How did you get into beyblade?

I had fever and was getting bored, so I switched on the television and that is when i saw beyblade.Then i bought a beyblade with my pocket money and since then i love beyblades.
(Aug. 28, 2011  12:29 PM)darkbull9999 Wrote: I had fever and was getting bored, so I switched on the television and that is when i saw beyblade.Then i bought a beyblade with my pocket money and since then i love beyblades.

Thats exactly what happened to me!
Well waaaaaay back when I was in Elementary school, I saw a group of about 10 kids just crowded in a circle. I walk over and it ends up being a beybattle(this was when the plastics were still out). I was fascinated by it so later on I decided to buy Wolborg 2. Then all that year we would have tournaments at school during recess. What was strange was the stadiums we used was just an indention in the dirt.
I remember flipping around and saw an episode of v-force and at first o thought it was dumb. later i went to a friends house and he had some & taught me about them. i asked my mom if i could get some and she told me maybe(she never did) then as elementary school passed, it was only yugioh & pokemon. kids always brought fake gid cards to school and my best friend at the time always made them mad by pointing out they were fake. and years later as MFB came out i was like NO WAY! Beyblades are back!One of my friends via internet told me to get L drago. when i opened it up, i had a Derp moment trying to figure it out. when i got home, i didn't have a stadium, i spun it on the concrete driveway(big mistake) As weeks passed, i got Storm pegasus & dark gasher. and then another friend told me about plastics. Nostalgia! I immedately headed over to ebay and ordered a Dranzer G! i kinda knew what i was doing. Then another friend and his brother told me about when they were little and had tons. He said the HMS were dangerous and how they modified one by sharpening the AR to keep their older bro from cheating. He has permanent scars on his hand. Now i'm hooked and like Sheldon Cooper of beyblade. So ya, beyblade life story.
unfortunatley, the first beyblade episode i watched was MFB 1. anyway-
I was at my dads house and i woke up early to watch pokemon. once it was over, there was nothing good on so i stayed on CN. I watched the episode even though my sister was really wanting to just turn the tv off. then about a week later, my grandma took my sister and me to toys r us. i went to the bionicles and my sister just wandered off. she then came to me and told me the weird top thing we saw on tv was over there (pointing were she came) i ran over and saw the sagittario and launcher grip combo thing, then i introduced beyblade to my friends and here we are.
My older brother got me into it i was like 4 and it was back when it first started airing. I asked him woah cool what are those? He told me they were beyblades so i watched it with him and he got the toys and i thought they were really cool and fun, I remember i used dranzer all the time in teh cyber draciel (or something like that) stadium it was so fun. Then i bought my first bey Dranzer F and Dragoon S and became my own blader and loved it sense.
I loved Beyblade when the plastic generations were out. I slowly lost interest because it stopped airing on TV.
And then, like last year i think, i bought my first Metal Fusion Beyblade, Storm Pegasis. And my older brother got Lightning L-Drago. I thought those beyblades were terrible, but then i slowly began to like it.. Grin
For plastics, I think one of my friends got me into them if I remember right.

i saw a kid at a homeless shelter(for my brothers eagle scout project) use one(bey) and i thought it looked cool
When i was young and i was on Turku ( Finnish town) i saw beyblade in store and i said " I want that!" and i forgotted it in two weeks.
Two years later i saw beyblades in tv and i wanted to continue that hobby. Smile
i got into beyblade when i was like 4 or 5, i just started watching the show and buying the tops. Thats basicly how i got into it XD
well one day I was derpin in target and my mom and dad when I was like 4 or 5 or 6 are like here look at this "bey-blades" looks cool want them? sure I say- addiction sets in like 5 seconds after getting home lol
I saw everyone at my school playing so I wanted to join
i got addicted to the show then i got addicted to the beyblades
playing started playing when the anime came out but then i think around MHS came out i was hooked on other stuff. i just recently got back in while looking through random stuff...ahh nostalgia
Wow such a funny thing like half of these posts involve some other kid(s) or friend(s) getting someone into Beyblading. One of the many great things about the phenom. Anywho I'm here to give you another post that involves friends.
So last summer(I'm still fairly new) me and my bro were at a summer camp with a few of our friends, and one day one of them brought a bunch of (Hasbro)MFB parts and a SVS, so my bro starting battling him, and soon so did I. We found out he wasn't the only one with a Bey, but anyway, my bro was soon asking to get one. I was resistant, because the anime(which we'd seen before) seemed horrible and left a bad first impression. I also knew what these were because I faintly remember the old show and the plastics, but I may have bought one and I don't even remember its name if I did(how dumb was I??). Anyway, my bro got a couple of Legend Beys, and soon, I finally got my first Bey, Thermal Pisces, and on that same day my brother got a Ray Striker(it seemed cool from the animeTongue_out). Now I'm where I am today, and had my friend not brought those MFBs and that SVS, I may not even be here(Chocked_2).
i saw the first episode of metal fusion and got hooked
I just saw the toys at a local Walgreens one day, and boom, Christmas Day 2010, it all started...
My uncle in England found a store that sold beyblades dirt cheap, so he bought me like 20 Grin i gave lots away at school to drum up interest for the game and before i knew it our class were all hooked Smile most of them ended up giving me back the blades i gave them, because they had bought their own since Smile
Once i went to my friends house and he told me about his beyblaades. Then for my 10th birthy, my friend got me my first beyblade. Now I am a beyblade geek.(Not realy but still)
While i used to be into bakugan , my friend was into beys and i got into it and surrpassed him in every possible way.
I saw that my class mates were talking about beyblades and were showing there beyblades to impress the class. So I was inspire of the Beyblades So I started to see that metal fusion episode and in 1 month I got 10 beyblades Smile Now I am Pro In it...
May friend Miguel showed me some at his house and I tried them out. After hours of learning and launching I finally got hooked into beyblades- and L Dragos

After that I went crazy and when we both turned 11 he grew out of them but I stayed. So yea Mig is probably playing Halo right now sumwhere in Seattle while I'm over here browsing and staring at mah new Diablo Nemesis . I need a life.
I found a huge bag of plastic beys at a yard sale 3 years ago. At the time I actualy thought they were battle strikers (fail) until i did a little research. Ironicly, a few months after That ,metal fusion came out.
Ive been a huge beyblade geek since.
Too bad I lost most of the plastic ones though (I only have 2 left) ಠ_ಠ