WBO X Championship 2019 – Coming Soon

I feel like Kentucky never gets any love when it comes to Beyblade Tournaments Uncertain
Anyway, I hope I can go to this Event!
I cant wait for this, finally I can fulfill my dream and try to be #1 in the world. This is my chance to step up and let it rip into battle! Grin
(Dec. 05, 2018  8:27 AM)Kei Wrote:
(Dec. 05, 2018  8:23 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: Wait what? WBo World championships, Or something nearby?

We aren't committing to anything like that at the moment, but we are committed to involving multiple regions so they have the chance to be connected to the WBO X Championship in some capacity. We will announce more when we have more details! It really is very early on right now, so we will need some time.