How did you get into beyblade?

I saw an ad for the show when I was about 10 years old or so (I can't recall) and I was hooked but my mom said no and my dad said yes so I got one (I can't recall which one it was, probably Draciel or something like that) and my mom was like "fine..." with it and that's how I got into Beyblade.
Me and my friend were playing his old Play-Station and we happened to randomly pick out a Beyblade game that none of us new about. And a few weeks later I saw a MFB (the game happened to be the first season). It was Flame Saggitario, so I bought. Then my friend got into the game.
I used to watch Cartoon Network, Toonami etc when I was young (around 5 or 6 - 2001/2) I got into the original Beyblade series and loved it, bought my first Beyblade from The Entertainer which is a toy shop in the UK (It was Gekiryu-Oh) My Mum took me there and bought me and my brother one each, he got Spin Dragoon. From then on I used to save up my pocket money (£2 a week) and buy a Beyblade when I could, ended up with tons of Plastic Beys but gave them away a few years back to my younger cousins..

Then recently got back into it after re watching the first series. Still love the plastics.
When I watched the show of beyblade I was like this is so stupid until I saw the actuall beys in battle. It was crazy. But not untill I got my ballence type pisces. Then it became intense. Is your bey battles intense? Mine are sooo intense that we will actually bet beyblades and money on who will win! Pretty intense huh? Post me how your battles are: weak or intense or beyond.
when i was younger i use to watch the original series all the time and then one day my dad gave me a bey and a stadium and bam thats how it began but i cant remember the beys name i know it was yellow and red and when it spun two blades came out from the sides i loved it and it was a purple draciel stadium. i dident start competing until metal fusion however because i dident really know how to get into tournaments at the time
Well when I was 8 I saw the show then I saw a commercial for the toy so I bought one and I was hooked. By the time I was 10 I had at least 30 including the 4 originals and 5 of the ms ones and I still watched the show every day. Then when I was 12 or so we had to move and I had a friend who was younger than me and I gave them all to him. So last year I heard about these new metal beyblades and I had $25 on me so I bought one at our local Walmart. I realized how much I was still into it at 15 years old. So I started collecting them again and now I'm 16 and trying to start a compitition in my home state Alabama
well around december 2011 i would always wake up at about 7:00 and get dressed to go to school. when i would finish getting dressed i would turn on my tv and put on cartoon network. and the would always show the same thing BEYBLADE: METAL FUSION. so i just sat down and watched. but then i just ended up HOOKED i loved watching pegasus and gingka beat every one and then i got my first bey GALAXY PEGASUS i didnt know what pegasus to get cuz in the show he called him pegasus not storm pegasus so after long deciding i figured galaxy looked cooler
I saw it in the year 2004 on Tv then ever since that i love it
I saw the toys and wanted a bunch for Christmas in like 2004 when they came out in the US. I started watching the TV show and got hooked.
I had the metal ball draciel, idk what the real name was, then some kid stole it from me Tired the new ones came out and i watched the show, so i went out and bought rock leone and storm aquario :3 and now i am strong arm launch DrPepsidew
My friend forced me to beybattle him instead of playing basketball and I beat him so my beyblade story began
I'm real bored, it wouldn't hurt to post something right? Grin
Pretty much I don't remember what happened but I first turned on te TV and there it was...
I loved the designs of the beys. They are absolutely amazing.
well i was 4 years old, and i loved Jetix and then beyblade g-revolution just showed up and i was hooked but just with the show because i wanted a Dranzer GT for my birthday and when they saw it at target they said no because the design was "DANGEROUS" for a 4-year old. But when Beyblade Metal Fusion came out in 2010 i was hooked with the beys, not the anime since the anime was super boring and i defeated everybody in the entire school. from 3rd graders to 8th graders even high school students that come to the school to pick up their little brothers to take them back home.
When my mom bought me a huge bag full of Plastic beyblades in 2009
i got into them when hms came out but when it endid i forgot it ever existed until my friend brought one to school since that time at school i bought over 15 beyblades
I was watching cartoon network and i saw metal fusion and at first i didnt like it but then i saw the tops. THEY WERE AWESOME! then a couple of weeks later i got rock leone, my first bey. I still use its WB tip.
I saw some peeps playing with them during the plastics time so I decided to play it as well. Sadly I stopped playing it because my family couldn't keep buying them as well as the cease of production by Takara Tomy. Around 6-7 years later youtube randomly redirected me to some of the Japanese episodes of Metal Fight Beyblade, as well as watching the first season afterwords to get a better understanding of what was going on and I decided to rejoin Beyblade again in December.
Since Metal fusion series came i was obsesed with beyblade
I came across the original anime when I was 12 or so, and it captivated me. As soon as I found out that they were actually selling those things, I needed to have one of my own. I ended up buying a couple of knockoff plastics (of Ultimate Frostic Dranzer and Metal Draciel) without knowing any better, but had a lot of fun with them. When I discovered the Hasbro product line, I devoured it.
Lots of kids at school started bladeing. I had a draciel but Plastics were no longer popular. So i went to target,got Evil Befal, and now im the best blader in my school.
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What a touching story!
well, i saw the show which got me rly fired up about it(animes sure can be emotionally persuading), especially kyouya, like his attitude and just everything about him and his relationship with his bey, i just found him fricking amazing and awesome(and he rly is), so after watching a few episodes i had convinced myself to go get my first bey, and deciding that Leone would be my best choice to start with since, well, for a lot of reasons i bought my very first and most life changing bey. and thats where the story of Rock Leone and I began. heheh
At first I used battle strikers then one day I flipped to cartoon network and sa them. I was like awesome! Then like a month later I went to Canada and saw a tournament. I was like WTF beyblades! So I went to a target and bot me a rock Aries. My bro bot a storm capricorn and we convinced our friend to get a flame libra and got my hole school into it! So I started a beyblade craze in wilmett!
In 2009 I invited a friend over and we were watching TV and I saw something on my TV guide called "Beyblade: The Movie", I recorded it and watched it more than I can remember. I watched it over and over and began watching the original show on YouTube, soon I got extremely exited when I found out about Beyblade Metal Fusion. I also have a memory of me as a four year old in the car spinning a roll of tape and saying "Look, it's a BeyBlade."