If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

i would live in japan because then i could get my beyblades really quickly, so i don't have to wait long for my order. also Japan has some awesome tech that i would love to get for a cheap price

its an open state and the little vintage town is right smak dab in the middle of the mountains on the most deadlist road in the US so i hear. i only passed though and i just fell inlove................i dream to go back <3

if both my familys make me any madder than i already am i'm about ready to make sure NO ONE FAMILY can have me and move there to smite ALL of them!!!!!!
I would live in the countryside of France. It's really nice and calm there, plus you're near lots of nature. My second pick would be of course Canada. Canada is just awesome.
I wanna live in JAPAN. Mainly because I want to get Beyblades without having to wait, and get it cheaper. aha.

Though scared of disasters though. D:
I've been to all the countries I previously wanted to live in and realised that England is just right for me. Although having a portal to the MFB Universe would be cool.I love the way they sleep outside at night and travel around everywhere.
Japan. Not just because of beys, but the culture of it. It's nice and elegant. Also it would be nice to get a room in a hotel in Tokyo and explore the city and find bladers.
I would live in my home island jamaican in Kinston.
I live in America, but I heard Canada is a lot better. I WANT TO LIVE IN CANADA!!! Where in Canada, probably in Toronto, Ontario
Probably Melbourne or Perth or Gold Coast , basically Australia . Most of the time , the weather there is really nice . But if I wake up at like 6-7 a.m. or so , my sinus will act up , because it's like 7 degrees in the morning ! And where I stay , it's like 30 degrees Uncertain
I want to stay in Canada!
Because some people's say that Canada is a good place to live and i read about Canada in books too Smile
When I went to Hong Kong I loved it.

I love how everyone knows at least some English and all signs are both Mandarin and English - perfect for me.

The city lifestyle has always favoured me, but with a population density of like 5 times London, it's less desirable.

The Wan Chai Street is definitely a great bonus however.
I want to live in Toronto! With all the blading events I would love it
I want to back to living in Gold Krone Town. I used to live there. I miss the town and the school I went to, but, most of all, the people.
I want to go to tokyo if I get straight a on my report card I can go but sadly only for a week
Eh, I would like to live somewhere in New Zealand, or probably somewhere in Europe or USA.
I've heard quite a many good things about the scenic beauty of these places, and also about the great Maritime Climate they experience.
Moreover, I have even heard that the people are quite hospitable in these countries, especially New Zealand.
I'd even like Australia, especially because of what I have heard about the Autumns there... But well, its a "wild" place, full of dangerous creatures around...

But, if we say as to why we want to live in a certain place, I think its important to state as to why wouldn't we live in the place we live currently.
Well, the city in which I live is probably the best in India, but well, we know that there are better places in the world.
Moreover, thanks to human curiosity, we would always like to explore new places! Joyful_3

Then again, things are easier said than done, haha!
I would live on your bey!
I have 2 places that I wan to live

1.Japan-Because getting the newest beyblades the day they're release
2.Toronto Canada because there are tournaments there every month and I could meet really good bladers like Kei,JessObre,1234beyblade
I would live in Koma. The beyblade village! (i would win.)
I would live in Japan or Wildwood,NJ.
I would want to live in North Carolina due to the wide array of beyblade tournaments. North Carolina is definitely the most active beyblade tournament holders.

I could meet some members that I have randomly PMed!
Places I Would Like To Live Are
I'd wanna live in either
Australia because of...eh, long story.
Scotland cuz I love those Scottish accents!
Some tundra in Canada. Not alone though cuz that would be freaky. Maybe some ice fishing village or something. For some reason I just like tundras. And that would mean...ice stadiums!
Some island with less than 100 inhabitants. It would be cool to be so isolated from society. Unless society had beyblades and this island didnt.
I would want to live in Merseyside,England because I am a Liverpool fan.YNWA