WBO Organized Play Announcement - WBO Watchlist

Hello fellow Bladers!

Over the past few months, the Organized Play team has been in discussion around the state of our various formats. With the monthly release of new parts having the potential to shake up balanced formats like Burst Class and Burst Limited, we've decided to institute a Watchlist.

Why Create a Watchlist?

Having a public Watchlist allows us (both Organized Play and WBO Community members) to more readily monitor our state of play in our various formats and ensure that our formats stay as balanced as possible. We aim to use tournament data and testing to inform what parts get added or removed from this Watchlist, or moved to our Ban List.

Note on Newly Released Parts

For the month after a new Beyblade has been released, that Beyblade & its associated new parts will be added to the Watchlist across all applicable formats. Again, tournament data and testing will inform wether or not it will be removed from the Watchlist, or moved to our Ban List.

Current Watchlist
You can find our current watchlist by clicking the button below.

Currently our Watchlist includes:

Burst Limited
Drivers: Almight, Metal Drift, Bearing'

Burst Classic
Drivers: Almight, Metal Drift, Bearing'

Burst Limited
Layers: Turbo Achilles A4, Kerbeus K4

Burst Classic
Drivers: Xtend+

Layers: All habro-exclusive Turbo excluding: Morrigna, Typhon

How you can help!

Tournament data and testing is a community effort. Your usage of these parts will help inform how the Organized Play Team updates our Watchlist. We look forward to working with you all in ensuring balanced formats for play!


If you have any feedback on these particular changes, or any questions or suggestions for further adjustments or additions, please post your thoughts below or in the WBO Organized Play Rules thread.

Thanks for your continued support of WBO Organized Play! We always appreciate your feedback and are constantly looking to improve and clarify things where ever possible.
Just to ask this, is alright on the watchlist being counted with or without the gears? without them it doesn't have too much weight to be op for limited, but with the gears it s weight is up in the mid 40's I think so might wanna watch that.