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Country: United Kingdom Registration Date: Nov. 10, 2008 Birthday: Feb. 18, 1991 (33 years old)

WBO events: //Third Place in the Spinoff Saturday Tournament //First Place at Regents Rumble //First Place at Cold Combat //Third Place at Nevermind the Beyblade //Second Place at Rule Beytania //First Place at Royal BeyPit //Second Place at Jingle all the Bey //First Place at Legend of the Bey //Third Place at Feb-bey-ary Freeze //Second Place at March of the Bladers //First Place at BeyDays Bonanza 2 //Second Place at BeyFest //Third Place at Return of the Plastics //Third Place at Bey Thunder //Thrid Place at BeyFest II! //Third Place at Back to the Basics //Second Place at Half Term Strike //First Place at Return of the Plastics II //Second Place at Go Ho Ho Shoot! //Second Place at New Year, Old Format? //Second Place at Super Spring Smash //Third Place at Regents Round Up! //Third Place at Bey-ginning of May! //Second place at Beyblade Olympic Event! //Second place at Plastics Revolution! //Third place at BeyFest IV! //Second place at Blitz' Birthday Bash II! //Second place at Octo-burrr Brawl! //Second place at Freeze-Fest! //Second place at Zero G: BeyFest V! //Second place at Rising from the Ashes! //Second place at London Rising! // First Place at Rogue X //Hasbro events: Quarter Finals at the UK Championships //Other: Won many local tourneys hosted by kids and stores many years ago during the plastic days //Check out my Youtube account for tourney and other bey related vids

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