Zero G DEVELOPMENTAL Top Tier Outline (updated 6-11!)

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I disagree about adding your combo. I mean dont get me wrong you have an extraordinary concept, but you could switch out Phantom with almost any synchrom and get a better combo.
That's not true at all
Yes. Yes it is.
Take it to PM's guys.
^He knows what he is talking about after all he is the sway king lol. I dont need to ask this through PM so ill ask it right here, why is this combo not better with weight when more weight = more resistance to sway, now lets say I was using Flame _____ E230MB and Phantom______ E230MB, you would go with phantom because as I stated previously, More weight = more resistance to sway.
but you are not that right either, your tests are good? yes, BUT (is emphasis not yelling) you tested with so much tips that there isn't a stated combo because you could be changing tips to get better performance against some combos, you should test more each tip or test just one specific
First of all Time, I recommend that if you're going to suggest your own combo to be top tier, you at least have someone to back you up, as it makes you look very cocky. Even then, though, I wouldn't personally try to glorify my combo, and would wait for someone else to bring it up. Besides that, in the case of you're combo, the opinions of others would actually be more important, since after all, everyone is bound to be a bit biased towards their own combos, and I myself will admit that I am biased towards my combos, too, so I'm certainly not saying that is just you.

Second of all, I don't think your combo will be that competitive, but I haven't tested it personally.When you do consider it, though, it will lose to stamina, and I'd bet sway attack unless you have a mint MB, which leaves you a defense beating combo, which is dumb, since, at that point, mine as well just use pure stamina. I know it did beat stamina in your tests, but please tell me
Who launched what combo?
Who has the stronger launch?
Did you swap Phantoms?
What minute variant of B:D was used?
I launched both, I have a 5-6 minute b:d, phantoms were swapped and my argument against synchrome being better is based in the same reason I stated phantom works better than duo, all synchromes, bar bahamdia do not have the diameter that Phantom does, thus severely limiting their influence in the battle, and I wasn't trying to sound cocky its just that the only thing it loses to is left-spin
I'm still going with my argument, more weight more resistance to sway.
why add more weight if it has no problem resisting sway in the first place though?
Yuko, I'm gonna have to side with Time on this one because when I was at Beyblade Revolution, I used a MSF-H for my combo Killerken Dragooon B: D and the MSF cost me the two losses I had.
OK, after sifting/scanning through nine pages of discussion, I have an updated (and still developmental till we can all agree) top tier list:

By the way guys, this post and the ones above it still apply. This is your final warning. If you guys still want to be pesky and post random ideas that don't have a thread (or they do but you don't use it), discussions will be taken to PM.
The only things I can add are
1. TB will probably only be competitive for stamina on SR200, since that is the only track it did good on in the BB-10.
2. I'm gonna try to test FS and see if it really is as good as people are saying.
3. BGrin needs a spot for right spin stamina.
4. I personally disagree with adding Killerken Revizer for defense, but I suppose it can slide.
5. Please take into consideration the last part of *Ginga's* post. I was actually starting to PM people who seem to have made good posts here, but *Ginga* convinced me to wait until be posted this list, and then see.
I agree with all of that, and will edit it now.
RB got good results for sway defense, how about adding a sway defense combo with RB? I think it would do good with SA165 instead of E230.
(May. 27, 2013  2:00 PM)Shining God MS Wrote: Yuko, I'm gonna have to side with Time on this one because when I was at Beyblade Revolution, I used a MSF-H for my combo Killerken Dragooon B: D and the MSF cost me the two losses I had.

Er I said nothing about MSF-H, and you used that combo as a spinstealer i was talking about Sway defense and resistance.....
(May. 27, 2013  11:31 PM)diblee123 Wrote: RB got good results for sway defense, how about adding a sway defense combo with RB? I think it would do good with SA165 instead of E230.

RB is too aggressive. It's actually fairly easy to sway KO, because you really only need to sway it an inch or so.

Anyways, I think FS should definitley not go on.

Equipment- Beylauncher with Launcher Grip
Three Segmented Launcher Grip
Mint FS
Gently used BSF
BBG-03 Zero-G Attack Type Stadium

MF-H Duo Gasher E230(Lower)FS vs Balro Balro SA165(ZGA Mode)GCF
Duo: 15 Wins(12 0GKO, 2 OS, 1 KO)
Balro:5 Wins(All 0GKO)
FS Win Percentage: 75%

MF-H Duo Gasher E230(Lower)BSF vs Balro Balro SA165(ZGA Mode)GCF

Duo: 20 Wins:12 0GKO, 8 OS)
Balro: 0 Wins(N/A)
BSF Win Rate: 100%[/b]
1. I feel EWD needs to get off the list it rather wearing so fast and causing it sway easily like EDS
2. B;D should be put up in stamina list only with MF-H (only in 4D Gen)
3. TB there's so many ways to use it but I really don't know the purpose of it.
1. Possibly. I can't use mine in Zero-G because it is too worn.
2. Why?
3. Resistance to sway and good stamina from what I hear. Don't own it though.
A few parts to consider: MB for "Sway" Defense, and Bahamdia for Smash Attack. MB does really well at resisting sway, and I don't know how the widest Chrome Wheel in existence with such an aggressive design like Bahamdia has could be left off of the list for Smash Attack. It has some pretty crazy late game Smash; it caused me to lose one of my battles at BEYBLADE REVOLUTION, after my MB-based combo had done well at resisting sway.

Dragooon F230CF variants should also be considered; they were popular at BEYBLADE REVOLUTION, and stormscorpio1 used one to win the championship.

(May. 28, 2013  3:31 PM)Stars Wrote: 1. I feel EWD needs to get off the list it rather wearing so fast and causing it sway easily like EDS

EWD will always be easy to sway compared to something like BWD. What matters is that it isn't as bad as WD, and that it has better Stamina than BWD. It has use, but you obviously wouldn't want to use it against Attack.
@MB for sway defense: The only problem I have with it is wear. When I first got my MB and tested it in Zero-G, it was an absolute beast at resisting sway. Now, much later, it still resists sway good, but not as good as BSF/RSF/RS.

Dragoon F230 CF: I'm not surprised it does well. Sounds like an upgraded version of the Dragooon SA165(Normal)CF I've been talking about. You can sway KO Dragooon BGrin, and outspin most right spin stuff.
Could someone explain bahamdia for sway attack, ive been using it forever for sway attack, so does it not deserve a place on the outline or has it just not been tested throughly?

Ok thank u shinobu!
Sway attack for Chrome Wheels is mainly just weight. I used to use Bahamdia for sway because it can get caught in the exits because of its large diameter, but then I decided to just go heavy.
EWD isn't the only thing that is easy to sway, it just how much it been used causing the eternal to wear faster (this also includes to BB-10 too).

About Dragoon F230CF it actually good but i would like to see if it still good when F230 is worn out/lost most it free spinning gimmick.
(May. 28, 2013  5:12 PM)Kei Wrote: MB for "Sway" Defense

Amen! Tongue_out

I love MB for both stamina and sway-defense in zero-G. I've done plenty of tests with it, and it looks like it's getting great tournament results too! Smile

I've tried Bahamdia for smash, and I must say that I am a fan. It's inconsistencies are a hazard, though. Still, it seemse to make contact much more efficiently in a zero-G stadium. I don't know if we should put it on the tier list though...

Also, can we scratch killerken reviser? I really don't see why we have to put that on there, unless we put killerken on the top. I would also like to get genbull up there for defense on E230, just to give those reviser combos a little stamina boost, but not many tests have been done yet...
You guys keep mentioning "wear" as if it is something that should be considered when deciding whether or not to include a part on a top tier list. Why is that? If a part is good enough to be on the list in any condition (brand new, slightly worn, worn, etc.), it should be added. It doesn't matter if it's performance becomes undesirable at a later stage, if it quickly wears, or whatever. For example, if that was true, rubber Bottoms would not have a place on top tier lists.