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Full Version: If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
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Where is your ideal place to live, near a beach? In the countryside? High up in the mountains?
on a flying isalnd with a windmill dont get it? here

at 2:25

serously though i probaly live nera snow maby on a snowmountain
I would probably want to stay in Toronto, travel to Seoul, or Tokyo.
If we were able to be safe and secure and didn't have to worry about citizenship, I would love to live in a place like Tripoli, Lebanon. There are mountains for hiking and skiing just miles away from beaches on the Mediterranean. I couldn't ask for more.

The south caribou in british Columbia. That's where the pictures in my old avatar and signature were from. My favorite place in the whole world.

Fishing, Kayaking, water sports, and just watching the water and listening to the wind... What's better?
I would love to go to Canada I want to sight see
any sweet cottages at the sea side with beautiful sunset scenery..or an island...with flower gardens..
Robinson Crusoe island would be just perfect..exception..i'm living with my wife/s..XD
Uh, for me it's really hard but I'm going with L.A..
ohh... man. For me, its South West Palm Beach Miami. Girls, clothes, business, celebs, and th 11Million dollar condo I saw when I visted Miami. If that happend, i'd just sit on my couch watching Tv all day and look out the beach with my iPod listening to 'Forever' by Drake.. nothing could be better than that Smile

Oh and my second choice is to have Peace in this country Peace and Love.. Then I'd stay in MD lol get it?
It just feels so cosy and close too the natur, like a norway that speaks english.
I have to say New Orleans Louisiana. Such a beautiful place. I live now about 2 hrs and 30 mins away. I love that city to pieces.
I love melbourne to death but if I were to live anywhere it would be San Marino *drool* I've been there for soccer. I cant remember the exact city we were in but the city WAS a beach. It was amazing. It's a night-life sort of place. Beaches, Parties. Otherwise I'd live in Manchester or Toronto.
(Sep. 25, 2011  6:46 PM)TRI Wrote: [ -> ]Canada.
It just feels so cosy and close too the natur, like a norway that speaks english.

Except for Vancouver, vancouver sucks.

No seriously, why do people even like Vancouver?

Edit: and the city where I live was declared the number one most dangerous place in canada, and in the top 5 for the world.

The specific area I live in is good though.

Not anymore though.
How's that for cozy

Another edit: actually, Vancouver's got TAKARA-TOMY Beyblades. Makes up for something

But thats not even in Vancouver actually, haha
hawaii or china , japan , beach house ,nice sunset peacful and clean waters which you cant find ......... bummerUnhappy
I'd love to live near the meditteranian, somewhere near Italy, probably a quiet beach town
i would live in torntoTired
id live in japan i know its cliche but still Toho studios baby OW!
Hong Kong because i watched one of beyblade geeks videos and they were in hong kong and there was a shop just for beyblades
I would have to say, in the beyblade world (or show), just kidding, I would want to live in japan, everything that I like there is there.
SPACE!!!! Or a houseboat at Darling Harbour in SYD, AUS.
Hong Kong so I can get all the latest beys lol Tongue_out
Why not Japan, that's where the latest beys would be, that's where I would live, or even better, i'd sleep in the factory where they make them, probably in China, i'd sleep in a box in the corner so no-one could see me and i'd come out when everyone is having a lunch break and take one of every bey, i'd leave some money on a desk though
There too and Hong Kong gets beys pretty quick too.
Mount Hagane lol
You guys should probably take a lot more into consideration about your chosen ideal homes than availability of toys - these places are all much different from where you're used to.

Quite frankly, most of them would be genuinely inhospitable toward you.
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