[DC, MD, VA, NC, NY] Team Jakusha! Accepting New Members!

well were not an official team………………
yet but we will make it to the top someday with our burning spirit the team that represents my dark Fireblaze
Dark Fireblaze?!

That is the funniest thing I've seen all day.
Hey man, what if he's serious? Don't joke em like that :p
Can... not... let... this... thread... die...

I am actually considering make Insomniac. an Advanced member.

Anybody want to join for your community? Represent us in your abttles? PM us, and we will see!
(Aug. 26, 2012  4:15 AM)*Billy* Wrote: We could make a website with a chat bar so we don't spam here even though its not spam but feels like it or for a better reason not to give things away.

About Divisions I did have a Team with Divisions and everything and frmom my experience like Tech said they fail... But if you make strong Divisions then they don't if we keep divisinos we would need main powerful people from that area that commonly enters tournaments. Insomniac does eem like a good canidate, if we are to keep divisinos then I suggest one in the NC-FL area. and I would hope to only keep this team in North American Continent.

(Oct. 22, 2012  11:04 PM)Tech Wrote: Watching you guys yesterday proved to me that you guys are a really well-organized team.

Nice Idea With The Chat Bar.
I have come back to stay for a while with dragooon!
anyone got a spare killerken
Ps Dont let our thread die
Does most of the team have skype? I think that would be essential to these team meetings we have been lacking.

I know Tech has Skype from her profile. I have skype as well but I believe Tech made a good point of not revealing too much in the thread, so to prevent getting total random addings on skype, lets PM each other our Skype names and not mention the skype user names in the thread. I am out of date and would love to know how things were during my 2 month Hiatus of tournaments in MD. I would also love to stirke up a conversations discussing things I should do at Beyblade Colosseum in 2 days!

I really think that Skype chats would be great meetings than having our parents managing to drag us out to Silver Spring whenever we wanted to meet, so lets make this happen.

Tell the thread ideas about regular times we would be able to skype and how often when stuff like that.

So lets not let team Jakusha die and become even more strong as a team.
im resigning no activity
I apologize for necroing this and only seeing your post now AJ.

AJ you were a great team member and you will be missed on Jakusha, welcome back anytime if you decide to.

Ginga, I think the OP needs an update. With name Changes, and members no longer on the team. I don't believe 8kimchi and Insomniac. are with us anymore. I don't know about Shirayuki.

EDIT: Tech quit too, I thought I told you already.
See you AJ.

No prob Billy.
OP update! We now are accepting members from North Carolina and New York!
You guys should really just join nighttime, that way there is actual competition for the A Team.
Time, don't advertise on someone else's team thread...

Publicly, at least.