Who is the better blader? Tyson, Gingka, or Zero

definintly Ginga he's my favorite character and although he get's annoying sometimes I've pretty much gotten used to it Smile and in the battle between Zero and Ginga Ginga looked so boss Smug I wish ginga ended up with madoka and appeared more instead of Argh! Tsubasa and that's just my oppinion please don't critisize me Smile
I never watched the original Beyblade (not a fan of the art style) so I can't say anything about Tyson, but I gained a lot of respect for Ginga towards the end of Zero G. Couldn't stand him for 3 seasons, but at the end of the day he was the perfect main character for Metal Fight Beyblade. I don't think Zero's personality was developed enough by the end of Zero G to judge his character.
Also, just realized that this was about their "blading" abilities & not their personalities. My opinion remains the same.
Trust me when I say this, the original beyblade series begins to look a lt better after the first season I believe. Tyson loses his weird cheeks, haha.

I keep thinking there was a thread for this but I couldn't find anything when I searched.

Anyways, definitely Tyson. Yes he lost more battles than Ginga but he wasn't basically that all out unstoppable main character like Ginga.
Exactly, I like Tyson a lot better than the MFB main characters, he actually has creative special moves, and has more skills, and doesn't eat burgers all day XD
All characters from the original series are better than the nutcases from MFB.
Tyson is so much better. He doesn't start out as "the best," he actually matures and grows as a character, and he's bearable, even likeable.
(Sep. 19, 2013  1:09 AM)Lazer Wrote: definintly Ginga he's my favorite character and although he get's annoying sometimes I've pretty much gotten used to it Smile and in the battle between Zero and Ginga Ginga looked so boss Smug I wish ginga ended up with madoka and appeared more instead of Argh! Tsubasa and that's just my oppinion please don't critisize me Smile
I am also a big fan of Gengka! ya'll are just jealous of his massive bey spirit! (lets see any of you eat 6 hamburgers a day and look like that) yes he has a pet unicorn, but yet no one is second guessing his sexuality. He is #1 most Honorable blader of the world. Tongue_out_wink

And the scarf, so stylish.

Edit: Ultramarine- A Beyblades power has no limit, As long as i have more bey spirit then you i can never lose. na'na'na'na-boo-boo
I'm jealous of the fact that he is given so much power.
Actually, I've eaten five burgers, two plates of fries, and had two lemonades on multiple occasions, and I'm underweight.

Honestly, even if you can get past that horrid voice, he's still just a preacher of something that screws up a child's understanding of the game in real life, has horrible eating habits, and hardly grows as a character.
Yeah, dude, I have a friend in my class that's as tall as Ultramarine, and at McDonalds', he eats like, 6 burgers, 2 shakes,7 orders of French Fries, and he's still in that shape! What is this madness Chocked_2
Are you sure? Because 6th Graders don't generally even scratch the surface of 6'1, maybe 5'11 if you're rediculous at the end of the year, beginning of the year probably 5'8 tops, and that's stretching it.

Anyways, Tyson. He's just the best overall, and improves the most.
Hell yeah Im sure, hes tall! At least as tall as Ultramarine, and Tyson FTW!
Well, correct me if I'm wrong, I fell asleep during health, perhaps he hit puberty early? I haven't yet, so I'm waiting on my growth spurt still.
Sorry for the off topicness.
I don't think so, because he grows taller every year so... I'll take this to PM now.
Tyson because he starts off as a rookie but then grows stronger.
There is no game, definitely Tyson.
Charisma, strength, fondness for the beys, and he growth through the series, this is Takao. All these qualities make him more human, and also make him an example to follow.
Now the question is "who are Gingka and Zero?", just two kids that play beyblades in a world that is totally focused on them, the battles are inconsistent, there isn't the emotions that Takao and his friends transmitted with their battles, so analyze this, where is the emotions? where is the incredibly strong speeches of Takao and Kai? Takao is a leader, Gingka and Zero absolutely not, they are just kids.
All of them are guys from a commercial manga/anime but Takao is the character more real, surely the character with more true moral values and emotions and, for this reason, the character more far from commercial.
This is my opinion Smile
Tyson for sure is better, you see him grow to be the best unlike gingka at the start
Gingka can't win a battle without madoka giving him the answers off of her magic laptop. Tyson has a more interesting and relate-able character (e.g. in Burdens of a Champion), is more creative in battle ,and well, more powerful.
Zero's attitude is like Daichi's "I want to be the best blader ever and beat the world champion", I wouldn't put Zero in the same class of them at all.
Although I discovered MFB before Bakuten Shoot, I think Tyson is stronger than Gingka. Although Gingka would have the advantage due to his experience with wind-based attacks and left-spinning Beyblades, Tyson is just flat out more powerful. While it's true that Nemesis is most likely stronger than Brooklyn, Gingka had to borrow the power of the entire world, and still struggled a bit. Tyson only needed help from his friends and Tala, and he still beat Brooklyn with relative ease.

Zero hasn't really had enough time or experience for me to really start judging him in terms of the other two, though. If he gets another two seasons he'll start to measure up.

EDIT: I'm actually surprised/proud of you guys for making this a mature and reasonable discussion. No "JINGA IS BETTER BCUZ HES AWSOME!!!!!1!!!111" carp here.
Beymaster7 lol nice avatar change it. I'm not a fan of the plastics anime, art style looked odd for me, so I got nothin on Tyson. Gingka being my favorite, annoying at first but at the end becomes the most important role of the beyblade anime. Zero's lifespan is too short for me to dis/like him.
Art style looks odd...so you dislike the anime and all characters in it. I'm not even going to waste time arguing with you.

And of course Ginga plays an important role. He is the main character. That's what main characters do.
Did I say I dislike EVERYTHING about the plastics? No, I got no feeling for it. Simple as that.
The only reason you stated for disliking plastics is "the anime style looks odd." By saying you "got nothing on Tyson" that implies you either haven't watched the anime, you haven't seen a lot of it, or you don't like him because you don't like the art style.
I liked the original series most, but I found Tyson's cocky attitude a bit annoying. Which is why I prefer Gingka
He wasn't cocky in the end. Gingas beyspirit preaching is way worse.

Anyway, I never gave my opinion on Zero. He's so much better than Ginga. No preaching, bearable voice, etc. but he's still not as good as Tyson. Perhaps he didn't get enough time to develop, but I feel like he wasn't complete character-wise.
No.... I don't like any of the main characters that much, but yeah, Tyson did get better at the end. And now that you mention it, he was probably the most bearable. And I didn't really mind the preaching, it was the cocky attitude that annoys me, which is why I also didn't particularly like ryuga either.
I can't disagree about Ryuga, I never understood all the hype about him. He was just a selfish overconfident jerk. Except for like 4 episodes...