[Plastics] Selling NIB/NIP Driger S, Dranzer F, Wolborg, Burning Kerberous, Etc.

Hi guys! I only have restocked a little. Thanks everyone.

I am selling these Plastics beyblades/accessories (Prices in USD):

#35 NIP Driger S (No stickers, but complete parts) 15$ 1 pc left
A-27 Dranzer F 22$ SOLD OUT

A-35 Draciel F 17$ 3pcs available

A-36 Wyborg 12$ 1pc left

A-39 Wolborg 22$ 2pcs available

A-40 Seaborg2 17$ 1pc left
A-56 Dranzer V 17$ SOLD OUT as of now

A-67 Draciel V 17$ 1pc left

A-82 Burning Kerberous 24$ 2 pcs available

Some beys from the Random Booster 10:

NIP Death Gargoyle - 25$ - Green Parts already sold!
1. AR - 2. Parts - NIP Rushing Boar - 25$
1. AR - 2. Parts - Other recolors: - 5$ each or for free if you buy multiple!

1. Driger V - 2. Seaborg2 -
Prices: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/...rence_List We'll be guided by this but I can assure I'll offer lower than stated. This is not including freight costs. Prices are negotiable! :)

We shall use Paypal :)

Freight will depend on your location, I will verify first. I am from the Philippines. It would be better to buy multiple so we can save on shipping, also I will share in the shipping if you buy multiple :) We can discuss this in PM.

We can talk about how our transaction will happen in PM guys. :) I'm quite busy at school but I'll make sure to reply as fast as possible!

Thanks everyone, most especially Kai-V!

Looking forward! If you have any concern, just shoot me a PM.


PS: Some boxes have shown signs of aging as these stocks are from years ago (we know that), but rest assured that the contents are definitely brand new condition. Check the pictures of the contents. :)
PM sent Smile
Those are not HMS though, they are plastics hah ?
Thanks for the heads up Kai-V, I'm kinda new to the old gen ... Haha.
I'd like some pictures to make sure they're real.
(Sep. 16, 2015  4:35 PM)Neo Wrote: I'd like some pictures to make sure they're real.

Hi, these items are not yet on my hand. I can show pictures of what my supplier sent me though. I hope to be able to post my own pictures soon.
New in Box, or used? If so, which brand? Takara?
If that's the case $7 is a good price point for many trying to start collecting these Beyblades!
I'll be editing my post in a while to put the pictures my supplier sent.

Please keep in mind that 7$ is a minimum, haha. I am also still searching for quotations. But I'll do my best to offer them at lower than normal.
Yeah, I'm aware.
But those listed aren't very common at all for Takara..
Hi guys, updated the post with supplier's pictures and other disclaimers.
I have all of these particular beys but will check back regularly incase you get other plastic or HMS ones.

Bump. Anyone else interested? Smile
I mean, I am interested and do hope people buy from you.
Thanks! I plan to keep this thread up to next week, then I'll order from my supplier.

ADDED: A-15 Sniper Grip

Updated with Prices that are negotiable!
(Sep. 17, 2015  4:01 AM)Neo Wrote: I mean, I am interested and do hope people buy from you.

May I know which items are you interested in, Neo?
Please don't double post, just edit your last post or wait 48 hours to post again. Wink
(Sep. 17, 2015  10:46 AM)xVaretyr Wrote:
(Sep. 17, 2015  4:01 AM)Neo Wrote: I mean, I am interested and do hope people buy from you.

May I know which items are you interested in, Neo?

I mean, WOLBORG but I don't have the money for a while, so I'll pass.
Cookie Bouquets
This is definitely good to hear. While I may have most of what I want, I'll definitely look to you as your stock updates in case i see anything that strikes me fancy
Thanks Neo and Shirayuki!

Prices are negotiable so don't be intimidated by the listed price. Smile I'll get a list of shipping costs by the weekend. I'll try to get some stocks by next weekend (I still have major exams).

Stay tuned!
they are takara tomy?! I would be interest in some of them... I have to verify my Budget first.
They are Takara Smile Wow, thanks. We can always negotiate prices, don't worry. But first I really need to determine shipping costs.
ok well I PM you with what i'm interested in and make me a price with the shipping and I see if I can. probably taking more than one so probably a "package deal" could be good.
Sounds like a plan, loyd! Send me a PM of what you are interested in, so I can determine how many I will get from the supplier. We can talk there. Thanks a lot!
cool PM send and I write you a list of what i'm looking for too in case you can get those too.
Replied. Thanks again loyd!