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Country: Canada Registration Date: Jun. 07, 2011 Age: (16 years old) Jan. 29, 2002

Hello, I'm [team osu!] pyrus10000, aka Nashizoku on YouTube! I no longer compete in tournaments. PM me if you need to contact me. Peak MFB Rank: #25 (Pre-New WBO) Peak BST Rank: #10 (Pre-New WBO) Peak MFB Rank: #16 Peak BST Rank: #7 Cyber Unicorno E230XF, an essay written by pyrus10000, 12/14/2016 Throughout all the generations of Beyblade™, there has only been one series with a Bey as important as the one equal to god himself. Cyber Unicorno E230XF, introduced in the Metal Saga, is the pinnacle of Beyblading across the world. This Beyblade™ is the official team Beyblade of one of the most dominant teams in the world, team osu, based out of North America. Cyber Unicorno E230XF, also commonly referred to as just “Cyber” was created in 2012 by World Beyblade Organization member pyrus10000, becoming one of the most stunning, powerful, and technically advanced Beyblades™ in existence. First, Cyber is easily one of the most stunning Beys to have ever been created on this planet. The clean, sleek white facebolt acts as a canvas for one’s imagination, projecting one’s hopes and dreams on to the tiny face of the Beyblade. The sparkling green clear wheel with the majestic gold-accented horns combined with the metallic metal wheel make for an incredible composition, one that can never be replicated by any other Beyblade™. Finally, the translucent grey track and the rough, baby blue makes no appearance from the top, but shows up prominently on the side. This brings a surprise and joy to Bladers’ eyes, showing that there is more to a Beyblade™ than what there seems to be. Second, Cyber is easily the most powerful Beyblade™ in the world. Considered “incredibly strong” in all formats, the force is one to be reckoned with. In fact, Cyber is even banned in “Limited” and “Burst” format for being too overpowered, not losing to a single opponent. The E230 track allows Cyber to be a strong defensive type, building a wall of sorts, while also giving off energy to increase the stamina. The Cyber metal wheel and the XF tip give Cyber the powerful edge against opponents, smashing them out of the stadium, even going as far as to breaking them. Some Bladers state that they can hear the Beyblade™ say “Woah, Hey Guys” before destroying their Beyblade™. It is rumoured that its taunt after winning the battle is “Copy That”. Finally, Cyber is one of the most technically advanced if not the most technically advanced Beyblades™ to have ever reached the hands of common Bladers. The E230 works in perfect harmony with the rest of the Beyblade™, allowing for lots of powerful attacking force and the power to move up and down to enhance the defense of the Beyblade. This technical feature allows for Cyber to be one step above other Beyblades™ in terms of ability. The tri-wing design on Cyber also allows for maximum attacking capability, a design that most other metal wheels do not have. Combining these two give an incredible strong technical force, that is hard to beat without knowledge on the meta. In conclusion, Cyber Unicorno E230XF is the best Beyblade™ in the world, due to its beautiful exterior, strong and powerful capabilities, and insane technical techniques. Cyber Unicorno should not and should never be taken as a joke, as you know when the opposing blader takes it out, you are screwed.

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