How did you get into beyblade?

Beylon: You seriously got into Beyblades just because you didn't have time to compete in Robot Wars?
That's a really odd connection...
I've always liked spinning tops.I never knew about beyblades but there were these spinning tops you could get from sonic and I thought they were the coolest things. So when I saw a commercial for the metal fusion beyblades I just had to get one and thats how I got into beyblades
I start when my dad made a promis when I was 4 years old I got a new plastic beyblade and I wanted to of the same blade but my dad said no and it was dragon glow in the dark so when I start useing it I broke it to small parts that I can't fix it and they stopes makeing beyblade after that so when I was 12 which I am 13 I never new they came out whith new beyblade so I went shopping in wallmart looking for bakugan then I saw the new beyblades I coudent belife it then I bring my dad to the toy area and told him did you rember that promis that u made when I was 4 and he said yes so I took a beyblade and point it in frount it and said here this is my new beyblade u promis so I bout two beyblade then I look online then I found the wbo website that how I got started
lol I can't remember I think it was one day i saw that every one had a plastic beyblade and liked to battle them in old box and container tops than i said I wanted one and decided to get a metal draceil for my first bey

i remember me as a tiny justin back in canada, i first watched bakuten shoot beyblade, AND BOOM. I was hooked. i was in sk (senior kindergarden) at that t8ime, and at playtime me and my friends would build lego/duplo beyblades xD i remember shouting, "go! tiger claw attack!" haha then i got my driger s, and a whole lot of other beys. it filled up about 60% of my toy room Tongue_out but then moving to hk, i donated all my toys to the kindergarden except my driger. then i kinda forgot about beyblade, until metal fight came on. i immediately dug up my driger, and started playing again. my first mfb was lld Smile (but now i started watching the old series, and i miss all of my beys) Crying
I remember quite vividly the day I saw a Toys R Us commercial promoting the toys when they first came out: buy two and get a free stadium. The concept of fighting tops sounded pretty awesome to me so I dragged my parents and sister to the nearest one and us two siblings got the most random 4 layer plastic Beyblades there, Roller Attacker and Bakushin-oh. That's what you get for not knowing a think about what would be good or bad, ha ha. Sooner or later, we got our neighbors and cousins into the game and I got addicted.

Then Takara Tomy stopped producing new Beyblades and Hasbro discontinued them here in the states and I completely forgot about the game. That is, until just two months ago when my little cousin mentioned he was watching the anime and I bought him a Galaxy Pegasis as a surprise gift. In order for him to have someone to play with, I got a Ray Unicorno for myself and now I'm back into the game.
I remember there is a sneak peek of Beyblade Metal Fusion on TV and I fall in love with it immediately. I never know about the plastic series before I got into Beyblading. I think it is the happiest day when I received the Storm Pegasis 105RF last year. It has been a year since from a boy with no Bey I got 60 already
I always love beyblade and swear never quit it until I married
when i was four i saw my cuz play beyblade and so my two cuz used to play with out me but one day i saw some in the store so i bought one
i dont know what bey i boght but it was one with silver armor and it was a purple dragon i saw on the show and i asked my mom can i have some first she said no then i told here that my cuz had some so she boght me the one i saw and even thought i lost every battle i still loved bey blade
Well back when I was in 3rd or 4th grade I bought 2 beyblades Wolborg MS and Dark Effigy MS. My first ever beyblades. I played with an old friend of mine destroied him cause he was using the plastic ones. Then years later leading to the winter of 2010. I saw these new beyblades and remembered how much I loved it! So I bought a Dark Wolf and battled my other friend and destoried his old plastic beyblades which got him and a bunch of my friends to start doing it! Then a few months ago when cleaning my basement I found it............My very first beyblade Wolborg MS! Yet sadly I did not find my Dark Effigy (which sucks cause he was freaking beast) So now I am the best in my town at the age of 14 going to be 15 on september 13th. My next beys are probibly going to be Meteo Ldrago and Galaxy Pegasus. Yes this is coming from that triple battle set. My toher next bey will be Gravity Perseus (or destroyer to Hasbro) So yeah thats my beyblade story and I hope you liked it.
Before i liked yu-gi-oh, but never pokemon( i still dont know how to play the pokemon TCG lol)
Beyblade caught my attention because it was creative. I thought you just watched tops spin,but watching them pound each other is on a whole other level!!!!!!!!!!!
I stayed of over a friends house one night and him and his little brother were beyblading so I tried it they said I was pretty good so we had this mini tournament I came Runner up with a Rock Scorpio T125JB so I started playing
I watched the show and fell in love with it... next day bought a beyblade from woolies!
I found out about beyblades in a cheap toy shop selling pirated ones, I was thinking "....spinning tops? that look like a cross, allows you to switch parts ...... and has a dragon for a beast.... interesting I guess........".

Little did I know, I was looking at the 1st of many generations of Dragoon. =)

My 1st beyblade was a Fake Flash Leopard, my 1st Compact / Balance/ Combo type bey. It was only after a terrible defeat against my friend's Original Takara Wolborg 2 , did I decided to venture deeper into the history and ever growing Beyblade world.

Beyblade was always a hot topic when I was around 5-6 at primary school. Everyone was playing it so I decided to start watching the series and I was really addicted to the series when G-Revolution was released. That was when I was about 7-8. The toys were very popular by then and when G-Revolution finished, the series died.

Beyblade 2000 (season 1) was aired on the kids' channel 'Pop', and that's when I was back into Beyblade, which was around 4 years ago when I join WBO.
a friend got me kid dragoon for my birthday, i was hooked
I had seen the original Hasbro commercials immediately after the US release of the first wave of Beyblades, and was absolutely enamored with them. At the time, I had no pocket money, so I couldn't go to the store and pick one up. When I did, they were all out of the main four(Dragoon, Driger, Draciel, Dranzer), so I had to buy the only one they had in stock(which they had tons of in stock at the time), a Spin Dragoon.

Needless to say I was less than thrilled with the way it looked, but on my first launch(across the kitchen floor, no less), watching it streak around at high speeds, I was immediately enthralled, and quickly started saving my allowance and dropping it all on beyblades. I was ten, maybe eleven at the time. I cannot remember if the first wave was in 2000, or 2001. I stayed into it until around 2004, when all my friends just stopped doing it entirely, and I got bored of launching against myself.

Fast forward seven years, my friend asks me about Beyblading, and insists that I go dig up my old ones to tell her which ones I had. One thing led to another and two days later I joined the WBO and started amassing Beyblades again. Smile

I still have the Attack Ring from my Spin Dragoon, along with the Bit Beast and the cover. Not sure what became of the Spin Gear, but I know the base broke.
well one night when I was 10 or so I saw the show on disney channels JETIX (or I think thats what it was called) then after that I learned about the beyblades themselves so I got hooked. after that when we moved I gave the plastics and hms ones I had to my friend Tanner,(I was 13 then) then I was out of it for a while. then I learned of the metal fusion ones around winter last year and ever sense then I've loved all kinds of bladeing.
Discovered it when it first aired, the song got me hooked, the show got me addicted.
Man, it was so long ago, I think I was about 5 when I got into it... I don't remember much, exept that after getting my teeth pounded in my skull (Don't ask, slide accident) I got my first plastic bey, Salmalyon. I was the only kid in my neighborhood, so I mainly bladed with myself. The first series stopped, and I eventually forgot. Flash forward to about 2009. I was watching Cartoon Network, when suddenly the Beyblade movie came on. I was surprised, and watched it, digging out my Salmalyon as well. A little while later, I watched the first Metal Fusion episode in the U.S. I was back in, but no beys in the U.S then. I went to canada over that summer, and my cousin bought me my first HMS bey: Rock Aries. When I returned home, I bought all the beys I could, getting every kid in my neighborhood interested. Nowadays, I am the reigning champ in my neighborhood, and, unfortunatley, lost my Salmalyon. I'm still extremely happy about the new beys, and I just learned about Takara TOMY this year... Now I wish I had some TT beys XD
I was going though old gamecube games and saw a plastic gen beyblade game and after playing it I was hooked and it was about a month before MFB was anounced in Japan to = )
i was bored one day during the summer of last year and i went on google and decided to search something random so i typed in "beyblade" and saw tons of pics of new and old beyblades so i went on amazon bought these new Metal Fusion beyblades (i got the SVS set on amazon) and i was hooked for life Smile
I was really into models as a kid. I had planes, tanks and all kinds of stuff. I went to target with my Dad and I saw that you had to put together beyblades and I thought making one would be fun. I chose dragoon S based on the attack stars lol. I wore out the rubber tip and cracked two of the blades off. I think I had it for a good 2-4 years. By the time it broke HMS was ending so I was kinda forced to quit.

I started back when I heard MFB had been released in the US.
Hmm, I don't really remember how I got into beyblades originally... It was probably from watching the show and seeing people play at school.

But MFB :slightgrin:

So, last year I was watching the show. Somehow me and my friends ended up talking about beyblade. I asked if any of them still had any, since I was watching the show. So one one my friends brought a couple to school. He brought Dragoon MS, Dranzer MS, Draciel MS, and Driger MS, and storm Pegasis. He told me storm Pegasis was from a new season and I was like "NO. WAY.". So I told him to bring his other MFB's to school ASAP. He said he had just got a beyblade called Ray Unicorno. I was like "is that a good beyblade?". He was like "it's the best one out right now.". So he brought it the next day, along with a metal face pack. I bought my first beyblade metal Fusion's probably that weekend, if not then the weekend after. I hot rock leone, dark wolf, and PTW.

Then he said he was going to throw away is plastics and asked if I wanted them. I said yes sir! So I got plastics, a lot of which were broken. I ended up throwing them out like 2 weeks later because by that time I had Beyblade Metal Fusion's and the plastics couldn't do shiz to them. (I'm such a dumb-arse). Then in September and October I was searching around beyblade stuff and ended up here. I had a couple more BMF's and I was really bad. Especially in my PTW. I visited here as a guest daily, then eventually became a member.

Yeah long story.
With the original, watching the show. I always loved the cool designs.

With MF, my friend told me the show was coming back with a new show and new toys. I was stoked. I went to Target the first week the toys came out, and bought Rock Leone(Sadly, he's not in the best of shape now Unhappy.) I was hooked forever.