Toys R Us Tournaments

(Jun. 13, 2010  4:23 AM)Gaia Dragoon X2 Wrote: One was held earlier today, a friend of mine hosted it at a canadian Toys R Us event, of course, we talked about it, it even had a "soccer mom", but it was settled, BTW, he was the host of the tournament. X3

Overall it was a great atmosphere, the negative energies (the presence of hate, spite, etc) was not present at all. It was a fair, good run actually. :3

Man, I'd KILL for a Wal-Mart sponsored Beyblade tourney in Boca Raton. XD
I'd Kill for one to happen here and since no wbo or hasbro sponsored i'd use a libra
I was in a tournament and... I won first place with my Lightning LDrago b-)

I won:
1. Storm Aquario 100HF/S (Another one)

2. Storm Capricorne M145Q (Darn! i have 2 of these now)

3. Flame Libra T125ES (Yay!)
don't be surprised if there is no tournament at your local toysrus I work at toysrus andI asked for one at my job and I was told it doesn't bring in any money so there is no point of having them.
are they gonna host any beyblade tournaments in alabama?
Hmmmm would be nice of the one in Perth to try this idea =3=
Way to bump the topic (Major Sarcasm implied)

If you read in the Beyblade Hobby thread at the top of the forum page you should know that toys r us tournments at a majority of them are hapening on the 16th.
When are the dates for the toys "r" us tournaments?
July 16th Noon to 2 o'clock everywhere in America.
Noooo! I forgot! Oh well, wasn't there suppose to be prizes for participation?
July 16th hasn't passed yet... what are you talking about?
Oh, I thought he said it was today??? ... I guess I should have read the whole thread, rofl. But still, aren't there suppose to be prizes for participation?
I don't think so. Maybe a poster for everyone who participated... that's what I saw on iTris2's video. And removable tattooes.
Don't miss the Beyblade Battle events coming up at all Toys"R"Us stores. Bring your own tops to battle or use the tops provided in stores. Attendees will receive free giveaways while supplies last, so get there early and Let it Rip!

Event dates are 7/16 (12pm - 2pm), 8/27 (12pm - 2pm) & 10/22 (2-4pm).

What it says at, probably stuff like that I guess.
That's better, I'm ready to annihilate some little kiddies Smug
Like me! rofl, well, I bet there will be a lot of kids around 7-9. But I bet most of them are better than me XD.
My only stamina type is counter aries 145 S, so we can forget that idea XD
cant wait i wanna make little children cry
cant wait i wanna make little children cry
That's taking it too far. Quit using IE, it's causing you to double post.
what IE?
i'm gonna go on saturday! sweeeet!
I will be attending and teaching. I intend on fixing some combos I am already expecting to see that are really not too good. This would be a great opportunity for me to recruit new people for some tournaments over here. Wonder if there are any prizes..