Recipients of Metal Bit

The help you've given the Toronto community has proven your mettle and resilience. We thank you.
You've certainly proved your mettle over the past few months with all that you've done for the US community. Thank you.
You deserve a platinum medal for all the work you've put into the Italian community. We thank you.
The UK might have steeled itself for a tournament dry season were it not for your presence. We thank you.
Any past failures have long since been ironed out, leaving only an irreplacable member in Australia. We thank you.
The links you've forged in Indonesia may last for ages to come. We thank you.
Your endless work has polished this community to a gleaming sheen. We thank you.
You've opened a gold mine of opportunities for your community. We thank you.
Your crystal clear results help to cultivate sharp and steady Bladers in your community. We thank you.
Your sterling work has done wonders for the Michigan community. We thank you.
Your BeyHeart has allowed Virginia to protect itself against rust. We thank you.
There is no entity better than an alloy of social, studies, and Beyblade tournaments.
Your legacy carved itself into Maryland's soil.
You've done your part for the Mumbai community, and for that, we thank you!
Be proud of what you've achieved for the Virginian Bladers, you helped a community come together!
We can say for sure that the two Ts in "Toronto" are made from Pocky sticks!
In a desert, you know you can find one oasis: UltimateOrion!
From the ground up, Connecticut became a raging hot area thanks to you!
Truly a diamond hiding beneath a rock for the Michigan community!
Virginia knows it can count on you when they most need it!
What's Toronto without their star to shine on them?
Thanks for a rock solid presence when New York needs it!
London can't get enough of you; your time is truly appreciate!
Even on the other side of the continent, we know there's one pillar for California!
Hard times out there, but you pulled through for Maryland!
You've set your name in the stones of Toronto!
Connecticut has got a set of well-oiled gears to make it run!
Like Atlas, you came to support the huge stone that is the Toronto community to make sure it stayed above ground!
London should be renamed "Manicben" after all the work you've done!
Is it the experience or the awesome graphics that will live forever in stone?!
They should call you 12345beyblade after all of the work you've done hosting events for the Toronto community. Thank you!
All your efforts have given structure to the Mumbai scene for years to come.
The metallic road to this honour was slippery, but you got there and you left your mark!