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Country: United Kingdom Registration Date: Nov. 10, 2008 Birthday: Feb. 18, 1991 (31 years old)

WBO events: Third Place in the Spinoff Saturday Tournament First Place at Regents Rumble First Place at Cold Combat Third Place at Nevermind the Beyblade Second Place at Rule Beytania First Place at Royal BeyPit Second Place at Jingle all the Bey First Place at Legend of the Bey Third Place at Feb-bey-ary Freeze Second Place at March of the Bladers First Place at BeyDays Bonanza 2 Second Place at BeyFest Third Place at Return of the Plastics Third Place at Bey Thunder Thrid Place at BeyFest II! Third Place at Back to the Basics Second Place at Half Term Strike First Place at Return of the Plastics II Second Place at Go Ho Ho Shoot! Second Place at New Year, Old Format? Second Place at Super Spring Smash Third Place at Regents Round Up! Third Place at Bey-ginning of May! Second place at Beyblade Olympic Event! Second place at Plastics Revolution! Third place at BeyFest IV! Second place at Blitz' Birthday Bash II! Second place at Octo-burrr Brawl! Second place at Freeze-Fest! Second place at Zero G: BeyFest V! Second place at Rising from the Ashes! Second place at London Rising! Hasbro events: Quater Finals at the UK Championships Other: Won many local tourneys hosted by kids and stores many years ago during the plastic days Check out my youtube account for tourney and other bey related vids

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