Return of the Plastics! [London, UK 17/07/11] - Regents Park


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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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This tournament is now over!

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It's time to dig out those Plastic Beyblades and take part in the HMS & Plastic Remembrance Day!
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Both tournaments will be occurring on the same day: Return of the Plastics at 12:00pm at Regents Park Bandstand, followed by HMS Strikes Back at 4:00PM at the same location (The second tournament time may change on the day: if the HMS tournament seems to become more popular before the tournament date, I will switch the times). Feel free to attend both, or just one of the tournaments!

Specific info:

When: 17th of July 11.30am until it finishes.
If you do turn up after 12.00 there is a chance you won't be able to take part and your place will be given to someone else!

Where: Regents Park Bandstand

Directions to the bandstand:
If you don't know this by now you can find the directions here -

Map of the Park -

Tournament Format: Plastic Beyblades.
Block Round Robin -
(Event Guide - )
(As we are doing block round robin we will be having a 24 participant limit)

This is the WBO universal format rule book (READ IT)-

The regular price is £3
Or free If you have purchased a Blader Passport.
Which is available to buy on the day for £6

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any prizes for this tournament so the top three will have the choice of two of these Face Boosters-
Note: There is a limit of 24 participants on this tournament.
Only ask to be added to the attendance list if you are 100% sure that you will be able to make it!
Thank you! Hope to see you there!

Remember if a parent/s is bringing you to the tournament to let them know that the times may vary!

If you are only able to stay till a certain time DON'T confirm that you can come as it's not fair taking someone else spot.
Also I will only sign people up if they personally PM me or post in the thread, no signing your friends up!

Don't have Plastics?
We have 9 Plastics for sale - £5 each
These will include ripcords and launchers!

Confirmed Attendees -
  • Blitz
  • ♥
  • LeeDraciel
  • Hell Kid
  • Saint
  • cappricorne
  • Hakumen
  • Rentao
  • Beyblade247
  • Cyber Kerberous
  • Gagda
  • xHB saucex
  • thekeneton
  • Ultrablader
  • AKStormT
  • Elaine
  • ✯Black✯Star✯
  • Blazing Dragon

  • ThePokeBlader
  • BladeStorm
  • BeyHypeKiller
  • Control_s Soul_
  • Tormented
  • Enzoxs
  • Jukoo
  • LJ

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2. Arrive On Time

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3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

All players in this event must meet the age restrictions on Beyblade products in their region. TAKARA-TOMY recommends Beyblade for ages 6+. Hasbro recommends Beyblade for ages 8+. Players under these ages may only participate with the permission of their parent/guardian.

7. Players Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

If you are under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must accompany you and be present for the duration of the event.

8. Contests, Raffles, Gambling, Betting, and Selling Are Prohibited

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Put me down.
Could I be put on the reserves please?
I won't be competing but i'll be there selling.
(Jul. 05, 2011  3:28 PM)Enzoxs Wrote: Put me down.
I thought you sold all of your plastics?
...Gee the world is just great to me... i sold most of my plastics... i have only got Trypio, Seaborg 2, Draciel F, Driger S and Dragoon S left... Still... i may pop down... can you put me on the reserves please?
Looking forward to this so much!
can i still come if i dont have a plastick or hms beyblade
Have fun lads, t'will be interesting to see who stands out in the plastic series. Shame I won't be there, but I will be thousands of miles away wondering.

London Beyshop:

You could definitely go to spectate/buy/sell however you may not compete without a plastic. If you wish to competitively play, I suggest you purchase one now, or try your luck there.
put me as maybe
Put me as a maybe please
(Jul. 05, 2011  7:22 PM)BeyHyperKiLLer Wrote:
(Jul. 05, 2011  3:28 PM)Enzoxs Wrote: Put me down.
I thought you sold all of your plastics?
...Gee the world is just great to me... i sold most of my plastics... i have only got Trypio, Seaborg 2, Draciel F, Driger S and Dragoon S left... Still... i may pop down... can you put me on the reserves please?
If you have Driger S, you have a decent blade. From what I heard, Australia's plastics metagame (2009) consisted of Raykon winning everything with a Driger S + 10 heavy HMC/MG
Because several people did actually ask me this via PM... -

This is a PLASTICS tournament, you won't be able to use Metal Fight/Fusion Beyblades in the actual tournament.
i want to be in the tournament. can you sign me up?
sorry i dont want to be in it if it means you can only use plastic beyblades not metal fusion.
aw man it just had to be on that day im trvelling on the 17th to ghana. Im hoping to bring beyblade to ghana then beyblade will be in africa too!!!!
put me down im coming
put me on the comfirmed attendees list
can u put me down as coming please