Toys R Us Tournaments

(Aug. 12, 2014  5:47 PM)Dark_Mousy Wrote: Iirc I actuallyfound this instagram through long before the Beyblade shop came up.
I can't find any links to this on their website now that I checked just their Beyblade Shop Instagram, so can you give me the page where you found it?
I honestly think that you should be allowed to use TT and SK. I mean, they're still technically real. And then there's also the fact that there are some people who have a ton of TT and SK beys and barely any Hasbro beys. Aren't Hasbro, TT, and SK working together on beyblades?
But they're trying to advertise the ones they produce, not the ones the other companies produce.
No official company would seriously capitalise every single word ... As soon as people come here and do this, we tell them not to do that because it is annoying, so I dare hope that Nelvana or the press relations company running their Beyblade Instagram account would know inherently not to do that.
Here you go, guys : it is completely fake.
So why don't you report it to Hasbro then?
From the grammar alone you all should have realized that it's fake
We needed proof though. It could've just been Hasbro trying to talk like the Bladers in the show.
uhg i hate those i went to 1 u had 2 use thier beys