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I started blading when i was about 4 (2002) My first bey was Dranzer F and Dragoon Storm. I bladed until 2006,stoppped until 2009. In summer of 09 i went on the internet and found out about new beys,metal fight beyblades! I was so pumped i watched the anime and already my fav bey was rock leone. Sadly i couldn't buy any beys offline. So 1 year later in summer of 2010. I found out there coming to america. So i bought Rock Leone and Dark Wolf 2 pack. Thus that began my blading. A month later in August 24th 2010 i started a youtube channel. With it i did beyblade videos,ever sense then i loved beyblades! My first channel stormeagle88 reached about 600 subs. Sadly it got hacked. Now my new channel XxStormeagle88xX has almost 200 subs. I love to beyblade,it's one of the funnest things in the world,well in my opinion. Now i have over 100 beys about 30 takara's and 90 hasbro xD

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