The Little Battlers, There is still hope of localization

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It was actually pushed back again and is set for release on June 16. The anime started in March.
What To said is correct the game is out June 16th, from all the delays this game best be amazing, ugh. But this is a shorter delay than last time, which I guess is good
it is officialy out i guess since i just ordered the game today cant wait for AX-00
Nicely done, -sigh- I have to wait till its localized for my copy, which I don't know how long that will take.
Dont worry, we only have to wait 1 or 2 years if its localized, or even months if we're lucky. But we might just have to import cause I haven't heard of localization plans yet T_T
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To be honest with you, I don't think this game will be localized.

At least not in its current state.
I would presume so, even if it was localized it would take ages to bring across the world, -sigh- it just gives more incentive to move to Japan for the good stuff.
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To make up for my horrible first post xD (no.5) I will write something a bit more constructive...

The battle stages reminds me a lot of DBZ. I think the shop and the game in genral is kind of like Custom Robo. It pretty much reminds of EVERYTHING, Digimon, Shaman King, Medabots, you name it!
No worries Raw your post was fine albeit quite blunt, but I don't take offense or anything.
We may still have hope, as they say when a game sells well they localize it.

The Little Battlers was quite a success in Japan, selling a total of 166,187 copies in its first week, which amounts to 80.47% of all copies that were sent out to stores.
Edit:Ignore this post and look at the above
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[Image: gIMjs.png]

On Level-5 USA's Facebook page, there is currently a poll up to see how many people are excited in their Japan-only games. Obviously a lot of excitement would help towards getting said game localized. I say we vote for:

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering what the case sans model kit for the game looks like:

[Image: Ygxbq.jpg]
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Level-5 has registered trademarks in the US for toys, anime, manga, and video games relating to "The Little Battlers eXperience", and have since confirmed that the anime series will be released in the US! This must mean the game will be coming too!
I sure hope so, but carp, Little Battlers only got 375 votes, jeez. You think they're gonna localize the model kits too?
I sure hope so, but carp, Little Battlers only got 375 votes, jeez. Why do people not want it?
If you're interested in Little Battlers Model Kits go here:

There's also a trading card game, its on the link above
(Aug. 02, 2011  3:47 AM)Revolver Hades Wrote: I sure hope so, but carp, Little Battlers only got 375 votes, jeez. You think they're gonna localize the model kits too?

Girl's RPG had the fewest votes, so I feel sorry for its supporters...

I'd say that the chances of localized model kits is pretty good. Since they're probably planning to employ the same multimedia invasion tactic that was used in Japan, everything from anime to stickers will be used to promote the franchise. Since the last time that model kits were common was about a decade ago, when Zoids and Gundam were airing, The Little Battlers would be the only place to get model kits now. In addition, these model kits have streamlined layouts for easy building.

In hindsight, The Little Battlers was probably made to be localize for an international audience. The character designs and setting are fairly Western, from the clothes to character personalities. The only aspect that isn't normal for a Western audience is the model kit robots, but that's the unique point that would make it appealing to them.
This looks nummy. I might try it out.
I'm Back with some more info, The Little Battlers Boost will come out later this year in Japan,

Level-5 World, which is going on now in Japan, is an event just for Level-5′s upcoming titles.
Games on display include Time Travelers, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, Inazuma Eleven Go, Guild01, Girls RPG: Cinderella Life, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Fantasy Life… so out of all the games which one had the longest line?

The Little Battlers Boost with roughly 60 minutes of waiting The Little Battlers Boost is an enhanced version of the game with cooperative play, new characters, and LBX robots to play as.

This is kinda weird since The Little Battlers itself is still on store shelves, maybe we have localization hopes after all...

oh and also

After the Inazuma Eleven stage show completed, Inazuma Eleven Go had lines roughly 50 minutes long and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was between 30 – 45 minutes. Fantasy Life, Time Travelers, and Guild01 all had reasonable 0-10 minute waits per game.
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You should probably include the fact that Boost features new characters, storylines, and robots including those from the LBX manga. Wink

I can also confirm that the anime's first 78 (yes, 78 episodes - meaning ones not aired in Japan yet) episodes are being dubbed into English in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
It's kind of astonishing however, that Level 5 has so many games that they can make their own game show, with only their own games, oh and yes, To is correct, Boost will have an additional ten characters. Troy, an LBX from the comic series, will be in The Little Battlers Boost too. Level-5 tweaked the PSP game with a special attack function and an auto battle option.
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Level-5 is actually one of the largest video game publishers in Japan at this point. Layton, and Inazuma Eleven are both multi-million selling franchises (on a world-wide basis), and in fact LBX has turned a tidy sum for them. While the game's sales are kind of lukewarm for the amount of publicity it got (though very comparable to those of the first Inazuma Eleven), they've moved 1.5 million model kits in Japan so far. It's very weird seeing a publisher rise to power as quickly as they did.

So with all of these strong titles do you think they'll ever be stronger than Square Enix?
That does look sick so is it going to come to usa?or did you already awnser this question