If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

DUDE! i'm a liverpool fan too! xD except i hear it's not the best place to live, in terms of just the general lifestyle. it'd definitely be cool being able to hop down to anfield every other week for a game though!

my trip to Kobe, Japan, really made me realize that i love quiet countryside lifestyle. so currently, i'd really love to stay on the Rokko Islands in Kobe =D
I am Indonesian and I want to live there, basically if I bring approx. 10000 dollars I can buy a big house. And another reason is, the beyblade community is really active.

And as Tri said, North Carolina because the beyblade community is active. And I also want to live in Japan...for the most obvious reason. BEYBLADE!
Please elaborate on your post.

Anyways, another place I would live would be in Hong Kong. You go to a shopping mall and BAM beyblades. And I think they support beyblade as well, not sure.

Probably somewhere like Belgium, or somewhere in Europe. Really to just experience the landscape, and feel how different the climate and temperature is. Research, most likely haha.
I would love to live in Japan!
You elaborate your posts more. Although its obvious why...
im in South Carolina but i would live in japan
i would want to live in japan
Either Soul Society or Elysuim I still can`t decide.
I would live in either Japan, Canada or Hawaii. There's alot of tourneys in canada, full of takara-tomy in japan and Hawaii... come on now! It's like paradise!
In a tree house,
Midway up a mountain,
Next to a waterfall,
Overlooking a forest
So I can watch the sun rise and set.... *Content sigh*

I wouldn't care where this wonderous place would be, but no where with earthquakes,, or other natural disasters o.0
New Orleans, Louisiana or Alexandria, Louisiana.
FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I have family down there, I love em to death. Whenever I visit and have a homemade cajun meal, I really come close to tears. It's that good. And... parties ;D

My next choice would be Ireland. Anywhere.
It's where my family came from and it's what made me 50% Irish. With that, it's so beautiful. The images and giant fields are breathtaking.

Next XD would be Tokyo, Japan or anywhere in Hokaiido
'Nuff said :3
For me it'd have to be Tokyo, Japan. I love that city so much. The country is too quiet for my taste. I need the buzz of the city to keep from going insane. Plus the TT Beyblades wouldn't be very far. *evilsmirk*
I'd like to be in a city were theres lots of people like in manhattan in a lucxorius penthouse looking down at central park or in Toronto because there's alot of tournaments there or in tokyo japan or hong kong china becuase the takara tomy beys and the exotic clothing in Tokyo
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EDIT: 7 months later I've changed my mind. I'd like to live on Hilton Head Island (SC)
Maybe japan? Ya know. For the Beyblade meta.
I would like to live in Texas because a great gymnastics team is there and I also like country music.
I would love Tokyo, Japan or NYC in a nice apartment. Or maybe a private country for people who like beyblades LOL
id live in space
Japan cause Takara Tomy beys

Japan cause Takara Tomy beys
A walking distance to the ocean in South Carolina.
I would really like to live in Hawaii for the beach and all of the tropical fruits!😊
I would like to live in a place with a lot of people like Tokyo or NY