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Country: Canada Registration Date: Sep. 19, 2016 Age: (17 years old) Apr. 09, 2002

I've Been in the burst game for a while now, even for some time I still need to get used to the new God layer system that has been recently announced. Burst is always changing. Always bringing something new and exciting to the dish. Still I hope to beat the best, be friends with the best, and become the best in time. I have Been spending a lot of time training and I hope it pays off! Favorite Blade/partner: Wyvern 4G.O Rivals/friends -Beybrad -1234 Beyblade -cadney -EX139 -Mitsu -Lani -Oldschool TM -Kei -Jesse Obre -TrainiacJ -Extremeblader3 GOALS -Defeat (ALL OF THE ABOVE) -?Verse Kai-V ? - Verse Beybrad (again) -Become a Beyblade master - Getting all the blades (BURST)

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