Scavenger Hunt 2016: Results & Winners!

After much deliberation sorting through all those Beyblade Wiki drafts (thanks again so much!) and much time spent reading and replying to all those private messages, the results are finally ready!

But first, let's see what the answers to those damn questions were!

  • Find the fact on Which Face Contest received the lowest number of entries? Face Contest: MFB Opening Karaoke
  • Find the fact on Which Face Contest received the most entries? Face Contest: Design a Metal Fight Beyblade... again!
  • Find the fact on Name at least 4 entities we collaborated with in the past 8 years. Many, many options, but the best ones are: EARTHBEND, Rising Stars Games, Toywiz, conventions, etc. People such as Zankye, dimsum2u, etc. were accepted.
  • Find the fact on Name all sprites we used as forum icons.  Pegasis and Big Bang Pegasis.
  • Find the fact on What is many Bladers' favorite song for Beyblade AMVs? EARTHBEND's "Too Many Stars". Oddly, nobody got this question right, even though some of you named EARTHBEND as an entity and even when I specified that it had to be a fact found on, as the task mentioned.
  • Find the fact on the WBO's Instagram account: Which of our Instagram posts has the most likes? The gold Dragoon S Burst Ver. scans, with over 140 likes.
    Find the fact on Whose writing was the color of Yggdrasil? Takeru, who wrote in green.
  • Find the fact on What had Anubis gifted Bey Brad? The Carbon Tempst, a very cool custom grip.
  • Find the fact on Who built a real-life Cyber Dranzer? Trick question since we wanted all names, which are, as far as we know: dio, Captain Chris and Cannon.
  • Find the fact on Beyblade Wiki: Which three articles were the most visited in November 2016? Gingka Hagane, Ryuga and Kai Hiwatari.
  • Find the fact on Beyblade Wiki: What is Kai and Dranzer's unlucky number in the anime? Officially 48, but some people pointed out 49 too, so we accepted both.
  • Find the fact on Who created Beyblade? Osamu Mashimo.
  • Find the fact on This composer for Bakuten Shoot Beyblade also worked on an infamous Japanese RPG. Yoshihisa Hirano.
  • Find the fact on Which WBO Committee member has been on the team the longest? Kei... and Blader DJ?! Kei alone was accepted too hah.
  • Find the fact on Beyblade Wiki: As of November 2016, what single letters are yet to be used for Forge Discs? E,Q,X,Y,Z
  • Find the fact on Takafumi Adachi's websites: When did Metal Fight Beyblade author Takafumi Adachi switch to illustrating digitally? When he started drawing Zero-G.
  • Find the fact on Takafumi Adachi's websites: When asked the question “Is Ryuuga alive or dead?” by fans, how did Metal Fight Beyblade author Takafumi Adachi respond? He actually answered that question twice, differently, so we accepted both "It looked like it", "In the manga he is still alive", "I don't know", etc.
  • Find the fact on Takafumi Adachi's websites: Which Metal Fight Beyblade characters did author Takafumi Adachi say were his favorite to draw? Ginga, Kyouya and Ryuuga

We're hoping that not too many of you are biting your fingers from how close you could have been to getting those answers right. At least, now you have got a full year to discover some old, classic topics and posts as well as get familiar with Beyblade Wiki and all of our assets. You know how it works now!

That's not to say that you all missed out on some opportunities for points though. Many of you did a great job and accumulated a lot of points, enough for the following Bit Booster prizes!

These Bit Boosters cost 5 points each.
  • Bit Booster RED [Image: faceboosterred.png]
  • Bit Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
  • Bit Booster GREEN [Image: faceboostergreen.png]
  • Bit Booster ORANGE [Image: faceboosterorange.png]
  • Bit Booster YELLOW [Image: FaceBoosterIconYellow.png]
  • Bit Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]
  • Bit Booster CRIMSON [Image: faceboostercrimson.png]
  • Bit Booster AZURE [Image: faceboosterazure.png]
  • Bit Booster AMBER [Image: faceboosteramber.png]
  • Bit Booster VIOLET [Image: faceboosterviolet.png]
  • Bit Booster JADE [Image: faceboosterjade.png]
  • Bit Booster DRIVER [Image: faceboosterdriver.png]
And you can get the following for 7 points each:
  • Bit Booster AZURITE [Image: Bit-Booster-Azurite.png]
  • Bit Booster GARNET [Image: Bit-Booster-Garnet-2.png]

Finally, you can get the exclusive Bit Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png]  in exchange for 8 points:
[Image: wbbaldragoface.png] [Image: wbbacaesarface.png] [Image: corodragonface.png] [Image: poseidonface.png] [Image: samuraipegasiswboface.png]
Additionally, all of those with at least 3 points will automatically get the Anniversary Bit 2016, which will randomly be either the Taka or the Fumi version!
[Image: Anniversary-Bit-2016-Taka-Ver.png] [Image: Anniversary-Bit-2016-Fumi-Ver.png]


Those who will be able to redeem their points for the glorious Bit Boosters above are...

Alex Mercer : 27
Ryuk_Shinigami : 24
BriskAquarioHD : 26
HarryAlchemist : 21
Roux : 20
SharinganBlader : 19
Naru Blader : 18
Manicben : 17
Jksiddh : 16
Maximum Dranzer : 14
UGottaCetus : 13
Achi-baba : 10
Stormscorpio1 : 7
Top beyblader10 : 7
Chrisnemisis : 7
The Real Libra : 6
Hato : 6

To claim your Bit Booster, just reply in this topic and eventually the BeyGods will smile upon you and we will reveal which Bits you've won!

And now, for the big big winners of this Scavenger Hunt...
[Image: ViraYAp.png]
In 8th Place, winning a B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 + free Bit Booster

Oi Shinji with 29 points!

[Image: 80RhGyQ.jpg] [Image: ViraYAp.png]
In 6th & 7th Places, winning Booster Dranzer S.S.T + B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 + free Bit Booster

Arijit Sarkar with 33 points and Ninja Blader with 32 points!

[Image: qYVXevl.png] [Image: ViraYAp.png]
In 5th Place, winning B-66 Starter Lost Longinus.N.Sp + B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 + free Bit Booster

FIREFIRE CPB with 37 points!

[Image: 0I8OkRB.png] [Image: ViraYAp.png]
In 3rd & 4th Places, winning Booster Dragoon S.W.X Gold Aniki Ver. + B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 + free Bit Booster

Wombat with 55 points and AaryanBITW with 45 points!

[Image: Oo07PQy.png] [Image: ViraYAp.png]
In 2nd Place, Gold God Bey Zillion Zeus.M.V + B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 + free Bit Booster

ashton pinto with 74 points!!

[Image: Tris_Retirement_Set2.jpg] [Image: ViraYAp.png] [Image: B_000019.png]
In 1st Place, winning Tri's MFB Collection + B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 + B-15 Random Booster Vol. 1 Full Set + free Bit Booster



Jimmyjazz39 with 77 points!!!

Congratulations to all of you for yet another awesome Scavenger Hunt this year! It was a very tight race until the very end, but ultimately we hope that you had fun!

As always, to claim your prizes, send a private message to Kei with what you won as well as your shipping address.

Happy WBO Anniversary again!

Congratulations everyone! Loved seeing all those drafts get approved!
OMG OMG OMG OMG.  THIS IS FRICKIN INSANE. I CANT WAIT TO CLAIM MY PRIZE. IM SO HYPE. I WANTED THIS SO BADLY. thx to ashton pinto for making me fight all the way til the end

Oi Shinji hope u pull that driger  my dude

I only get one choice at a face booster and can't exchange points correct?
Azurite and 2 Driver plz. Cheers.

Great to see another successful Hunt. Congrats to those who won physical prizes, some crazy numbers there.

Also, the number of articles written were amazing. I too submitted one and after seeing how easy it was (and how quickly ~Mana~ approved and added mine), I plan on writing more high quality articles. Mainly tournament reports, but hopefully I can help out with part drafts too.

Many thanks guys and even more thanks to the committee and Kai-V as always!
Congratulations to all of the winners (especially Jimmyjazz39 and ashton pinto for putting forth such an incredible effort)! And thanks to everyone who participated! Was awesome to see the community involvement it inspired through things like writing Beyblade Wiki drafts and putting together tournaments videos for Beyblade Channel.

And of course, the biggest thanks goes to Kai-V for taking it upon herself to manage the Scavenger Hunt yet again! It's an absolutely huge amount of work.
(Jan. 25, 2017  3:03 AM)Jimmyjazz39 Wrote: I only get one choice at a face booster and can't exchange points correct?

Actually you are just as eligible as everyone else to exchange your points for Bit Boosters on top of all the prizes you just won. Seventy-seven points is seventy-seven points yo.
Congratulations to all the winners! I hope everybody enjoys their prizes. Shout out to my boy Wambot for that Dragoon S ayyy. Even though Jimmyjazz39 won first place, I would have to say Kai-V won first in my books for handling this whole Scavenger Hunt. :D

I will take a Face Booster DRIVER please! :)
I think with 77 points i can get all of them but one I'll take one of everything except yellow

also what happened to the hasbro burst beylotto

EDIT: here is an updated list:
[*]Bit Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
[*]Bit Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]
[*]Bit Booster CRIMSON [Image: faceboostercrimson.png]
[*]Bit Booster AZURE [Image: faceboosterazure.png]
[*]Bit Booster AMBER [Image: faceboosteramber.png]
[*]Bit Booster VIOLET [Image: faceboosterviolet.png]
[*]Bit Booster JADE [Image: faceboosterjade.png]
[*]Bit Booster DRIVER [Image: faceboosterdriver.png]
Bit Booster AZURITE [Image: Bit-Booster-Azurite.png] x2
[*]Bit Booster GARNET [Image: Bit-Booster-Garnet-2.png]


 Bit Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png] x3 (one for my free one)

all are x1 unless otherwise specified
If only I could just get a Garnet booster and whichever Anniversary bet I didn't earn to make a full set. *Sigh*

I'll take a Bit Booster Jade and Driver please.

Congrats again to everyone who won! I hope to be able to do more for next year.
(Jan. 25, 2017  3:24 AM)Jimmyjazz39 Wrote: also what happened to the hasbro burst beylotto

It's coming, I promise. We just have had so many other giveaways going on lately haha.
(Jan. 25, 2017  5:07 AM)Kei Wrote: It's coming, I promise. We just have had so many other giveaways going on lately haha.
ok yup I understand. just wanted to make sure no one forgot because I was told New Years. thanks
I'll take a bit booster Vivid and Azurite! Also do the taka and fumi bits automatically go to participants with over three points and not exchange them? Smile
Thx Kai-V for hosting this amazing hunt!!! Congratulations to everyone that placed as well as everyone that participated!!!


CONGRATS TO EVERYONE! So proud of them! ^_^

I'll gladly take the Bit Boosters DRIVER, GARNET, VIVID and a Taka/Fumi Bits as well?
Thanks so much for making this happen! So, so, so happy for everyone and this amazing Scavenger Hunt! ^_^
Awesome contest ! Congrats to all the winner! Thanks WBO!!!!!!!!
Wow....Congrats to the was fun to participate in the hunt...Thanks Kai-V for managing everything... Congrats Everyone and Happy Anniversary WBO

Though I did got lot but I got just what I needed (which was quite unexpected lol). Thanks  aTri'sMFBlot WBO!! I will sure use this Longinus at next event and place!

Thanks a YJAlot to all who participated. This year seriously had some fierce competetion. Hope to see you next year too!!

BTW, I want Bit Booster VIVID,  2 GARNET, DRIVER,  RED and Finally AMBER

Spoilt-Spoiler (Click to View)
Congratulations to the winners! Many of you got so much points!

It was my first time to participate in any kind of WBO contest, and it was really fun!
Thanks for making this contest! c:

Also I'd like to get these bit boosters:
Bit Booster VIVID
Bit Booster AZURE
Bit Booster BLUE
What da carp! 77 points!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS JIMMY ON THAT MFB Lot. And Everyone else who got a prize!

I'd like Bit Boosters Azurite and Garnet please
Tfw you cant even get a face booster  cause your to lazy to do anything
Yes man. I was targeting on Dranzer S Burst Ver. Man thank you very much. Thanks Kai-V for going through so many PM's. Congrats other winners Smile
(Jan. 25, 2017  12:26 PM)beymaster15963 Wrote: Tfw you cant even get a face booster  cause your to lazy to do anything

Who are you talking to?
(Jan. 25, 2017  12:28 PM)SUGOI-KONICHEWA Wrote: Who are you talking to?

Im talking about my self lol
Whoa whoa whoa! Man this contest was fun! Thanks for all these prizes Smile

@Tri for donating his collection especially!

@Jimmyjazz39 Me too yo! Or I'd like a Q2 hehe
Thanks for the awesome Scavenger Hunt! With my 13 points, I'll take one Bit booster Driver and one Bit Booster VIVID
I'd like a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and vivid face booster please ^^