How did you get into beyblade?

I honestly don't parents always say I used to play with the plastic generation. Eventually my friends introduced me into mfb's. Ever since beyblades have been a great hobby of mine, but it's not as good as there aren't many blader's around my area.
I walked inside walmart and saw a draciel so i got it and started my research on beyblade. true story
I got into it last year when we bought some Beys for my oldest son during the holidays. His friends were playing, so of course he had to also. Both the simplicity of the game, and the depth of the Beys got me hooked. Now his little sister and little brother are getting into it, so there'll be more Beys under the tree this year (And hopefully a Diablo Nemesis for me!)
I got tired of walking by the aisle in walmart with beyblades, so then one day I bought one, liked it and never stopped.
Originally when the Plastic Saga was really popular I had one Beyblade I think it was Draciel? But I lost it but in 2006 I was on Holiday in Bangladesh and the best show on was Beyblade I became so into it! When I came back I bought Driger V2 and the rest is as they say History!

Hah my First Beybattle against my friend which was my Driger V2 versus his Kid Dragoon I won 2-1!
I would always look at them in shops and think of buying one, but I never did, but then we started selling them at my work and I finally decided to buy some. When I got home I looked on the internet to see if there was a Fanbase for it and then I found this site. And then signed up. Nearly a year later. Joyful_2

My brother said that I used to have Plastics, but I can't remember ever having them...
I got my first beys,Dark Wolf and Storm Aries,while I was still a brawler. I soon got more interested in the beys than my bakugan and I wondered where I could get them. I saw my first beyblade episode,the one where Tsubasa battled Ryugs and I get hooked. And now I am the blader that I am today,the leader of Team Legacy and the proud owner of Meteo L-drago GB145ES!
Back when Gen 1 made its first airing in Australia my friends and I were like "Omggg so cool" and got ourselves a few, I can't remember which Bey I had but it was either a Dranzer, a Dragoon or a Driger most likely a Dragoon though, after that I'm not sure what happened to mine. Years later (this year) a friend of my gf had some of the new Gen 2 Beys and would be cool if we all had some to battle again for drinking games and such, so I got some, I bought 3 Metal Fusion Beys for the price of $10 Grin (They had a special deal at Toys R Us and had wayyyy too much stock) And those three were Storm Pegasis, Flame Libra and Storm Aquario, my first opened one was Storm Pegasis. Obviously decided to watch the anime from there and have become a major Pegasis and Gingka fan. Still watching the rest of 4D but up to date with Zero G and waiting for my Samurai Pegasis in the mail Grin
I seen someone battle and decided i just had to be #1
Me and my dad where talking about what my brothers then he mentioned beyblade and I said "wow beyblade sounds wicked" so he started to tell me what it was like and the next morning I saw a commercial about beyblade I showed my dad the commercial about it he said it wasn't the same as before on Friday (when we can bring are own toys in) this bloke in my class brung this beyblade in and I said I saw a commercial about that he said that there even better than when they where introduced.So over the weekend I got one I was looking in the toy section and found a dark gasher (I bought it) I saw an episode when I got back I realized the bladers (in the anime) stuck with one bey so that's what I done with gasher on the next Friday I battled my other friend and we drwaw then decided we where rivals.
I got into beyblade for one reason (cosmic pegasus) i had to have that bey and crush people along the way and no one out there can match my strength
I got interested into Beyblade thanks to Beyblade Metal Fusion serie. When I started watching those episodes I really got into it and wanted a world like that.
yea metal fusion was by far the best series to me,it was just so awesome and intense
I got in beys back in 2003 because of beyblade show on cartoon network but then in 2 years only I left
but now my cousin again forced me to get back and now im loving it
I got interested in Beyblade because of the first time I knew about WBO (2011) and all the action in the movies, series, etc.
I saw some people playing some spining tops then i asked them what is that they said beyblade . So 2 weeks later i got jelous then i bought lightnig ldrago and storm pegasus with a red staduim. Ever since 2010 i loved beyblades!
Watched the anime since I was a kid, Driger S was my 1st Beyblade.
me and c,rwere watching tv one day and he turned to 297 cn and it was when kyoya was battling ginka for the first time and we instanly fell in love with it and before that we vnever new about it not at all but it was there forever until this day since that 3 years ago.
Not sure if i posted here before, sorry if i had. Anyway, i was introduced to beyblade through mfb. I was watching tv one day and it came on. I thought the show looked stupid (that hasnt changed) but i did like the toys. Eventually, i found out about the plastic Beyblades which i really like. So...yah.
I found out beyblade when I was at my friends house, and we were searching for something to watch, and we came onto cartoon network, and the episode aquario's challenge was on, and me and my friend were like "cool" and so I went to the store a few days later and got storm pegasus, and now Iall my beys are gone and I found out about Beywheelz.
Well when I was little my brother used to have the plastics and I thought they were the coolest things in the world. As I got older MFB started coming out and I started battling!
Honestly, I was just watching Metal Masters on Cartoon Network last July & I really go into it. Figured there had to be a toy spinoff, so I googled tournaments in real life, & here I am.
I did a youtube video with griffin's master, and I wanted a bey to do a video for my own channel, so I went to CVS and bought a galaxy pegasus. BOOM! In comes earth eagle, ray striker, hades kerbecs, meteo L-Drago, flame byxis, grand cetus, cyclone hurculeo, thermal lacerta, gravity destroyer, and a huge lot of used beys from ebay. 2 months later, I figured out how to order 4D beys from japan (Haha!). I started to organize tournaments in my area, because I didn't know they existed in real life. Then I got synchrome, then I joined the WBO, and when I saw how totally awesome everyone was, I had to catch up! And now here I am! waiting for 14 beys to come on the same day! Tongue_out
one day i was bored cus there was nothing on the tv, so i got bored and went looking around and saw a DVD that read beyblade grevolution so i popped it in and watched it. so i thougt it was preety cool and I went to the store that day and saw a flame sagittario with a grip. after that i got l-drago and said "Wow i can be like tyson and have a dragon bey.