? Where are my pokémon? Then Kayla said "They took jirachi!!! we gotta go back to Team Divines base and get her back!!!" She started crying lightly, and she reached out for my hand and said "help me, i need your help, your the only one who could do it!" at first i was shocked she first came to me for help, and not Gary Oak. Who was knocked out in the room accross the hall being treated for his cuts and minor burns. I realized what was going on, all the Bad Guy teams from all the regions teamed up to take over the world. "well find a way, but we need help, but more importantly we need rest. The next day, we ventured all over the world finding help from trainers like Gold, Red, Ethan, and (that trainer from b/w) to aid us to beat them once more. We got ready to infiltrate their base. I brung out my Metagross to hyper beam the gate down reavealing hundreds of Crobats, and Swoobats. With her gardevoir, Barrys empoleon, and Reds Blastoise Sweeping all of them, went onward. Red saw Giovanni and stayed back to fight him. We ran even more while defeating even more grunts on the way. Eventually, Me and Kayla got to the room where they kept Jirachi. Both of us were stopped by Cyrus, and N. 2 of the trainers distracted them while getting jirachi. Then we were the last 2. I was going to stop Ghetsis and my rival Asis. We had a double battle. My Metagross and her gardevoir sweeped almost the entire team except their Deoxys and Darkrai. Every pokemon except our Latios and jirachi fell. Than the roof exploded and out came Lance and Gary on their salemence and Dragonite. We hopped on and pushed the self destruct button. Gardevoir teleported everybody and all the pokemon to safety. I woke up and she said she had the same dream.

Happened yesterday.
(Jul. 17, 2012  5:45 PM)Crab Commando Wrote: I had this dream a few weeks ago when some guy made a bet with me that I couldn't dip my hand into a fast food grease frier.



I love it. I tell you there are some proper wierdo's on this thread Wut!?
I had this dream a few days ago...

When the dream started, I had this paper in my hand, which was from Slender Man. It said that one of my friends were kidnapped my him, and I'm next. Then I suddenly appeared in a forest, much like the one in the game, Slender (I was playing this game, no wonder I had this dream.). I started to walked around in the forest, after a while, I saw Slender Man. As he was far away, I ran. After running for some time, I stopped at a tree to rest. Sunddenly, I heard footsteps. I turned around and Slender Man was behind me.

Then I woke up screaming.
I had this one dream where i was tied up to a power line during a thunderstorm, then some lightning struck near me, but since i was tied up on a power line, i got electrocuted to death. Then I woke up, and thought to myself, "WORST. DREAM. EVER." or nightmare...
i had a dream where i was tied to a railway track and my family wer at a train platform laughing the train came then i woke up sweating heavily scawee
Last night, I dream't that Hazel warned me, twice. I'm pretty sure that it was a nightmare, and honestly it was pretty scary. I tried everything to get rid of them. It never said why I got warned, it just said I had two. I think it also said that one of them expired in like 61 hours or something like that. I remember that looking back in the dream, I was like "I guess I won't be like Relic, who had a 0% Warning Level throughout his ENITIRE say here..." Then I woke up

God, I'm obsessed with Warning Level's, even though mine is 0% xD