How did you get into beyblade?

Everyone else in my neighborhood did it and kept asking me to try. Eventually I tried my brothers Rock Pegasus but couldn't get it in the stadium. A few days later, they had a tournament. It looked real fun, so I bought Thermal Pisces later that day and my journey began.
I saw it on netflix so many times while surching for "Big Bang Theory" and thought, "If I WATCH an episode of this I might not pass it anymore!" I heard the theme song and by then I was already hooked! I saw something after Metal Fusion on regular T.V. and than searched youtube for "Beyblade". I watched a video of that derpy teenager that used to wear wristbands and wore a white shirt that one day (not naming names) and found out that they were real! THAT is how my journey began.

((Not sure if anyone's reading this but anyone who guesses the person I saw on youtube get's a free prize!!!! It's a virtual high-five but still!)
I watched the anime on T.V like most people did and then I wanted one badly
my cousin gave me a beyblade at age 3 im 13 now.
It was about two years ago, I was at my Kmart and I saw a storm pegasis 105RF, I didn't know what it was. When i bought it i though the tool had to go on it. I spent like 20 mintues trying to put the tool on pegasis! LOL
It was about 7 years ago, when I was 4. My cousins had came over to celebrate Christmas. Our moms got us each a HMS, I think mine was Wolborg MS, can't really remember. 4 years later, my cousin had come over and he told me of a thing called "beyblade". And we watched the anime, it was really cool. We were amazed, we went to our local megastore and each of us got a beyblade. Smile
It was long ago... I saw a commercial for it, it had a big dragon in it so I was like: "How can i not watch that?!" And that was dragoon, from the original beyblade. That's how I got into beyblade.
i first thought beyblades were totally dumb. (to be honest) then one day my friend was playing with beyblades at school (flame leone d125 sd and poison unicorno ed145 ds if i remember correctly.) so one day i came up with an "evil" plan . So that day i bought a meteo l drago to destroy my friends beys to so how dumb they were but something changed how i thought of beyblade. i guess i realized how fun it was that must of been my "blader spirit" :d

now i really like it
I think when I was 3-4 Something..My Mother's sister gave me a Dragoon G ( I think ). I thought that what is this Beyblade and all, at that time I hated Beyblade. I loved Beyblade when I battled with my Friend and won..From then on I collect Beyblades.
anime, playstation games and a Lays promotion (Pepsico's chips if someone doesn't know), mostly the anime and the games, the blade got broken its core, so i can't use it anymore, and original beyblades weren't very well known, so... i was a little old for beyblade when i see the originales, now i'm a little childish lol

I really loved the psx games, i played so many times, always with a Dragoon V or Gaia Dragoon
I remember I was like 4 and my brother and his friends all had beyblades. We lived in apartments and every kid there owned one. We also had 2 parks within the apartments and everyone would have mini tourneys at each park. I remember just watching people play, and I wanted to get one so bad since I also saw the show when it came out in the U.S. I then got some plastics for my birthday and I was really happy. When beyblade died out I lost interest in beyblade untill metal fusion came out in the U.S. I then got my first MFB bey Dark Wolf and I have been beyblading ever since.
im in 9th now my friend told me about it when i went over his house in late 7th grade ive been hooked scence sadly he is leaving it while it is still my favorite hobby
when I was 10 (im 12 now) on the last day of school when i got on the bus the bus driver gave me a duotron with a dragon ripcord (plastic gener at ion) in a stadium and a seaborg 2.then on that weekend i went to the store and got a two pack with earth eagle and dark libra then i battled everyone in the neiborhood and they all wanted to trade me my earth eagle it was so awsome i could battle then the other bey would stop then they launched it again and eagle would still win
i saw the anime from day 1.mommy wouldn't buy me them.i thought about forgetting it until Sharven12 got me into it-i had to get 90 per cent in grade 1 to get Draceil
and from that time,it's an addiction
My dad buyed me a beyblade storm pegasus hasbro from toys r us and I got hooked on beyblade
my friend got me into it,i thought beyblade was dumb but my friend told my mom to get me one for my birthday and it was a rock leone 145wb.At first i just ripped it into the stadium watched it spin until my friend came over and cut the tv on and kyoya was battling so i decided to battle his earth eagle 145wd and we became closer friends and met new people
One day, I was watching YTV, and I saw a commerical for "Beyblade: Metal Fusion", and I was kind of excited to get one. My brother used to watch "Beyblade, Beyblade: G-Revolution, and Beyblade: V-Force" and he told me about it once, so I knew what this "Beyblade" was. The next day, I went to Walmart and there were like so many beys. I got me a Storm Pegasus. Grin
I got a storm pegasus because I saw it in the store, and I did what most people that see something cool do. I bought it, took it home, and rolled it on the ground a few times. I used it so often, the tip now hits the plastic when it's in the stadium. All of the rubber from rf is gone, and now it looks like wide extreme flat.
Everyone at my school played in Primary for a few years. It was the big thing back then. And I just continued when they stopped.
Kinda funny actually XD i was surfing on youtube about anime and the i just read "Beyblade episode 1" it was the 1st gen in 2001 XD so i went to the store to see if they have any... But they didn't! but i thought battle strikers where those "beyblades" i saw on the internet XD So later i found out they weren't beyblades XD but i found out beyblade metal fusion was coming out so i thought to myslef "Wow im the luckiest person out there" since those other ones were out of stock and all that! its like they came out just for me get it Wink well yeah then my whole adventure of the beyblade world started XD

PS. Over spam of the XD face >.>
Me and friends were at school and someone had beyblades and i tried them out and they were really cool so I stared collecting and I have 74 beys now Tongue_out
Got into beyblade(s)/ing when I was around 12 and I was in the Philippines for a nice summer vacation, and saw a tv commercial about the original series and saw an episode and I've got into it. My very first beyblade I've bought was Dranzer F and I've really learned well with it due to it's 3-change-tips which is best for beginners.

Now I'm back into beyblading since of May of 2012 while attending college, obtain the GT blades Dragoon & Dranzer; now for more original plastic blades, mfb4d, and zero-g beys as well.
My older brothers used to collect plastic beyblades, we used to play all the time. Since my mum threw most of the real plastics away I decided to keep the dragoon I had. After that I never collected beyblade but when I found the WBO...I got stuck to it. And the rest of my precious plastics are all covered in red marker by the kids that came over my house a year ago.
There was a helper at my Nursery who had a PC there and he had Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 Nettoh! on a GBA emulator, and used to let me and my mates play on it. My parents finally found Beyblades online when I was six, and bought me a Pink Seaborg and the green and grey Driger F. I was sooo happy. I got back into plastics in 2009, and for my 9th birthday I got starter Pegasis and starter Bull. I found this site a few weeks after I got my first MFB, and attended my first tourney 4 months later.
Say what? You're first tourney was in 2011 according to your posts?