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[TN, AL, GA, MS]

Hello my fellow Southeastern bladers! Let's face it, our respective states are pretty inactive when it comes to tournament play compared to places like NC or NY. As such, I think it's time we merged our metagames and come together to try to get some tournaments happening!

I'll get us started: On January 4th, I'm planning on hosting a Beyblade tournament in Huntsville/Madison, AL (northern Alabama)! We already have 4 people who said they can make it, so we only need a few more! I don't have an exact address yet because I'm working on getting an indoor venue so we don't freeze, but once I get that address I'll post it here.

If this tournament works out, I plan to host many more down the road, and hopefully we can get a real metagame going! If you're interested in this event or in possible future events in the area, leave a comment here and hopefully we can get the ball rolling! Grin
Awesome! Smile

If only I could drive, LOL. XD Maybe I can convince my dad to take me down there for a weekend trip or something next year. Good luck! Joyful_3
Cool I can come too
So this region really is dead, isn't it, haha? I still really want to have this tournament (and future events!), but I need to know if anyone would be able to make it first. Anyone else able to make it? Grin
Wow maybe I can come too Tongue_out you know when theres enough people just check the Nashville Tennesse Thread Tongue_out but only m mom will take me so I'll have to talk to her....
Let's not forget Florida :p I'm in northeast Florida & I know of at least 2 or 3 others who are as well, so if there was a tournament in south Georgia I could possibly go.
Its about time thankyou I'm in
Now that it's been announced, I'm happy to say that if we can get enough people, we will be having both a Standard and Limited tournament on January 4th!! If you can make it, please let me know and tell anyone else who might be able to go!

Currently we're sitting on around 4-5 people who can attend (including king_Kendrick); we just need a few more!!
I'm up for trying to start tournaments around here again, but I personally wouldn't be able to attend one in Madison or Huntsville.
Were you guys planning to hold some tournaments down here?

Because if you could host one this May, I would love to come down and compete and meet you all! Alabama seems like a relatively centralized location for all of you. It's one state over for everyone.

You might even be able to convince some of the OK bladers to come down!
Hey guys, I'm trying to get enough people to host a tournament in the Atlanta area. If anyone's interested please pm me.
Currently we are trying to host a tournament in Marietta, GA. We still need a few more people to round out our 8+ slots. If you can make the drive then great but so far everyone interested lives in the area. Hopefully we can do a Standard or Zero G format as well as a limited format tourney in the same day.


-Jay Harkins
I am trying to host a GBT2 Qualifier in Atlanta, so PM me to join! We need 2 more people before Kai-V says that it will actually happen!
Just to clarify : since this is not the first proposal we get for additional qualifiers, we do have to choose among those because donations have not been abundant in the last year so we do not have enough funds to hold qualifiers in every region that would ask for it. There is a possibility that Georgia could be one, but perhaps not.
Here is what I said:

Centennial Olympic Park

Registration - 12PM
Metal Fight Tournament - 1PM - 2PM
Plastics Tournament - 2PM - 3PM

Possible Attendees:
Wow, you only need two more people!

That's kinda crazy. Seriously wish I could just make a 7-hour drive whenever I wanted, haha.

Good luck getting everything together! Grin

(Mar. 11, 2014  9:40 PM)TheBlackDragon Wrote: Wow, you only need two more people!

That's kinda crazy. Seriously wish I could just make a 7-hour drive whenever I wanted, haha.

Good luck getting everything together! Grin

We really need you! I know that you probably won't come, but I can put you down as a "Possible Attendant"
I wish could, but my dad's gonna be gone that weekend, and my mom has to stay home with us kids, so I don't have anyone to take me.

Coincidentally, my dad will be gone in Atlanta, but he'll be there for a week and he can't take me with him, and even then he couldn't drive me across town for the tournament.

So yah, my chances of making it are basically zero (especially as the NC qualifier is on that day, and I need to be there, haha).

But I hope you guys have tons of fun! Limited is a total blast. If you can get 8 people together, it'll be totally worth it.
I can always change the date to the weekend after if that would help at all...
I'm still only a possible attendee.
(Mar. 12, 2014  2:49 PM)Zancrow Wrote: I'm still only a possible attendee.
Oh, Sorry! I just put you down now! Please help advertise!
I'll send the date and info to some of my friends to see if they want to come.

Will we have enough people with plastics to have a legit tournament? While I love me some plastics, it might be easier if it was a MFB: Standard tournament instead since we're having enough trouble finding 8 people for the more common MFB generation alone.