Strange Dreams you've had

I had a dream when i had many Beyblade parts in a box. Strange thing is, There's so many unknown parts. DERP
(Mar. 27, 2016  9:00 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: This morning I dreamt I was three hours late for the Big Bey Bonanza and nobody could get inside since it's at my office and I have the keys. I woke up sweating and my heart racing.

I always have nightmares about being late for things :')

The "I'm so unbelievably late, is it even worth showing up at this point?" dream is a recurring one of mine, too.

(Mar. 27, 2016  8:33 PM)smash attacker Wrote: Sometimes u can enter someones dream. I have done it all the time (this is not a lie)

People have confirmed this for you?
Last night I dreamed about doing a BeyHunt and finding some rare beys and recolors I've never seen before and then I finally met BeyBrad and he revealed to be the inventor of Dragoon MSUV and then I had to battle him with my old broken Dragoon MS with a fake Hailstorm / Pink Raven attatched to the bottom and it worked like Phantom Fox MS Blade Base. In the end I lost to his overwhelming power but that was ok since I gave my best and we both fought fair and square and we had a lot of fun. It was an awesome dream. Smile
Recently had a dream that the sun was somehow burning out (which wouldn't naturally happen for billions of years yet) and people were shooting long range chemical carrying missiles at the sun to restart it. I somehow messed up my missile and the sun didn't restart. The second half of the dream was weird because humans didn't immediately freeze to death or anything, it just turned to night and slightly got colder.

I have weird dreams damn...
I once dreamed i had a "harem" does this count as a dream of sorts? yeah, i've been watching alot of high school DxD lately, I WOULD be having thoughts like that lol
Had a dream where I was buying Rock Aries and Dark Gasher but the Gasher Clear Wheel was a fusion of Gasher and Herculeo, with the stripes of Herculeo. The weird thing is that both Rock Aries and Dark Gasher are Beys I don't have yet. xD
Yesterday I had a weird dream. I dreamed that I had some turtles and I had to set them out at a river in the forest because I wasn't allowed to keep them. A few years later I came back and then I saw a gigantic 2 meter long turtle hopping with his belly from stone to stone. I probably dreamed this because a week ago I had to give my turtles away because I didn't have enough money for a greenhouse.
The other day I dreamt that I was in a haunted mansion and I got killed by the monster that was living inside it, so I just sortof started existing in the mansion as the spirit of my dead self. Then Drake came into the mansion and my spirit-self helped guide him through it to safety. Then he wrote a song about me and put it on Views. Serious
I dreamt once that i had the ability to go between timelines of history. it's a important topic for me too..
It's been forever since I've been here! We it's about time I give you guys more of my crazy dreams(it's a bit of a long one).

So one time I had a dream where I found a store in Downtown LA that sells plastics and stuff.

Today the dream continued with me coming back to get my friend her birthday present, but also was looking at the beyblades, despite not having a lot of money. I looked at one self and they had stuff for Xeno Xcalibur, like this attachment to the sword/sheathe launcher that made it use a string instead of a ripcord that came with a matching red and gold grip. So I bought went in line to buy a plastics bey that came with a string launcher and something else and the shopkeeper let me pay pay for everything even though I was short on money. Then a group of thugs were arguing outside the store entrance. I grabbed the metal bat behind the shopkeeper's register and went to check it out. One of the guys got fed up and tried to fight the others, when that didn't work, he pulled out a gun and ran away while shooting everywhere. I ran across the corner when a bunch of Crips started coming out of all the houses(luckily, I wasn't wearing colors), so I ran back. On the street with the store, I saw that the Bloods came by and they started fighting with the Crips. Back in the store, I tried to stop any looters or intruders. When the dust settled, the shopkeeper had to close his shop, so I checked for what all was stolen, said some consoling words, and grabbed my stuff.

I'll miss that man.
I keep dreaming that I have been shot and am bleeding out. It's really weird because for most of the dream I am just laying there weighing my options and preparing to accept my fate. Then I wake up. Uncertain
(Jun. 19, 2016  5:51 AM)DRAGON KING Wrote: I keep dreaming that I have been shot and am bleeding out. It's really weird because for most of the dream I am just laying there weighing my options and preparing to accept my fate. Then I wake up. Uncertain

Wow. You are really Macbre. Do you have a fixation with death?
Nightmares usually sprout from bad eating habits and things like that.
(Jun. 19, 2016  2:46 PM)KingofDarkness0 Wrote:
(Jun. 19, 2016  5:51 AM)DRAGON KING Wrote: I keep dreaming that I have been shot and am bleeding out. It's really weird because for most of the dream I am just laying there weighing my options and preparing to accept my fate. Then I wake up. Uncertain

Wow. You are really Macbre. Do you have a fixation with death?

... Sorry, I guess.

No, I don't.
not recent but once i dreamed that i was asleep, but then i woke up, and everything was normal, but then something felt off, then i woke up again, i had to double check that i was awake.

has anybody else had a dream within dream?
also anybody else had dreams that came true to some extent?
Last night I had a dream about a racist police officer who talked about German people and some kid who had a tattoo on his neck. The night before that I had a dream, that when I woke up, I was punching the air.
After logging on from an 8 year hiatus, I'm shocked that this thread is still up.
When I was really young, I loved Thomas the Tank Engine. I had a nightmare that I was shrunken down onto a table top train layout and Thomas turned evil. He chased me along the tracks and not once did I think to jump off to the side because, you know, he's a train and can only operate on the tracks. In the end, there was a bit of track that ran up the side of a volcano that was in the center of the layout and after I ran across the tracks, Thomas followed and then proceeded to fall into the volcano. It's a funny dream that I like to talk about because of how ridiculous it was. Hahaha

Just recently I had a dream about global warming. But it wasn't about the event itself, it was more the realisation that humanity had no more time to develop the technology to leave earth to colonize another planet and that we were doomed. Woke up in a slight panic and very disturbed.
Alrighty.. here we go.. this was about my only lucid dream i have ever had sadly....

i woke up in the magi (anime) world and was aladdin's friend. then the whole thing with meeting sinbad happened and i went on adventures and when the whole thing with morgiana using her household vessel happened, i ended up turning into a magi and saving her then i fainted and woke up in my room and started walking around my city in aladdin cosplay XD
I had a dream last week that all of my favorite toys I had as a kid came alive. xD

One of them wanted to watch the Bee Movie and I flew up to see my favorite bee talking to another toy. I was like "Hey, come here, this guy wants to watch the Bee Movie."

Best dream ever; until I woke up. =_=
So, once a long time ago, when I was young, I had the single most memorable nightmare I've ever had.

I was in this place. It had tiled floors. The mayor was arguing with someone. (Don't ask, idk) There was a decorative "L" shaped shallow 'tub' of water. The mayor stood up quickly and slammed his hand palm first on the edge of the 'tub' at the person he was arguing with. Suddenly, a reptilian tail flicked around his wrist, causing only confusion. A sea monster thing, probably 6-9 feet tall and quadrupedal jumped out of the 'tub'. There was a decorative thing that kind of formed a staircase thing sticking out of the wall a bit. I raced up it to get away from the thing. I dropped one of my (many) stuffed animals, so naturally I had to go get it. After a but of hesitation and panic, I went down to get it. The beast quickly ran over to me, standing over me and growling. I was able to mutter "help" right before I woke up. Sorry if I wasn't very descriptive, it's hard to describe.
I had a dream where I saw wd40 on my door
I had a dream that I was in an elevator, and the elevator cable snapped and plunged me to the ground floor. The board that says what floor you were on went from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to a star symbol, and finally a circle with a dot in the center. The elevator opened and it led to a hallway. The hallway resembled a hospital and had various monsters inside it. Like the monsters were recovering from various ailments and the like. The elevator I boarded had broke, mind you the cable snapped. There was no escaping. This treads the line between a strange dream and a nightmare.
I actually had a dream a couple months ago where I had just woken up (inside of the dream) and went to my kitchen. My little brother was there, and he was looking inside of the pantry for something, so I had decided to assist him.

When I looked inside of the pantry, I saw the full set of the RB vol.27 (Because there were 7 boxes, so I guess in my brain I thought it was the full set). He told me to open it all, so I did and quickly placed all of the stickers on the Beyblades.

Then, next thing I knew, I was putting all of them inside of the clothes washer. Honestly, I don't know why I did that, but I remember thinking that what I had done was just plain stupid, and that the stickers would come right off, but I didn't do a thing to get them out.

Then I woke up and was relieved that it was all a dream.
A lot of my dreams seem to predict/foreshadow the future, or figure things out about other people. In no way am I a psychic, however. I just feel like my dreams usually dig deep into my insecurities. And that my assumptions about other people turn out to be real. People are actually kinda shocked when I say I figured things out from my dreams