World Beyblade Organization – 7th Anniversary

Happy anniversary, World Bladers!

Thanks for being here, on the 7th anniversary of the World Beyblade Organization. Whether you just joined the site today or you’ve been here the whole seven years we’ve been around, we’re really grateful that you’re a part of the community. We’ve got a few really cool things to talk about, but let’s start with the one thing you’ve probably already noticed:

[Image: cJJiyYw.jpg]

Designed by former Committee member theflightyellz and refined by Kei, the brand new WBO logo replaces the original one designed by myself seven years ago. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, and this seemed like the perfect time to do it – not only is it our anniversary, but it sets the stage for all of the other projects we’re working on for 2016 and beyond … like a real site redesign. Smile

Having a new logo also enables us to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time …

[Image: Bg5NjW6.jpg]

Many of you have been asking us to make WBO t-shirts available to everyone for a long time, and now we have! And these are seriously nice shirts: we’re using 100% ringspun cotton tees from Alternative Apparel and printing on them using direct-to-garment technology.

I wanted to be proud of whatever shirt we finally produced for everybody. And I'm very happy to say these deliver.

WBO t-shirts are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and come in white, black, and dark gray for $25 USD each. You’ll also receive the T-Shirt Face with your first purchase!

[Image: shirtface.png]
HD remake coming 2016.

As always, all proceeds from these sales will go towards funding WBO activities – and with all of the huge stuff we’re working on, your support is greatly appreciated.

(Event organizers: If you're interested in doing a group order on behalf of your community, you can save a ton on shipping by ordering everyone's at once. Let me know if you need help!)

face booster αlpha disappears January 1st

[Image: nmGIuW5.png]

Speaking of support: don’t forget that our limited time donation present, face booster αlpha, is availably only until January 1st, 2016! Don’t miss your chance to get these awesome Faces commemorating the release of Beyblade Burst, and help us build the future of the Beyblade community in the process.

WBO Beylogger inserts

[Image: gJmYwl1.jpg]

T-shirts aren’t the only way to show off your Blader style: Angry Face has designed a special series of BeyLogger inserts to commemorate our new logo! Just print the PDF, cut them out, and insert them into your BeyLogger.

Scavenger Hunt 2015

The long-awaited Scavenger Hunt is back, with new quests that will test your dedication to Beyblade!

For those of you who have never participated, the Scavenger Hunt will task you with performing various tasks in the Beyblade community, like hosting or competing in tournaments, making videos and posts about Beyblade, answering trivia questions, or even just sharing the love of Beyblade with your friends.

In the spirit of looking towards the future, this year’s Scavenger Hunt prizes include some currently-unreleased Beyblade Burst items, like Xcalibur Force Xtreme!

Scavenger Hunt participants will get the first shot at the latest Faces contained within Face Booster DRIVER!

[Image: h9jFJhE.png]
[Image: RPaXGNV.png][Image: 2NXLO6Q.png][Image: SpULswS.png][Image: qN3tljX.png][Image: alkma5B.png][Image: 0hoOyCU.png]

And of course, for 3 scavenger points, the Anniversary Face 2015 will be yours!

[Image: YJjaZ0k.png]

Learn more and get started in the dedicated Scavenger Hunt thread.

Free entry from December 12th to December 20th!

To help as many regions as possible come out to play even in winter, we're giving you a freebie: the entry fee will be waived from December 12th to December 20th!

You can still purchase a Blader Passport for upcoming events, but really, just have fun and get together!

Awakening Amaterios Prize Campaign

[Image: hSC9Tqh.gif]

Awaken the legendary Beyblade Amaterios Aero Assault – and claim it as your own!

Prove your strength as a Blader by winning the most consecutive battles in a WBO Burst-format tournament to win an exclusive Face, the Shard of Amaterios. Collect 3 Shards of Amaterios to summon the legendary Beyblade straight to your doorstep.

The Awakening Amaterios campaign is valid for all WBO Burst-format tournaments starting January 1, 2016. We’ll reveal the Shard of Amaterios around that time. Awakening Amaterios tournaments are limited to 1 per month per region, and there are multiple Amaterios available to win.

A big thank you to Hato for generously donating one of his Amaterios to us, and helping us get this campaign started. Smile

Blader Rewards: Wave 5

Amaterios isn’t the only Burst Beyblade making its way into the WBO prize roster: various Beyblade Burst items are now available under the Blader Rewards program! Unlike previous updates, we won’t be resetting Credits this time, so if you’ve been saving up for a while, now would be a good time to go shopping. Wink

Find out more about Awakening Amaterios and the new Blader Rewards in the dedicated thread.

November Passport Holder Giveaway Winner

And the winner of Stars' B-17 Odin Central Blow is...


~Thunder~! Congrats! Claim your prize by contacting Kai-V and we will make sure you receive it as soon as possible.

And thanks again to Stars for the generous donation!

The Future

As we enter the eighth year of the World Beyblade Organization’s existence, the future looks somehow more promising than ever. Certainly, the fact that there is finally another active Beyblade series helps, as does the promise of its nearly-inevitable international release.

But what’s most encouraging is the immense strength of this community after seven years of ups-and-downs. We’re in a better position than we’ve ever been to do some amazing things, so be sure to stick around. Wink
First post.... Glad i was here for about 5 years from now... great to see Brad taking over the site!
(Dec. 04, 2015  11:39 PM)Stars Wrote: First post.... Glad i was here for about 5 years from now... great to see Brad taking over the site!

To be clear, I haven't taken over the site. I depend on the rest of the Committee immensely, and we are partners together in everything you've seen us do since I returned. Smile
Those shirts look sick!
SO MUCH TO ENJOY!!! Supaburn

The new logo looks great! And I got one last screenshot of it :')

I love the BeyLogger inserts, they look great!

So much to take in.. Unsmith
I got a screenshot of the logo too, either way, Xtreme HYPEEEE
Damn, the banner is so different, I love it but I'll never get use to it.
To begin, this truly have been one insane year for the WBO! From Team BeyBattle Revolution, to the announcement of Beyblade Burst, Bey Brad's return, new promotions and now, the website rebrand! Honestly, this was easily the best year by far for the forum.

I've have had such an amazing time working for the WBO as the Social Media manager and also a Global Moderator. I love sharing opinions (and also getting news beforehand!) and hearing everyone else's as well. To Brad and the rest of the committee, thank you so much for taking me in. I will continue to do the best I can. Smile

You guys should know that we have the greatest community ever. Kudos.

also that t-shirt face is so cute <33
I just joined wbo I'm happy here. Happy anniversary WBO! and thanks Bey Brad for creating wbo! And thanks all moderators for keep wbo so clean informative and fun for all age!
WBO make our blader's spirit spin forever! I don't have words how good work you guys did.

Bey Brad Wrote:but it sets the stage for all of the other projects we’re working on for 2016 and beyond

Seriously even more projects? That means even more AWESOMENESS

Also I really liked new changes design of wbo it's feeling much fresher? cleaner and modern really appreciate your work
Wow!! Lots of new stuff!
Happy Brad-Day :p
I guess the WBO is going on even bigger, huh? Smile
I'm so buying a T-Shirt.
Awesome Logo, too. I think it looks better then ever. RIPegasisWheel

I'm so glad that I joined this community almost 2 years ago, now. Cheers to bigger and better things, guys.
Wow, everything looks so awesome now. Can't wait to get a T-shirt eventually. Great job guys, happy 7th to the WBO. Glad to be back here after so long.

Expect to see lots of my money in the next few weeks, haha.
I know I haven't been on here for long but this is amazing next goal:10th Anniversary!
I could cry right now I'm so happy now i don't have to create my own WBO beylogger inserts.
We are so glad that you guys seem so happy about all the news hah. This is exactly why we do everything we do on the World Beyblade Organization.

By the way, the first post has been updated to add that ~Thunder~ won the November Passport Holder giveaway. So, he is the lucky winner of Stars' Odin Central Blow!
Well, I'm quite new here in WBO, also in the modern Beyblade world (lets put like that), but what I've seen is that specially this community is really strong, nice and fun! Also, keeping a huge worldwide community like this for such a long time isn't an easy task, and... Hey! You guys did it!! So, what I want to say is congratulations, really, even I being new here I can feel the heat and the passion all of you still have for Beyblade. Something that I didn't have for some years, since I stopped following the series, I missed the entire MFB generation and "rediscovered" the franchise this year! So I watched everything again, since the very first series, up to Zero G, got a lot of Beyblades from all generations, and it made me happy again!

So, yeah, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to everybody in here. I love this place, really... Grin

EDIT: Oh... I forgot to mention, those BeyLogger inserts and the T-Shirts are must have items for me now! Tongue_out
And I loved the new logo!! Grin'
Dang so much change, but I love it! Happy Anniversary can congrats to 7 years of the WBO!
The WBBO has some great stuff
Congratulations from Team Zankye in 7th anniversary on all the hard work done by you guys, just amazing.

We Just bought a shirt to support WBO, the faster we can get the shirt, the faster we can mention in our Channel and potentially bring more people to Join.

(Dec. 05, 2015  2:23 AM)originalzankye Wrote: Congratulations from Team Zankye in 7th anniversary and all the hard work.

Thank you for being a big part of our past few years!
You're welcome we are here to help as well, as much as we can.
Congrats again.
7 whole years.....7 whole years has come and gone ya know...The wbo is destined to live forever just so as long as Beyblade exists. Not my art work but...I feel it's appropriate to post this since ya know a community builds up and keeps things going.

[Image: eu11jc.png]
-Art work by Momohimi, I ain't takin his credit cuz i don't want it~

Woah, it's different. Finally.

I've only been here for five years now, but I'm looking forward to five more. And then another five... And then another five... And then another five... And then another five...