Team Lupus!!!!! [California,United States of America/International]

hello my fellow bladers and welcome to the den of the wolves

Inspiration/Theme: we represent the wolves and are looking for bladers with something that has to do with wolves in there names or something involved with them also everyone is welcome so don't worry about that

Location: We are a team from [California,LA,United States of America] we are also [international] also so area doe's not matter after all there are wolves all over the world!

Positions: I Aurawolf am the Alpha wolf (leader) our this team and earthwolf1404 is the Beta wolf (second in command) of our team and the DrakeTheAwesome is Gamma wolf (third in command) mathages delta other positions may be created later

Alright my fellows bladers shall you join our pack and we shall show the the world our fangs!!!!! (also as a challenge try to make a top tier wolf oriented custom!)
Thank you for the great introduction Alpha leader, and welome gnaw wolves, If you puppies join, Their is no doubt that we will be the true and ultamate wolf pack!!! As for wolf combos, the best that I've had was Earth Wolf DF145HF
we should to team meet ups once we get things going
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe you need a prefix like [California] or wherever you'd allow your members to come from.
yes your right ill do that
greetings aurawolf. I would like to join your team after I cancelled my old team because I relized I would rather be on your team. I am in california and hope to see you at the L.A. tournament qualifier. *bows like to a sensie and then leaves*
You have been accepted to the pack DrakeTheAwesome I hope to see you at the la qualifiers as well
team alliances: team burnout and team HellBringers
Would you like to form an alliance with Team Ancient Knights?
I accept team Ancient Knights as allies
You still need to put a proper prefix in the title like scout25 said.
We are planning to start a tag team tourny, so We need you to post so that we may figure out who's with us.

Or at least Pm Aurawolf or me so we can get this orginized.
(Apr. 28, 2013  2:04 AM)aurawolf Wrote: team alliances: team burnout and team HellBringer

It's HellBringers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you mess up on my teams name???
Sorry for the mistake
hi,aurawolf earthwolf1404 told me post on the thread to fully acknowledged
Welcome Brother Delta. I have Finally posted Our Tournament, It is imperative that ALL members attend for the team event at least, please PM me if you feel that you can't attend.
there's something wrong with the tournament thread its acting weird and wont let me reply on it also good job beta but we need more bb-10's if we want both tournament to run by smooth and quick and yes beta i will be a judge
You clicked this one, right? And so far I only have a BB-46, but if there are two or more BB-10's, then it will only be used for the final battle.
Umm... If BB-10's are available, they should be use instead of BB-46's man
^You got to spice up a tournament one way or another. People mainly rely on top tier for BB-10, top tier BB-46 is far different and what other way to show that than to have a tournament with one!
Plus, I didn't have enough to buy a new BB-10 at the time.
Hi,I wood like to join your team mathages recommended me
Welcome to the den Jangkster and I hope to see you at the tournament also we will need more bb- 10 it won't be easy getting many bb-46 s so yeah maybe that one could be used for the final round
Would you finally get the prefix???
I fixed the thread, now anyone can post on the thread now.