The Little Battlers, There is still hope of localization

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Do Animax dubs ever tend to edit out content? I can see this being edited out of the Dentsu Entertainment dub.

Is there any chance you could record these episodes? I think it would be interesting to compare the dubs once the international one is released. Unless Animax plans on doing a simul-dub broadcast the show should be in repeats come May.
They occasionally might soften some of the dialogue a little bit, and they might slow down the video to "skip" scenes with a lot of blood or uh, "compromising" imagery in it (the audio track plays normally though). But that's about it when it comes to Animax Asia's edits.

Sadly I am unable to record them, but I could've sworn I saw them posted on YouTube just a short while back.

Also, I just have to say, I'm sooo loving the first ending theme "Boku no Chokinbako". Been awhile since a song brought a tear to my eye...
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LBX W is also coming to Vita alongside PSP.
Sorry I was gone so long you guys. I got really caught up in school. Thank you for handling things To. I still have to ask.. why would they make an English dub of a show that's solely going to be shown in Asia? It makes no sense...
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I suppose it's because the markets the dub will air in are situated between China and Japan. China's where all these goods (model kits, etc.) are produced, and sent off to Japan. As such, local distributors may release the products in the territories in between, and may want some television presence to support their release. It would explain why they're not waiting for the localized kits, alongside the proper English dub.
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LBX W Debut Trailer: