Strange Dreams you've had

I once had a dream that I was on the Leaning Tower of Pisa and was pushed off and landed on the Bit Beast of Variares DGrin. I turned evil after that and when I woke up my pillow was ripped. EVIL!
I have strange dreams of losing my car, down to getting hit, falling. water damage in my dream its been though it ALL even down to me beating up my sisters boyfriend for diving it!.....iv had dreams like it every night to the point i decided to put my foot down and point at my dad “mustang to the shop now” so hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have another car to drive……

How is it dreams get me motivated to do things?
I've had some really weird dreams but the one when I was in the 5th grade was the weirdest. Well here it is.

I don't know how or anything, but from what I remember I was in a log cabin that looked almost pixelized and there were 3 rooms I open the first room and a Pokeball is sitting on a table with a lightning bolt on it, so I take it and go to the next room where a cow is churning butter the old fashion way saying "Don't forget to eat your pie!" with a voice that sounded like Patrick from Spongebob. Then at the last door there was another door which led me outside. When I went out everybody, the ground, the house, even me was like a silhouette. It was nightime and there was one light coming from the outside house that now looked like the side I was approched by 3 kids about the same height as me. Well the one in the middle said "You want to compete?" and I said "Yes". Well I go to a large ditch and the kids on the left and right stand beside me and the middle one now looking female says "Go out and claim victory" so we all stand at the edge of the big ditch and the is a big concrete sewer pipe and turn facing the house and the female each gives us a kiss on the cheek and the other 2 (that I'm now assuming are male) just jump off and dissapear. Then I walk back to where I was and the girl shouts to the adult looking figures and says "The victor!" and then the light from the outside of the house shines blue for 5 seconds revealing most of the people and then somthing which baffles me now, when the girls face appeared I had no idea who it was at the time, BUT when I went to the 6th grade it hit me. The girl from my weird dream was the girl I had a crush on the whole year.

So yeah I've had my weird dreams.
I had this dream that I was Optimus Prime and I was fighting every single Decepticon alive and I was just PWNAGE and obliterated (seriously obliterated) all of them. It was sweet. Then I just flew off to my Auto-Bot friends. I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!
I was in pittsburg staying at a hampton inn on the night before the yugioh nationals. I had a dream that my opponent was stacking and got an exodia first turn win against me. So, I called a judge and the judge resembled ginka hagane. He took out his MF LLD BD145LRF. And then a random person got out rock capricorne 85MS and beat LLD. And then someone punched a whole in the wall.

When I woke up, I remembered that someone punched a hole in the wall at last year's nationals.

Weirdest dream I've ever had. Well, there was that dream with a frog and that one cup of orange juice, but that was way to weird for me to write on here.
my strangest dream was everbody had a metal circle that summed a monster
some bad most good and I had 2 friends and rode my bike to there house but mud was
thrown at me and a person challenged me and I almost lost but I was trapped in
the arms and broke free thanks to my monster then saved friends from ultra monster
and descverd my monsters special move justice canyon. I know long wierd
dream It was a 12 hour dream woke up 10:00
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(Aug. 05, 2011  4:51 PM)Taiwo Seigi Wrote: Once, I had a dream I was supposed to host a tourney for the WBO, but only Daegor42 and Kei came. And I beat Kei using Burn Libra 100 RF. <--- Me liked dream.
Last night, I had another dream about a tourney. A lot of people were supposed to come, but they didn't. And Kai-V was there testing me, so I looked like a complete fool. When I woke up, I was happy it was only a dream.

That belongs in the 'Beyblade dreams' thread...
I was in the 1940's telling Captain America about the movie they'd make about him 70 years later Uncertain
That was weird... same night, I had another dream, except this time I brought Orville Wright to the present time, and exposed him to the public, and he ran away... I have weird dreams Uncertain
I had a dream that the world turned into a cube and I had a genie from the show Aladdin then ben 10 came in and I wished that the world was normal.
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(Aug. 05, 2011  4:51 PM)Taiwo Seigi Wrote:

That belongs in the 'Beyblade dreams' thread...

Thanks for reminding me.
my dreams are pretty wierd, i was dreaming i was the dark side of me which is basically me wearing dark clothing and a masquerade mask which only has one eye and where the other eye should be is tribal markings, hes in all of my dreams so that doesn't freak me out, but in this one i was in a room which was completely white and my alter ego was standing on the ceiling right infront of me looking me in the eyes and then said 'i've been watching Josh, your time has nearly come...' then he vanished and i was lying on the floor and i felt immense pain where my heart was, around that area. I looked down and saw blood seeping from a hole in my chest. then i started crying and i saw my alter ego guy standing over me and he reached down and grabbed my hand then we were in a place which was made up of light and he said its time and walked into the light, i started to follow until it became to bright and then i woke up, but hes always in my dreams so i get used to him
This one was sorta embarrassing. I dreamt i had the all my classmates (which were in the 6th grade) with me in mys house. I basically dreamt we had like a huge sleepover.we were just hanging out. Then we were sleeping and we were in like tents? Then in the morning we all go ready for the day. Brushing teeth, going to the bathroom. Even changing in front of other people.I had no idea why I had this dream. It was so weird.
Well, I had this one last night. I was on vacation to Disneyland Paris with my mom, cousins, aunt, and uncle. Once we got there, we instantly entered the park. I rushed right to Space Mountain: Mission 2 while my cousins wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain. Apparently, as I thought the effect where you blast into space from a cannon was fake, the blast felt really strong and the scenery inside was fantastic. I started to realised we were in actual space, I couldn't breath so I grabbed the conveniently placed space helmet in the bottom of the rocket and put it on.After the ride ended, I heard from the cast members that there was an accident on Big Thunder Mountain, so I used all my "Beypower" to bring them back. We all celebrated by eat 1Lb turkey legs. After I couldn't taste the saltiness and meat, I woke up sad since I didn't have a turkey leg Unhappy...
In case you don't know how big and good these things are, here's a pic.
This beats ever single weird dream, hav u ever got one of them dreams where things are doing stuff in ur dreams and then u wake up and its actually happening? well this happend to me, i luv my cat lots, and lots, so he sleeps on my bed and i was asleep and he started meowing in my face, and then my brain made it part of the dream and i dreamt my cat was my lawyer.... Chocked_2 im weird.....
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(Dec. 01, 2008  6:36 PM)Spinster Wrote: Used to get Night Terrors as a kid. They came about again briefly when I was on a particular medicine for a bit a few years ago. I actually kind of enjoyed them, as strange as that sounds, because at least they had plot.

I'm the same way, I still get them from time to time, as much as i get scared, they intrigue me to no end.

hehi always have fun in night mares as, it is scary, but i cant wrestle and kill them, its just fun.

so anyways back on topic

i was in my house, i walked in the front door, and mom said hi then, she turend into some sort of zombie thing, and ran into her room, i went in there and said "mom?" and she jumped me and mised but then all my friends and familly members heads were in front of me, trying to eat me. then i ran into the bathroom then, i was eaten, then reborn i was, at a swiming pool, so everone greets me i turn around and they turn into some sortuve brown monster thing(come to think of it they looked like seperated spine's avatar.)and i jumped into the pool and i was pulled down, i couldnt breath i was tied off, and left to drown, i couldnt breathe i was left like that for along time, then i finaly woke up and i gasped, for air and had tunnel vision then went out, and woke up, then puked. the worst thing that happend to me in my life.(so far)
(Apr. 01, 2011  1:02 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: About a Month Ago I dreamt about some Dinosaur coming and Ripping my sis's Head off.She still was alive though and could still talk.Her blood looked like Blue like Electrcity Wires and the dinosaur appeared in the my Front Lawn and my House was not Having any roof.Strange isn't it.

uh this is creepy but i got a dream like that about a week ago. ahh that freaks me out.
Theres this dream where i was in this weird room full of my thoughts and memories were all over the place then a version of me that kinda looked older came and said “The council is not going to like this.” and told me to follow him. We walked up some stairs and there was a opening. It looked like I was walking outside of my head and become some spirit and my body was sleeping quietly. We then walked outside my house where there was more stairs, except these were way longer and reached toward the sky. When we made it up the stairs we saw a bright light. We then saw a room with 5 people made of light were found. Future me walked up and said “Oh great council I beg you, please dont kill this child. He is my past self and he did nothing wrong!”. Then one of the people said “But he did do something wrong. But since the child is here i must speak with the future child in private.” The future me told me to wait here. Part 2 of my dream coming soon
the school being attacked by killers. this really creeps me out. i keep having it. the same dream almost every week (even though its summer holidays). it makes me wake up in the middle of the night and i turn the light on and read. its really creepy because you hear noises that in the day would be completely normal and now they sound like scary stuff.
another one is when i get chased by some stranger on my way home.
i have non-scary strage dreams too. i just never remeber them for too long
I dreamed that aliens attacked us, i am a cyborg with wheels instead of legs(kind of side swipe), and big hairy spiders eating me

Yeah, weird
Hm...Well i did have one were the world w controlled by Octupus from outer pace and they looked like an octopus from the back, but they really had hark like teeth and they had friggin guns and shot me in the had and screamed KILLERS FORTH!...when i woke up I was like...W...T...F???
Ok so I had this dream where i was a Transformer and my vehicle mode was this;\

So i am a Transforming -Zoid robot walking in the desert with a few other robots when we start to see a fortress wall of sorts ahead of us. There are a few guys in what appeared to be Halo-like Shade Turrets trying to kill us. I then turn into my vehicle mode, singing "can't touch this" to piss the turret guy off. i remember the turret guy being pissed when we passed.

When i was 3 I had this dream where i was in my den, but the couch was a pile of sand, and the carpet was water filled with mean looking sih (which in retrospect I know believe were Pheranas) The space of the dream was limited to the den itself, and nothing else materialzed in the dream (i.e. outsode the windows, stairs leading to the basement, door leading to the living room) My parents and I, (brother wasnt born yet) were sitting on the sand, watching the TV (which was in the same place as it was in reality, agianst the wall across from the couch) when all of a sudden, the sand I was sitting on began to float away. My mom pulled me and my sand back the 1st time. However it happened agian. This time now matter how much i screamed my parents couldnt seem to hear me and they just kept looking at the TV which displayed no images and played no sound. the Phiranas began juping around me. It was at this point that the dream switched from a 3rd person perpesctive to my 1st person perspective. I was panicked, scared and frantic. All of a sudden a phirana juped in front of my face and right before it bit me...I WOKE UP with a scream and was sweating! Then all of a sudden, instantly after i woke up, I felt sleepy and i think I passed out at this point. All I know is that after that my mind was completely blank. Then, in the darkness of my mind, I all of a sudden heard a crunching sound! There was no image or picture, just the sound...I woke up agian screaming and sweating once more, crying hystericly. To this day I remember that dream crystal clear.

I also have 2 more dreams to speake of, tomarrow...
When i have bad dreams, i wake up nearly pissing myself from fright
Well, in my dream, I just got out of le shower (with le towel) and suddenly a girl came out, picked me up, dropped me, and then I annihilated her arm, and she disappeared. Second one wasn't so lucky...

Suddenly, I am in a house (with le clothes) and my friends are there, I kick something, then they disappear.

In another dream, I was little and kicked my cousin and made him cry (at the time I was 6 and he was 10). Then we went in the car and mom brought out the paddle.


Okay, so me and my family were sitting on red chairs on the beach. Then, my chair starts to bounce a little. Higher. Higher. HIGHER! Right over the Twilight Tower of Terror ride from Disney World, which had apparently had the top blown up and off of it, and inside it was hollow except for the workers fixing it (basically beating it with hammers). Then I bounced again and I flew over the ocean in 2 seconds then plummeted to the ground, and woke up right before I died. I used to have so many dreams ending in me falling off of a building.
I had a dream where i was locked up in this cave and there was a crazy lunatic in it at the end i allmost died but i made it out
My friend and I dream together and we can see what the other one is doing because it's the same dream. We can control it apart from Kai-V keeps appearing as a lawnmower and chasing us!